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  1. Yeah take sub frame airbox rear exhaust off in one piece when you've done it a few time's only takes 5 mins to remove carb
  2. Don't think they have thermostats my be wrong?
  3. mazz46

    Sy250 Or 315R?

    Sy awesome bikes 06 onwards even better
  4. mazz46

    Power Delivery.

    So you're saying gasgas smoother then beta? Normally betas are silky Smooth and gasers are snappy.
  5. Carol Nash will but only up to £5000 on there off road policies
  6. Other way round a ajp better then braktec in my opinion?
  7. mazz46

    Standard Evo To Factory

    Hard to answer I own the factory and would say its very smooth off the bottom and builds power fast the std feels more torque or the torque last longer and hasn't got the punch of power like the factory. I prefer the factory my mate who owns the standard prefers the std. Both good bikes but ride different. Also both bikes are not snappy at all compared to gasgas Sherco etc but the factory feels just that bit more lively. The chassis feel different to probably down to the triple clamps? Not sure why but they just feel so different
  8. mazz46

    Standard Evo To Factory

    Can't say about the 250 but a 300 15 factory is nothing like a 300 15 std rode them back to back and they are so different
  9. Don't worry just ride gearbox do whine
  10. Always thought it was from negative to positive?
  11. You need an enduro bike. Trials bikes do not like roads.
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