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  1. Thanks for the replies Glynn - yes water pumps working fine Oni nou - all fins on the radiator are clear no bent fins or anything Spen - I have thought about this , but how would you know? Is there a possibility it could be anything else?
  2. My bike started overheating for no apparent reason on the last few rides out and I don't know why. It starts and runs fine but when I try to hill climb or give it some big licks it starts to spew steam out of the rad over flow pipe. The fan has always seemed to like coming on and that's not changed, the coolant level drops even if it's not overheating but isn't entering the gearbox because my oil if fine, I've let it run on tick over with a few blasts on the throttle (in the back garden, the bike is clean) to bring it up to a temperature where the fan comes on trying to find a leak on any pipes but there isn't any. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks for your replys lads. It's not the pads lineaway as there is a good amount of material still on. We tried bleeding it again for a second time but still no result, (we might crap at it) there seems to be a lot of fluid coming out of the nipple and round bit on the hose that it goes through but just can't get pressure. On the master cylinder, when you pump the lever hundreds of little bubbles are coming to the top of the oil, we were doing this for ages and they wouldn't stop, could this mean it is a seal? He ordered the kit today but won't get chance to try it until next weekend.
  4. Hello guys, my friend has got an 011 beta 250 and when he was last out in the sleet and snow the rear brake just stopped working. Pads are in good nick, it just won't pump. We've checked fluid level and that's ok so tried to bleed it, did it reverse and other way but it just won't work? Have any you guys got any tips to help us out? Thanks, Bounce..
  5. Hello lads and thank you for helping me out. I think it might be the way I've been trying to start it. I've listened to what you have all said and it seems to be getting better. I don't mean to bump a post, just thought it good manners to let you guys know.
  6. Thanks for helping us out on this folks. I live in North west England. Year of bike is 06, carb is dell orto, fuel screw 3 1/2 turns out, can't remember size of all jets but I know the main is 118, I have a 120 I could put in to make it run richer but would that make it start easier? The other week I stopped to move some barb wire (probs turned off for 30 seconds) and it wouldnt go when I tried to re-start it, kicked it till I was sweating bullets then put it in a nose wheelie almost vertical so petty was running out and it went first kick, tried that again on Sunday from cold start but had no luck that time. I've had the choke plunger out and it's all clear, I'm sure that's working because it runs lumpy if left on when running. I'll have some time to have another look tomorrow so I'll let you all know the size of pilot jet. How do you check fuel level in the carb?
  7. Yeah mate I've had all the bits out of the carb and gave every component a spray and blow, all holes clear as far as I can see. I use the choke when cold and hot when it won't go, no matter how many kicks that plugs dry? I'm not clued up on jetting so I don't know. Thanks for your reply.
  8. Right then a problem seems to have cropped up. When the bike (280 pro) is cold it's very very hard to start, sometimes impossible. When I check the plug it's dry and looks like it running on the lean side, if I put a bit of petty in the cylinder it starts right up and runs fine, when I turn it off it can be hit and miss if it starts again but a drop of fuel in head works? I've not had the bike long and it was like it had never been off road when I got it, the little yellow paint Mark on the gear oil filler had never been broken and the clock said it had only done 14 hours. Now this is the thing and my worry. I put 80 ml of oil to 5 litres but don't ride 100% trials, I do jog about on it a bit but not to the point I'm screwing the bike and always use 5th 6 gears. I'm worried that I might not be using enough oil and that I might have worn the barrel and piston to where as it can't suck it's own fuel in on such a small stroke? The carb is cleaned out thoroughly with spray and compressor, plug has a good spark, petty is fresh and I'm using fully synth putoline oil. Have any of you lot got any ideas or do you think I should just take the cylinder off to inspect for wear? Thanks again Richie.
  9. bounce

    Spark Plug Gap

    Thanks for the info lads it's helped me a lot.
  10. bounce

    Spark Plug Gap

    Hello again all. Sorry if this a stupid question but what's the correct gap for a 2006 txt pro 280? And do all trials bikes run the same gap? Thanks bounce.
  11. Thanks for the replys. I've taken your advice and ordered 2X 10000 lumens torches, One for the bike and one for my head so I'll see how they go. I can't help but think in the event of an off I might resemble one of those spinning light things in the night clubs. Aussiechris, very informative reply mate, I didn't know it all worked like that. Nice one.
  12. Hello everyone, I'm a full blown newbi to trials but must say how much I'm enjoying this new found sport. The thing is I've not got the patience to wait for weekends, so I've been trying to get an hour or so in after work a couple of times through the week. The bike I'm riding is an 06 gas gas 280 txt pro with a standard bulb in the light and I'd like it brighter. So to the question, can anyone point me in the right direction for an alternative bulb? Thank you for reading. Bounce
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