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  1. Which year did sherco begin with fully sealed engines?
  2. caseih

    Yes Or No ?

    I turned down a offer to but a 2014 ossa because of the current situation. But at the same day i got offered to buy a 2014 gasgas to i fare price but i guess thats is as bad as buying a ossa?
  3. These are the studs you should use : www.best-grip.se and you should use glue for studs. Loctite 480 works. Otherwise you can buy motocross tyres with real studs in sweden that will last for a long time. You can choose how long studs you want and how many in each tire. They also use glue to the studs. Front and rear tyres with quality studs cost about 300euros. You can also choose hardened studs if you drive on mixed surfaces like ice and gravel roads.
  4. caseih

    Yes Or No ?

    Is ossa out of business? I asked the reseller in sweden and they said it was only rumors. Im about to buy one myself, but now it i don't know...
  5. no i don´t.i have had both endurobikes and motorcross so i know what i want. I already have a trial and im perfectly satisfied with it now, just want a newer one.
  6. I dont think it's weird either. I think a trial is awesome to just play around with in the forest and so on, compared to a motocross.
  7. I am almost sure it doesn't have that, it's a factory but he did not tell me anything about road map.. How do i install different maps? I guess i will need some wiring loom and a computer of some kind? I have over 700km to the ossa shop so if i can change maps myself it would be great.
  8. No, i saw that one also. I think it was a fare price..
  9. Ok, Nice than i wont be disappointed.I dont think Its a problem driving a trial at 70km/h between 2 trails for example if its just 1km or so. And of course one has to give it some more oil if it revs more than normal trial driving.
  10. hi. just bought a 2014 ossa 300i and i wonder what the top speed is? have not got it yet (transport) and there is ice on the road so i can`t try it now. I will drive it on trails and there will be some dirt roads also so it would be nice if it could run close to 70 km/h.. if not, where can i buy sprockets? best regards / new beginner swede
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