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  1. Couldn't you of borrowed a pump ? I was lent one at the trial as I forgot mine too.
  2. Today I took part in my first ever trial (along with my son who is 8) The trial was run by Leamington Victory Motorcycle Club at Victory fields Warwickshire (which rather conveniently is just down the road from my house) We were both made to feel very welcome and had a great day, my son even managed to clear the first section (and I didn't) !! From today I have learnt .... tyre presssures really matter in this game ... and gear selection (it was wet muddy and very slippy) Looking forward to the next one now.
  3. Doesn't seem to work on my I phone ?
  4. I use a short strap around the rear wheel / upright, one strap from the point on the rack nearest the back of the bike around the frame just under the seat on the outside and another from the point on the rack by the front wheel around the frame on the inside. My bike is a 2001 Beta Rev 3. I have some pictures but don't know how I can put them on here since photobucket is now defunct.
  5. I was out riding the old beast on Sunday, no issues to start with, lots of slow speed figure of eights etc, then I went on a long trail across a field / meadow ..... When I arrived at the gate at the far end around 10mins later (which was locked) having not used my brakes at all, I had lost my front brake, lever to the bar nothing ......(the brake is usually one finger operation and really good). I rode back and kept pumping it and nothing for a while then all of a sudden it came back and has been fine since ?!? Air in the system perhaps ? Low fluid ? Doesn't make any sense to me.
  6. Tow bar and Dave Cooper Rack would be my idea ........
  7. If it's any help I just bought a 2001 beta Rev 3 250, I'm very new to trials and I haven't died yet !! Even used it on a makeshift pallet trials course in my back garden at the weekend with no ill effect.
  8. dingle

    Newbie Questions

    That's the badger ! Mine is just like that but a little less shiny !
  9. dingle

    Newbie Questions

    Thanks for the info .... ESTC ?
  10. dingle

    Newbie Questions

    I don't know how too ......
  11. dingle

    Newbie Questions

    Thank you Katana I will do that ..... you have thrown me a curve ball now though, on searching through the beta forum I found someone had posted a picture of "whomademybike.com" on looking at that with the frame number it told me it was a 2000 bike, but it has conventional forks on it and air filter cover on the side...... it might not even be a Rev 3 I suppose .... the guy I bought it off said it was and it has a sticker on the rear mudguard saying Rev 3 but that does look almost aftermarket ..... mine is kinda purple mostly with a purple front mudguard, it has a red "Beta" on the tank on a white background, a yellow "racing" on the seat area and a red "Rev 3" on the rear mudguard.
  12. dingle

    Newbie Questions

    So I am now the proud owner of a 2000 / 2001 Beta Rev 3 250, (I think) and I have many questions so apologies in advance. I bought the bike with no manual etc etc so .... 1. What tyre pressures should I be running, and what sort of tyres should I be looking at putting on it. (The ones on it are very perished so will want replacing at some point) 2. How much 2 stroke oil per litre of petrol etc. 3. What gear box oil / how often should I change it. 4. Is there a way to find out exactly what age / bike I have ? I have the frame number etc. 5. Where can I buy a large box of talent. Thabk you for any responses you can offer (p*** taking or helpful) I would post up a picture but since photo bucket has closed down I no longer know how to ? ps. After my "little off" last weekend and resulting bike on top of me grinding away at my leg I have fitted a lanyard kill switch today.
  13. Tbh my lack of buying a bike is more down to being too busy with work and life, I'd actually stopped looking ages ago the only reason I ended up with the Beta is because it was too cheap to turn down ...... As for the falling off and hurting my shoulder ..... well that was down to total lack of skill and getting cocky .... i had been on the bike all day and found it very easy to ride, responsive when I wanted it to be but not like it was trying to kill me all the while. Im still trying to get used to the way you use gears on a trials bike, it's very alien to me to not have to use 1st gear to pull off all the time for instance ..... Where abouts are you based ? You are more than welcome to come and try my Beta 250 and see what you think ?
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