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  1. I might try swapping plugs, what plug are you using?
  2. I turned the throttle screw out about 1/4 turn, this seems to have really helped but I have no idea if its at 1800. I can start it now with the 1 or 2 kicks!
  3. My new bike is extremely hard to start and very unpredictable. I never give it any throttle and It takes forever to get it started, usually after about 10 kicks I hold the throttle open and kick it a couple times to reset it and after doing that a couple times it will start. Then this morning I go out and first kick it starts. Then after it's been running whenever I turn it off and then try to restart it I have to go through the same procedure, kick it a bunch then hold throttle open. it usualy takes anywhere from 10 to 20 kicks. I read somewhere that pushing it instead of hard kicking it seems to help so I've tried that as well. Any tips or suggestions are welcome and thanks in advance!
  4. I picked this up last weekend and I've been smiling ever since. Just thought I'd post a few pics of her here.
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