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  1. oni nou

    Second hand 80's

    After today those days may well return.
  2. oni nou

    Age (and lack of riding) related aches

    I recommend a thin layer of marzipan before you ice your knees ....the icing sticks better and dogs love it. As for remedies try neoprene knee supports with or without wire side supports from a manufacturer like EVS at Chain Reaction in N. Ireland.
  3. oni nou

    Second hand 80's

    There is a GasGas txt Rookie 70cc with big wheels on Ebuy UK right now at £980 or best offer located in Ripley.
  4. oni nou

    Second hand 80's

    What size wheels does your bike need to have to fit him.
  5. oni nou

    Second hand 80's

    https://youtu.be/2OcQjBVZNuI .................are idle play things
  6. oni nou

    Second hand 80's

    If I had kiDS I would write a letter of thanks to the creators of the XBOX ....... what a wonderful service they provide to parents everywhere and to street corner peace globaly All that tactical warfare training they are undertaking on the XBOX will pay off in the future in either a civil or world war so its not wasted time,. look at the positives in the situation.
  7. oni nou

    Second hand 80's

    Just give him a stick and a pair of wellingtons and he will be just as happy standing in a puddle hitting something with the stick .....imagine the savings ......then go and buy yourself a brand new bike ............tell him to get a job and save up for his own bike if he wants one,
  8. oni nou

    Gas gas 1991 ? Trials 250

  9. oni nou

    The First Chinese Trials Bike

    Monsieur, that bike should be re named Tenaci Wight .... ......If that's how it performs with crap plastic tyres imagine how good its going to be with a set of Michelins fitted.
  10. oni nou

    Different slide

    The primary gear in the pictures has no weight fitted as it must not be the UK market version of the motor.
  11. oni nou

    The First Chinese Trials Bike

    After watching that bike in the video it is obviously useless and very heavy...the traction is useless....its probably caused by those hard plasticky nylon CST tyres it has fitted.....no wonder it could not get up those banks .....being that the conditions were dry and there was a lot of grip imagine how useless it would be if the ground was wet or there was a heavy frost ....beginners and novices would have a problem with the low power out put of that motor and its massive weight .......it seems unusual that Canada has a different second hand market as regards trials motorcycles I thought it would have been exactly the same as the UK ....isn't the rest of the world the same as the UK.
  12. oni nou

    Fitting out a van

    .....I have used a trailer/van 1000'sof times to carry a bike and strapped the bike down by compressing the forks to keep tension on the straps and I never broke a spring or blew the fork seals or had a bike fall off or fall over in transit or boken the frame/handlebars etc....and it was not just sheer luck.
  13. oni nou

    Fitting out a van

    That explains it,...now I understand why you are worried about your bike breaking .....perhaps if you just tightened the straps just enough to hold the bike ...."Stop stroking that mouse Lennie".
  14. www.cursosdetrial.com They were offering courses in Sevilla a while back but they operate around the Madrid area ...
  15. oni nou

    The First Chinese Trials Bike