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  1. oni nou

    1979 honda xl185s trials bike

    Seeing that old Honda XL 185 trials bike reminds me of a friend of mines Honda 250 Super dream trials bike.
  2. oni nou

    Rev 3 Piston and plating

    www.trialstribulations.net sell BETA pistons in 'Engine,Gearbox & Clutch Parts.
  3. oni nou

    Rev 3 plastics

    There are 2 on Ebay uk right now APPROX £40 Use 'BING' as the search engine and put in 'ebay beta rev 3' then choose 'Beta Rev 3: Trials and Motocross Bike Parts /Ebay
  4. oni nou

    Trial-E an Olympic sport ?

    Red Bull may just pop up and show an interest although they have no interest in a British World round.
  5. oni nou

    Trial-E an Olympic sport ?

    The first electric powered Honda Trials bike.
  6. oni nou

    Trial-E an Olympic sport ?

    Yep Bou is already 'ELECTRIC' and he would definitely be riding if it happened. The outcome is a foregone conclusion so not much point holding the competition really.
  7. oni nou

    Trial-E an Olympic sport ?

    I don't think Arr Narr Farr would be picked to ride electric anyway. Poyrow might be though
  8. oni nou

    Budget Trials Build

    ...........For those who have no idea what this relates to you need to study the pictures of the bike more carefully
  9. oni nou

    Budget Trials Build

    OK message received.....a bit rude but you are obviously a good judge of character.Thanks
  10. oni nou

    Is anyone ....working?

    https://youtu.be/Vl4ufIrMtXg?t=2m54s...............As usual.
  11. oni nou

    Searching for a right crankcasecover (Montesa 311)

    ebay.co.uk ......at this moment an inner part of the cover for the right hand/clutch side is for sale for £50.00 GBP the outer cover is also for sale at a price of £50 aswell .......both from a company called Trials bike breakers. Google 'ebay uk montesa 311'
  12. oni nou

    Is anyone ....working?

    What a great World it would be if it was completely covered in concrete and there was no bird song no animals or trees the sky hung with just thick grey cloud no possibility of seeing the stars or the moon ...."a foul and pestilent congregation of vapours........What is this quintessence of dust" ? A perfect description of Prince mini brain nigel dabsters world.
  13. oni nou

    Is anyone ....working?

    I'm not that poor .....the Hamptons East End Long Island.
  14. oni nou

    Is anyone ....working?

    The amount of time most people spend on here day and night I think you would not be surprised to find that the majority of the regulars are all from the solitary confinement areas of secure units like myself.
  15. oni nou

    Fantic Champion 247 queries

    Keep it long enough and you can watch it make £10,000 at at Stavs investment Emporium