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  1. Might be a stupid question, but how do you get in touch with Bill Pye?
  2. chasbo

    Road registration

    Good to hear. Is it best to speak to the dvla before I do anything?
  3. chasbo

    Road registration

    Thanks for the advice everyone. We picked it up yesterday and are currently going through it. The frame has been recently powdercoated, but the numbers were taped over and easily uncovered. So they look really clear to me. Keep your fingers crossed for me!
  4. chasbo

    Road registration

    Excellent. Thanks for that.?
  5. I'm looking at a 240 this weekend as my lad fancies a go at twinshocks for a change. Just wondered how difficult it is to get a registration number on it. Not sure at the minute when it was imported, but I think its fairly recent. Is it the nightmare that some people make it out to be? There's no desperate rush as he's 15, so it'll be a few years until he can do any road trials on it.
  6. Job done !!!! I'm now the proud owner of a evo 250. Thanks for all the advice from everyone, it was all useful stuff. I will try it without the flywheel weight dabster sometime over Xmas. I've got to get the lads gas gas ready for the next trial before I get to have the first play.
  7. Thanks for the advice everyone. I think I'm going to have a look at a beta EVO 250 2010. I'll let you know how it goes And hello to Ourian , I think we've met and I'll see you at the next trial mate. Thanks again.
  8. She makes Danny Macaskill look like an amateur!!!
  9. Thanks for the advice everyone. But I'm not sure I'm good enough to tell wether a bike suits me or not. The only modern bike I've ridden was my mates 270 rev3, and that blew me away compared to the beamish. I'm just thinking about the living with them side, spares availability / prices. Am I right to be still a bit concerned about gas gas? Why do shercos seem to be cheaper than other makes? Am I thinking about it too much?
  10. I'm after a modern trials bike to ride with my son when he's practicing at our local club. I've just sold my Beamish that I had owned and ridden for two years, but I have never competed. But I'm hoping to change that. People I've spoken to have recommended I go for a 250 as they're much easier on the inexperienced but I'm unsure wether to go with beta or gasgas, and then there's the jotagas. I'd ideally like to spend around the £2000, but could go a bit higher for the right bike. I know I'm probably opening a can of worms, but your advice would be much appreciated.
  11. Hi everybody, I'm not that new to trials as my son has been doing it for a couple of years now. I've always been into road bikes and have owned them since 16yrs old ( RD50M ). Floated in and out ever since , but currently have a fair selection of toys. Both runners and project. My son is 10yrs old and started messing around on the local farm with a pw50 at 5yrs old. He's moved through a ty80, a very brief spell on a ty80 whitehawk and currently does the white route at Earl Shilton on his GasGas Rookie. Now, i'm sure most of you will understand that I obviously had to get a bike to ride with him on practice days and that bike was a Suzuki 250 Beamish. Had It for three years now , it's been a brilliant bike but very hard work to ride, so it's now gone. I'm a bit stuck what to replace it with , so i'll be starting a new thread on another part of the forum.
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