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  1. 01642 722378 frank field garage (bill pye )
  2. fantic rear , not sure of holes , will check tomorrow...... thanks
  3. Recommendations for a tubeless rim supplier please
  4. Thanks for replies gents !! Picked up a 240 very good condition , a few little jobs to do but nothing major , rides nice !! Also a ‘340’ non runner , but generally all there , ive the option to buy when i get it going if i like it ! andy
  5. Thanks for the replies so far guys , im steering towards the 240 , is there a set of standard mods that people do to These ? Footpeg relocation ? Etc thanks andy
  6. thanks guys !! am i right in assuming then that the 240 and 200 are smaller chassis than the 300 ? so as metise says the best option is a 240 chassis with a 300 ( 250 cc ) engine . a friend has a reed valve water cooled (converted to air cooled) engine in a 300 chassis , it seems rather big to me (chassis wise) seems to ride ok round the garden but hasn't been tried in anger decisions,decisions andy
  7. considering buying a fantic , but what to choose ? will be mostly ridden by my son (not a bad rider) and occasionally me a reasonable novice ( older ! ) , would 200 be underpowered , 240 a bit snappy power , 300 too much power ? been told the reed valve 250 is a nice engine ? thoughts and opinions would be gratefully accepted ???? andy
  8. it dosent say that its full (that i can see ) but there's no option to download an entry form so guess it must be ! food for thought next year then on both those 2 trials , the oct one must be the better of the 2 if they got that amount of entries by june !
  9. thanks for thee reply nigel , was planning on doing it but don't think we can now as the time off work and childcare cant be sorted , maybe next year , plenty of time to research it etc . andy
  10. anyone done this trial ??????? missing the french four day so this as an alternative ???? andy
  11. hello mr metise , tried messaging you but not allowed ? was wondering if you could help me with some french event info , we have done the french four day a couple of years running and would like to do some more multiday events in france , could you recommend some ? or point us to where we can find out ? we have to travel from sheffield so one days arnt really an option , our rider level is good novice n beginner best regards andy
  12. i try to look at the classifieds section and all i get is two 'featured' bikes ? the correct page flash's up but disappears , does this happen to anyone else ? andy
  13. i posted a reply up on this thread and its not there ? are they moderated ? if so this won't get through either ??!!!!
  14. initially changing the filter seems fiddly but after a bit of practice it just slides in and out with no bother
  15. Hello folks , I’m starting to build a Bantam based Whitton framed bike and was wondering what wheel rimes people are using/recomend ? Also can Reh forks be used ? Seem to have heard that Yorkshire classic events don’t allow them ? Thanks for the replys andy
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