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  1. european events ?

    good afternoon, anyone done the corsica , andora trials ? contemplating these next year , how hard would they be ? ( for a good nov n beg grade ) worth the trip for two days ? any info gratefully received thanks andy
  2. Trs mapping switch

    none of those two, the one thats not shown
  3. dellorto cab swop

    anyone swopped their kein for a dellorto on a 250 rr ?? how did you do it ? how does it perform ?? etc etc
  4. map and light buttons to be moved

    I made a little bracket out of aluminium and mounted it behind the number board.
  5. Premix and any other info

    Run ours at 100:1 fully synthetic putoline and is fine , stripped down the linkages to grease them and shouldn't have really bothered as plenty of grease there.
  6. Starting ?

    I swoped over to a slightly bigger pilot jet and plug gap now.8 mm these things has seemed to improved starting.
  7. Flywheel Weight ?

    No u can't fit a flywheel weight ! I just got used to riding it !
  8. Road Trials Recomendations ?

    having done our first road trial( me and the son) , the hip well (man 17 mcc) last month , were looking to do more as we enjoyed it so much and the severity was just about right on the easy course for us , can you good fellows recommend any more trials in the north derbyshire/yorkshire region please ? nothing too silly hard !! cheers andy
  9. Bite Point Adjustment ?

    is there a way of bringing the bite point further out from the lever ? if you screw the adjuster on the lever right in the feel is harder and the clutch slips under 5th gear load on the road clutch pack height is 9.75 bang on . this isn't for a gas gas but a trs , same set up as gg/oss/jtg any advice welcomed thanks andy
  10. Starting ?

    jetting is fine , i think ! , she runs ok . plug colour is right. rode yesterday and more often than not she started on one kick as opposed to previous rides needing 3 kicks or more , so it maybe a case of more riding =easier starting !! 3 kicks or more
  11. Starting ?

    anyone having starting difficulty ? I've fitted a low comp insert in the head = less effort to kick over but mine still takes on average 3 kicks to fire up ? andy
  12. Flywheel Weight ?

    i think it may do to suit my sh*t riding style ! i have a slow throttle which helps but just a little more help would be good. its probably not going to happen as the flywheel is an inverted type , so is not easy to bolt one on !
  13. Trs Clutch Effort

    Having bought a trs recently and previously having a jotagas the clutch is harder on the trs , now wether this is due to my trs being new and the jotagas being 2 1/2 yrs old I don't know , it's basically the same design as a jotagas , I may swop the bel vile washer ( which provides the tension in the clutch ) if it's the same as the jotagas , and see how that feels. Was struggling at the weekend with the bite point being very close to bars , so it took a lot a lot of pulling in to clear , maybe me getting tired ? Not sure .
  14. Flywheel Weight ?

    anyone of you good Fellowes fitted a flywheel weight to a 250 trs , can you fit one ?? had a peek behind my cover and it looks a bit special in there cheers andy
  15. Evo Factory Or Trs?

    Sorry should say ..... Would not recoup the xtra you paid