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  1. Graham2

    Gasgas txt 125 clutch dragging

    hi, folks more knowledgeable than me will be along soon. They will ask if you have changed the oil. they will ask what oil you are using. they will quote an important dimension for the thickness of the clutch pack. these are on the forums somewhere. could you expand on the problem. age of bike? first you say it was stiff, which has one set of issues but later in the paragraph you say difficulty engaging?
  2. Graham2

    Help needed please. Carb set up. 125pro

    Hi, you have me worried. Are you sure? Jim Snell of you tube fame insists that out is rich , in is lean. I have just spent an hour trying to find the post on this site that I originally trusted, but i cannot find it
  3. Where are you in the learning curve? I liked this idea when I was teaching......When I assessed my students I would ask myself, are they: 1. Unconsciously incompetent? 2. Consciously incompetent? 3. Consciously competent? 4. Unconsciously competent? or, 1. I am unaware of what I need to know (or how to do it). 2. I am aware what I need to know, (but struggle to do it) 3. I can do it if I think about it 4. I can do it without thinking I just thought I would share that thought... hope someone enjoys. Cheers Graham
  4. Graham2

    Help needed please. Carb set up. 125pro

    Hi everyone, thanks for all the advice. It is probably time to close this thread. quick update as part of the thank you. The total carb clean, a new plug and dropping the needle one notch has improved things to a point where I am not so concerned. It still runs a bit rich and the air screw needs winding in more than the standard setting (i.e. one turn out and is usually three or so) When it is running, it runs well and performs very well but it does smoke more than we think normal, i.e. the club experts view when I rode yesterday. I had to change the plug half way through my ride yesterday as it was getting sooty ( it became difficult to start). Yes I ride quite gently but I do rev it occasionally fairly hard. I hear the view that my timing/and or spark may be out but I am told it is running too well for that. Not discounted but parked for the moment. I checked the exhaust by pulling out the rear packing. Dirtyish but still some large areas of white/clean packing Several of you kindly suggested, from my text that if it was a sudden change it could not be carb setting. In fact I do not think it was was quite so quick I think it was creeping up on me/and may have been an issue since I bought it ( fairly new to me/three months) I am going to go back to Putoline oil, I was using Putoline and moved to Ipone ( like you I suspect this has nothing to do with it but it is the only thing I changed around the time I recognised the problem.. I have been given the standard carb/jet/slide sizes by Trials UK. I will check these when I next strip down. Trials UK state for 2013 125 TXT Pro. 36 needle/40 slide/36 pilot/105 main jet from factory but GasGas uk fit 115 main jet. Happy new year folks Graham
  5. Graham2

    Help needed please. Carb set up. 125pro

    Hi B40, thanks for working through it for me. I am not sure what to do next. I will try and ride at Great Brickhill at the weekend. I will buy a flywheel puller and pull the flywheel and check around ...nothing to lose by having a look. I will pull the exhaust apart and check for carbon like you say jetting should not have changed if it right before, however, I have lowered the needle vale one notch to try and lean it down. I am not discounting the fact the last owner may have fiddled with it. So far no one has been able to confirm if the number 36 needle and 2nd up circlip position is standard.
  6. Graham2

    Help needed please. Carb set up. 125pro

    Oh dear........ you have me worried. it smokes a tiny amount, by which I mean more than I expect for the hours but probably about right for a five year old bike..
  7. Graham2

    Help needed please. Carb set up. 125pro

    thanks for the ideas, I had discounted crank seals as the gearbox level has not gone down but I will watch it. Ignition? I am pretty sure the spark is good, it is the seriously black plug that worries me
  8. Graham2

    Help needed please. Carb set up. 125pro

    hi, thanks, a good thought. I completely stripped everything down including the choke, so I have covered that option.
  9. Hi, I need some advice please. My bike is running extremely rich. It is an immaculate, extremely low hours, 2013 125cc TXT Pro. It is still on its first tyres and chain! The bike was / is immaculate and when I first bought it three months ago several experienced club members tried it and assured me it was a very good one, one expert tried some serious climbs on it! You could easily believe it is three months old. I have been riding it regularly for about three months and it became difficult to start, first I assumed I was struggling with technique and this forum helped with that. I clean and oil the air filter every trial. I have changed the gearbox oil twice, last time three weeks ago. Putoline 75W Light Gear oil. Six long rides rides since. The starting became a real issue, I stripped and cleaned the carb (no obvious issues) and changed the plug two trials ago and the bike was running reasonably. But, the plug was very black when I changed it and the bike was reluctant to rev beyond half revs on a climb, although it would clear if free revved with no load. I started this weekend trial and the bike did not run very well, I tried turning in the mixture screw, although it made little difference it seemed a bit happier 1.5 turns out. I am concerned because the basic setting is approx three+ turns out. After about an hour the bike cut out and refused to restart, the plug is extremely black again, beyond sooty it was like a baked on black layer ( new plug that trail). What I have done today. Stripped the carb completely and blown out all the holes with an air line, again no obvious issues. The carb is a standard carb with PHBL26 on the side. New plug fitted. Removed and cleaned air filter and the whole airbox, all looks good, no obstructions. Every thing looks in really excellent condition. The carb has a number 40 slide and a number 36 needle. The circlip on the needle was on the second from the bottom groove, I have moved it to the third one up to drop the needle, I am expecting this will weaken it? I restarted the bike with some difficulty and warmed it up. I tried to adjust the mixture/air? screw and it does not seem to make a lot of difference... but is maybe happier at one and half turns out, still along way from the 3+ suggested on the forum. I believe screwing it in makes it leaner? Everything else seems in excellent order. I have not done anything to the exaust, surely this cannot be clogged with so few hours? I used up the remainder of the litre of oil the seller gave me and I am now using Ipone R2000RS fully synthetic. I use 65ml for 5litres. The bike has always been a tiny bit smokey but only slightly. Plug is BPR5ES as sold me by Gordon Farley in Guildford Ideas please. Are the slide and needle numbers standard? Where should the circlip be on the needle? How far in can I screw the air screw if the bike runs well? can the exaust be clogged and causing this? Is the oil OK? I have use about a litre since a bought the bike, so about 15 gallons. The bike was so immaculate, I doubt it had more than a couple of tanks run through it. The problems may have started since I changed to Ipone 2T oil? many thanks, sorry about the length of the text.. Graham riding with Berkhamstead and Hook Woods clubs
  10. Graham2

    125 250 or 300cc ??

    I also ride a 125cc bike, having faced with the same decision as you. I am 58 years old and returning to the sport after 15 years. But never much more than a wobbler then. I am 72kg and wanted light weight and controllable power. I bought a 2013 Gas Gas 125 pro. Brilliant bike, it has the fast throttle on it and does everything really well. I am riding some intermediate and some beginner routes. Years ago I had a Montesa 315/250cc, The Gas Gas is, for me, in a different league and I am now doing things i never expected to master. I also talk to riders at our club who have tried to calm down their 250s Good luck with whatever you choose, there is rarely one answer.
  11. Hello, Saying hello, introducing myself and sharing my experience. Hopefully useful. Spent a lot of time on this site trying to distill ideas and advice. What bike etc. I have come back to riding after 15 years, I so very nearly did not come back......in fact last winter I sold my Dave Cooper bike rack and have just had to buy a new one! Loving it!! First time around in the late 90/early this century......... Working, family, mortgage. queuing for sections, looking after my son occasionally, no time or places to practice. Then both bikes were stolen. Not too much fun to be honest. probably rode less than once a month for three years or so. This time around, I am loving it. I am 58 years old, reasonably fit and 70kg. I am mostly retired and can afford better gear. I live in Bourne End near Maidenhead, South Bucks. About three months ago I bought a virtually new condition 2013 Gas Gas 125 txt pro. Absolutely brilliant bike. No need for more power. I ride with Mountfield body armour and have tested it a few times, excellent kit. Also tilers knee pads that work very nicely. Berkhamstead club and Hook Woods club have been very friendly and welcoming . Both have practice grounds. For me practice grounds have been the biggest improvement to my enjoyment, along with a decent bike. I think it is under rated how very difficult it is to be a beginner and just ride trials. Thanks to all the hard working volunteers and teams who put the trials together, not your fault, just the way it is. I have more thought here if any one is interested. So I go to Hook Woods near Guildford most Saturdays, ride for maybe three hours with lots of stops for chatting but enough bike time to really get some fitness/exercise/skill. Getting through say 4 litres of fuel. The I go to Nash Mills ( Berko) on a Tuesday morning with the old boys/wrinkly's or anyone else lucky enough to have time on a Tuesday. I am getting better quite fast, learning to undo all my road bike skills... Did I say how brilliant the 125cc Gas Gas is? A tad awkward to start occasionally ( yes I have read and received all the comments on special techniques.) apart from this I cannot fault it as the bike for me. I am generally a cautious anxious rider (osteoarthritis and osteoporosis the main issues) but making good progress. I am currently well above a white route wobbler, and somewhere less that a yellow route clubman. No critism but the colours and routes are very confusing to a returner riding in different regions. You experienced guys will not understand but I have a fear of the front wheel leaving the ground. It nearly always goes badly wrong when it does!! This clearly makes some sections a tad difficult, so a big achievement recently was to jump a small ditch. in the past the front wheel would roll in, bike stops and a somersault and bruises would result. I have also had some results with small logs and a particular small rock... very pleasing. Years back I did sign up for a training day, unfortunately the trainer was not able to relate and pitched skill levels way above me and I had to drop out. This time around I find friendly club members are only to willing to help and advise how to attempt things. One thing I did learn, I was trying to ride over a very modest sloping rock. About 12 inches high and leaning away from me at about 50 degrees, to any experienced rider so straightforward as to not be an issue or indeed an obstacle! Four club members gave me coaching, with four different techniques! in the end I asked one of them to show me on my bike, rather than his 300 cc one. to his surprise he used a different technique on my 125cc. Forget double blip,.......... approach, bounce/compress , wind the power on and keep it on until the back wheel was well on the way up, then back of and cover the brakes. Very satisfying, I know when I have it right because the sump plate does not hit the rock....and I can practice it again and again and .... Yikes, lots of typing. must stop. Thanks to everyone who has written content that has been useful to me. Experienced wobbler! Graham.