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  1. 01642 722378 frank field garage (bill pye )
  2. fantic rear , not sure of holes , will check tomorrow...... thanks
  3. Recommendations for a tubeless rim supplier please
  4. Thanks for replies gents !! Picked up a 240 very good condition , a few little jobs to do but nothing major , rides nice !! Also a ‘340’ non runner , but generally all there , ive the option to buy when i get it going if i like it ! andy
  5. Thanks for the replies so far guys , im steering towards the 240 , is there a set of standard mods that people do to These ? Footpeg relocation ? Etc thanks andy
  6. thanks guys !! am i right in assuming then that the 240 and 200 are smaller chassis than the 300 ? so as metise says the best option is a 240 chassis with a 300 ( 250 cc ) engine . a friend has a reed valve water cooled (converted to air cooled) engine in a 300 chassis , it seems rather big to me (chassis wise) seems to ride ok round the garden but hasn't been tried in anger decisions,decisions andy
  7. considering buying a fantic , but what to choose ? will be mostly ridden by my son (not a bad rider) and occasionally me a reasonable novice ( older ! ) , would 200 be underpowered , 240 a bit snappy power , 300 too much power ? been told the reed valve 250 is a nice engine ? thoughts and opinions would be gratefully accepted ???? andy
  8. it dosent say that its full (that i can see ) but there's no option to download an entry form so guess it must be ! food for thought next year then on both those 2 trials , the oct one must be the better of the 2 if they got that amount of entries by june !
  9. thanks for thee reply nigel , was planning on doing it but don't think we can now as the time off work and childcare cant be sorted , maybe next year , plenty of time to research it etc . andy
  10. anyone done this trial ??????? missing the french four day so this as an alternative ???? andy
  11. hello mr metise , tried messaging you but not allowed ? was wondering if you could help me with some french event info , we have done the french four day a couple of years running and would like to do some more multiday events in france , could you recommend some ? or point us to where we can find out ? we have to travel from sheffield so one days arnt really an option , our rider level is good novice n beginner best regards andy
  12. i try to look at the classifieds section and all i get is two 'featured' bikes ? the correct page flash's up but disappears , does this happen to anyone else ? andy
  13. i posted a reply up on this thread and its not there ? are they moderated ? if so this won't get through either ??!!!!
  14. initially changing the filter seems fiddly but after a bit of practice it just slides in and out with no bother
  15. Hello folks , I’m starting to build a Bantam based Whitton framed bike and was wondering what wheel rimes people are using/recomend ? Also can Reh forks be used ? Seem to have heard that Yorkshire classic events don’t allow them ? Thanks for the replys andy
  16. good afternoon, anyone done the corsica , andora trials ? contemplating these next year , how hard would they be ? ( for a good nov n beg grade ) worth the trip for two days ? any info gratefully received thanks andy
  17. none of those two, the one thats not shown
  18. anyone swopped their kein for a dellorto on a 250 rr ?? how did you do it ? how does it perform ?? etc etc
  19. I made a little bracket out of aluminium and mounted it behind the number board.
  20. Run ours at 100:1 fully synthetic putoline and is fine , stripped down the linkages to grease them and shouldn't have really bothered as plenty of grease there.
  21. I swoped over to a slightly bigger pilot jet and plug gap now.8 mm these things has seemed to improved starting.
  22. No u can't fit a flywheel weight ! I just got used to riding it !
  23. having done our first road trial( me and the son) , the hip well (man 17 mcc) last month , were looking to do more as we enjoyed it so much and the severity was just about right on the easy course for us , can you good fellows recommend any more trials in the north derbyshire/yorkshire region please ? nothing too silly hard !! cheers andy
  24. is there a way of bringing the bite point further out from the lever ? if you screw the adjuster on the lever right in the feel is harder and the clutch slips under 5th gear load on the road clutch pack height is 9.75 bang on . this isn't for a gas gas but a trs , same set up as gg/oss/jtg any advice welcomed thanks andy
  25. jetting is fine , i think ! , she runs ok . plug colour is right. rode yesterday and more often than not she started on one kick as opposed to previous rides needing 3 kicks or more , so it maybe a case of more riding =easier starting !! 3 kicks or more
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