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  1. beta 300 4st spits coolant

    assuming the coolant is not too full (in which case it will spit) and assuming your fan is running, I guess you might have a problem with the pump or some kind of blockage in the system. Maybe a good idea to take off the cover and have a look (after draining)
  2. Trials Questionnaire for a school project

    I was a Product Design teacher for far too long! and recognise the need to identify a rewarding project at the start of the year. Many parts (most/all?) of a modern trials bike are now highly evolved so I suspect it will be hard to identify any modifications that the manufacturers haven't, but there may be some mileage in identifying equipment for training needs, or perhaps accessories. You might also think about kit storage/transport to events. Maybe a way of helping observers to keep score in the rain? I'm sure there are loads of areas related to trials that you can work with. If you need any advice, I'm happy to help. Good luck!
  3. TY250 brake pedal mod for lowered footpegs

    You've made a beautiful job of that pedal arm - nice work!
  4. New to Trials with a gas gas txt

    that's a smart looking bike! Good luck with it - you'll have lots of fun.
  5. Beta rev3 200 "how to dismantle clutch"

    I have a 2007 270 and it was just the same - you sound mechanically knowledgeable so don't be afraid to have a go - it's a relatively simple job to access the clutch as described already - I did the mods described in the Beta forum and still have the odd time when it jumps after selecting a gear - I don't know how Beta got away with a design that does this, but it seems that everyone has the same or similar issue. It can be improved but I'm not sure it can be completely solved. I just make sure I have the brakes applied when I select a gear for the first time - after a very short while it warms up and everything is normal again.
  6. stupidity prize?

    I'm enjoying all these - and the reassurance that it isn't only me!!
  7. Dave Cooper Bike Rack with Bak-Rak adapter

    I used to have a DC rack on a regular flat plate type towbar and found it worked well with minimal flex etc. although the forces involved must be pretty large (I'm also pretty sure insurance would use it as a loophole to avoid paying out if anything occurred). The problem with those ratings (650kg) are that they are probably the downward load force measured at the towbar - introduced by a trailer or caravan etc. What the DC rack is doing is applying a turning force or "moment" which is the combined weight of bike and rack multiplied by the distance from the ball to the centre of gravity of said bike and rack. The only way to counteract this is Oni nou's strap idea or Nebulous's extension bar under the car. I expect the bracket has some plates which contact the neck below the bar, but they will be very close to the pivot and won't really be able to balance the force from the bike.
  8. stupidity prize?

    If there is such a thing, I feel I should nominate myself! .... Just getting my bike ready for trial this Sunday (should have done all this after last time, I know) - quick clean, changed filter, checked fluids, pumped up leaky rear, filled up fuel...all the usual stuff, then thought I'd just start it up. Nothing!...I tried choke in, choke out, not a chance. Took plug out and checked/cleaned it, still no joy. Cleaned out carb...Then I spotted the problem... no lanyard fitted! Derrr. Two kicks and a massive blue cloud later it was running sweetly! I guess it's the simple things sometimes!
  9. Newbie beta rev 3

    welcome! nice bike - I'm sure you'll have loads of fun with it (and there are lots of very helpful members with lots of knowledge about Rev3s on here, which has been great for me)
  10. Good Trials Mechanic / Workshop near Wigan

    aye....and we used to live in a shoebox int middle o't' road..!
  11. New challenges ...

    don't ride without boots - I tried it when I got my bike (before I got boots and I couldn't wait just to ride around the back garden) - its amazing the damage those footpegs can do to your shins - even of they look rounded!!
  12. 2 Stroke oil

    this stuff sounds similar to the SHTT stuff...
  13. My Babies

    you have a lovely "family" there!
  14. Beta Rev-3 270 rough running? Petrol Info?

    I think if it was mine, I'd run it on super unleaded as recommended and just enjoy it - if it is running well and has power as you say, I think you should have some fun with it.
  15. Beta Rev-3 270 rough running? Petrol Info?

    here is mine - hope the link works. Just started so running cold and a bit rattly!