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  1. Are both wheel spacers the same size? If they are different they may have been put in the wrong way round - swap left with right?
  2. I find that whenever this happens to me it is because I have let my weight shift back, away from the bars. Also I've been told to steer more with the footpegs - leaning the bike over into the turn. Usually when I remember to correct this on the second lap, it solves it, but on loose stuff it's always tricky especially if I give it too much gas!
  3. Ok then... I currently have a 2010 Evo 250 4t as my practice/competition bike. I have only been riding for a couple of years since getting back into bikes, and never tried trials up until that time. I started out with a Rev3 because they had been recommended as being quite tough and easy to get (most!) parts for still. I would have kept it but my friend, and local club-mate was upgrading and selling the 4t. I had tried it before and loved the smooth engine and steady power delivery. It has given me a bit more confidence and my riding was gradually improving up until the lockdown. It seems to climb slippery hills better than the 2t and is so quiet I can even practice in the garden without upsetting anyone! My other bike is a 1963 BSA C15. I have bought this because I wanted an old British bike to tinker with and make bits for. I love making things, and this has kept me very busy so far! Keeping the oil inside is quite an art! It's a bits and pieces bike - very heavy and not really a specialist trials bike, but I can see myself gradually improving it. It is probably the cheapest way into the "pre 65" scene I have seen - most of the other makes and models are way beyond my price bracket! It wasn't completely original when I started and I think it will only ever be a "special" in local club trials, rather than complying with the more stringent pre 65 rules, but I could aim to get it up to spec once I have it running and I get more used to riding a "tank"! So far I am really enjoying it.
  4. https://betausa.com/content/SUPPORT_PDF's/2006%20Rev%20Owners%20manual.pdf this is in Italian. I'm afraid, but might be of some help. I had a paper version in English but I gave it to the new owner of my old Rev 3. The betaUK site is down at the moment.
  5. https://www.beta-uk.com/ is a UK Beta specialist - their website looks like it's being rebuilt as I write this, but when they are running they have parts diagrams for all years and you can compare part numbers to see if yours are interchangeable. At a glance, I'd say lots of them are but the forks and swingarm are different from my old 2007 for example. The oil mix is closer to 70:1 on the 2007. I imagine 40:1 would be too strong. Good luck - It will be great fun! Mark
  6. 55, surely? - unless they are the Lite version!
  7. I think you raise an interesting point, and perhaps I am one of those who has contributed to the bike repair posting problem (sorry!). I tend to "hover" in all areas, reading what others are posting, and asking the occasional question or contributing a reply if I can help, but, being very much a "beginner" in terms of competing - only once a month on the wobblers route at my local club, I suppose I feel I have little to contribute to most of the discussions about national and international high level competition. I think nearly all of my posts have been maintenance related and, for me, this is an excellent aspect of this site. I find the SSDT footage and reports very interesting as I feel I can relate to the style of riding and terrain more than the indoor hopping around events (although I know I will never get to the standard required to even attempt a SSDT section!). I think in any sport there are those like me who enjoy taking part at their own level, sharing an interest, and supporting local events. Others do all that but also love following/supporting/spectating professional level sport, and they have their heros and opinions to share. I hope your observation encourages more discussion and posting of the things you enjoy on here, and I hope I can expand my knowledge a bit more too! Cheers.
  8. Welcome Jon! I'm sure you will get lots of help on here - loads of very knowledgeable enthusiasts; I've found endless great tips and gained some great advice. Good luck with your bike. Mark
  9. well, I had a similar issue with my C15 (in recent post) The advice I got was to check no air leak between carb and inlet, which I did. I also stripped and completely cleaned the carb - I suspect there was some dirt or dried out residue in there... there was some visible gunge - especially in the bottom part of the main jet assembly. I seems to have done the trick. I have a very different carb but I guess these are common places to start from. Good luck
  10. I've uploaded a clip of my old bike - hope it comes through!
  11. normal sound I think - mine used to do it and I rather liked it!
  12. Thanks for everyone's help with this. I have got it running quite well this morning - I carefully reassembled the cleaned carb and did my best to tighten it to eliminate any leaks (without over tightening it!). It idles quite well and picks up well from idle ok. I notice it won't idle on the side stand - seems to slow down and stall - I guess that's something to do with the height of fuel in the chamber (its a bent stand and it lays fairly low on its side). only a couple of tiny oil leaks too! Much better than before! I guess its hard to eliminate them all and new ones appear every time I try! by the way I was wrong - it's a monoblock carb not a Mk1, sorry.
  13. Thanks Archie - it was a very special day and done in my daughter's unique way! I was a very proud daddy!
  14. I'm going to say...exhaust goes on last. I think radiator second, frame first.
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