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  1. markparrish

    Did it scare you ...

    definitely not alone Steve! I can remember my first try on a friends FS1E 40 years ago - I went straight off the back! Give it a few more tries - you will soon be wondering what the problem was (and starting to try a few challenges).
  2. markparrish

    Did it scare you ...

    HI Steve - how much experience have you got on a bike? - I think you have just the right bike for starting out but it is designed for doing all sorts of tricks so it will get way from you if you rev it and let the clutch out a bit fast. Don't give up - maybe try adjusting the tickover a little higher so it doesn't stall and just practice with the clutch alone. Once you have that mastered, find a bit of space and try riding a gentle course with the clutch lever out and just gently playing the throttle - very small/gentle movements. It's a case of practice in a steady way. Big revs are for leaping up walls! Good luck
  3. markparrish

    Beta transmission failure

    No ideas I'm afraid, but obviously a loose part has found its way into the gears. I hope it's not too serious when you investigate. Lots of cases seem to come up on UK auction site so hopefully you will be up and running soon. Good luck
  4. markparrish

    fork assembly help

    I can't offer any help but I just wanted to say you have done an amazing job refurbishing those parts!
  5. markparrish


    Well - I bought a set of Michelin X lite comp. I read up a lot and whilst there are some members who have highlighted other choices for muddy conditions that might be a bit cheaper I decided that as there was only a small difference in cost between the top choices, I would try my luck. I was running some older Michelins before which had lost their edges and gone a bit hard, so perhaps any tyre would be a big improvement! but I have to say these have transformed the bike. I can get great grip on all kinds of slippy ground - and lots of confidence on cambers which I didn't feel before. I am only a basic clubman level so no rock climbing for me, but they do everything really well as far as I can tell.
  6. markparrish

    Section Markers

    Ours uses the wire ones with soft plastic flag on top. I guess they need to withstand being run over (just bend wire straight). Also when several routes share the same gate you can plant a bunch of flags in the same spot quite easily.
  7. markparrish

    Main bearings

    Yes - whirring Beta good, grinding and rumbling Beta bad! I replaced my mains because they were badly worn (and also causing it to be difficult to start) and just yesterday I also replaced cylinder and piston - which was cause of piston slap. Now whirring nicely and running very smoothly!
  8. markparrish

    Hole in Crank Case

    Betas seem to have those worrying looking holes too. I thought I had a seriously damaged case until I saw some other examples!
  9. Give it another 5 minutes - you'll love it! I had that arm problem - I eventually realised that I was gripping the bars too tightly (hanging on more like!) but once you relax a bit and hold it lightly it all gets better. I still find myself doing it if a section is a bit daunting and I'm nervous. Good luck!
  10. markparrish

    Farewell Jamsport

    I've only visited this shop once to buy some boots. I wish it had been a bit closer to home! Ian was a really nice chap and happy to recommend some good value gear to me as a beginner - rather than trying to push anything too expensive. I wish him well - he sounds like a bit of a legend!
  11. markparrish

    Returning to trials

    Welcome to the site Marc. I have found it such a useful resource. I'm sure you will get loads of advice and help and a chance to share your knowledge too! Good luck getting back into it - it's just like falling off a bike...
  12. markparrish

    2007 Rev 3 270 Wheels...Now what?

    Put some tape over the spokes and fit new tube to front. I've given up the fight with my similar rear wheel - just fitted tube with new tyre (tubeless tyre) - no clamp - seems to be seated really well (after quite a battle to avoid nipping the tube when fitting tyre) and hasn't rotated on rim yet!.
  13. markparrish

    Starting a new outfit

    What an amazing collection of frames Paul250! You must be pretty slick at bending and welding tube by now! I'm impressed!
  14. markparrish

    Beta Bolt Kits?

    I'm new to it too but I liked the fact that most of the fasteners on my Beta were fairly standard so far and I seem to be able to sort out most bits in my own way - though perhaps I'm not so "OCD"!!! (Mind you, I guess you are mostly imperial sizes in the US? perhaps metric is a bit harder to come by) Hope you get the bits you need.
  15. markparrish

    Beta Bolt Kits?

    I'm not sure if any kits are available but most screws I've come across are standard metric thread and I have replaced a few with stainless socket cap screws, sometimes cut to length. I've got the same bike as you.