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  1. markparrish

    Hello from cornwall!

    Hi Tom welcome to the forum - too far away for me to be any help but I hope you find some local riders. This is a great place to pick up tips and advice. Good luck.
  2. markparrish

    how to show the proper level of respect?

    I got it! maybe it's because I have a Beta (yes...and I'm probably the other thing before anyone says it!). Perhaps you should canvas a lot more opinion and you can also have a mass debate?
  3. markparrish

    Hard to start beta rev3

    HI - There was a fairly obvious "rough" noise from the case when running - it did actually run quite well but starting was very difficult.
  4. markparrish

    Hard to start beta rev3

    Mine was getting hard to start as my main bearings were worn. After replacing them it was a very different bike. I also agree with others that there is a bit of a "knack" - I use the kick lever to slightly turn over until max compression is felt, then as described above, raise up with a bent leg on the lever and apply a brisk and firm "kick" by straightening my leg and descending at the same time. When cold I use the choke and no throttle. when warm just a bit of throttle.
  5. markparrish

    New to this from Derbyshire UK

    If you join a club you may find members selling bikes in that price range - probably a good opportunity to try a couple and find out a bit about the history - possibly also less likely to be sold a pup if the seller knows he/she will see you every week thereafter?
  6. markparrish

    search a forum with search tool

    Thanks Andy - that works fine - I didn't see the drop down part before as it appears in the lower part of my window and I needed to scroll down. Thanks, Mark
  7. Hi, I wondered if anyone knows how to search a specific forum using the search tool rather than the whole "community"? I am sure I used to be able to do this but haven't felt the need until today, when I realised I couldn't. I wanted to read about Beta pistons. Perhaps someone cleverer than I can help?!
  8. markparrish

    250 Rev3

    Well done Rich! I bet you'll be riding round and round that bench all weekend!
  9. markparrish

    250 Rev3

    250 should have plenty of power. I think that any water pump issues would have occurred by now and been dealt with - I got a 2007 270 a couple of years ago and it was clear that it had a new casing - looked newer than the surrounding components. I'm sure any water ingress would cause a milky appearance in the window. Good luck with it - they seem quite robust bikes and certainly good enough for a beginner like me and even if bits go wrong there are many spares around.
  10. markparrish


    HI Dave - welcome! I'm in West Sussex and joined the Bognor club - very friendly bunch and made me feel welcome. Practice once a month at Halnaker and various trials when you are ready (I never feel really ready!!). Good luck, Mark
  11. markparrish

    beta 300 4st spits coolant

    assuming the coolant is not too full (in which case it will spit) and assuming your fan is running, I guess you might have a problem with the pump or some kind of blockage in the system. Maybe a good idea to take off the cover and have a look (after draining)
  12. markparrish

    Trials Questionnaire for a school project

    I was a Product Design teacher for far too long! and recognise the need to identify a rewarding project at the start of the year. Many parts (most/all?) of a modern trials bike are now highly evolved so I suspect it will be hard to identify any modifications that the manufacturers haven't, but there may be some mileage in identifying equipment for training needs, or perhaps accessories. You might also think about kit storage/transport to events. Maybe a way of helping observers to keep score in the rain? I'm sure there are loads of areas related to trials that you can work with. If you need any advice, I'm happy to help. Good luck!
  13. markparrish

    TY250 brake pedal mod for lowered footpegs

    You've made a beautiful job of that pedal arm - nice work!
  14. markparrish

    New to Trials with a gas gas txt

    that's a smart looking bike! Good luck with it - you'll have lots of fun.