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  1. Hey why not add some bars too. Took 25mm off each side to get the width to match the stock bars
  2. New stem came in. It bolts right on and I like the change in bar position it gives
  3. I feel the same way. The brakes don't have a lot of feel or power. Would love to swap the nice 4 piston on the front of my MTB but it is mounted on the left side and it cannot be flipped onto the right side. Before changing components going to try some green SwissStop pads.
  4. Ordered this Spank Spike 25/30 stem in red. Will report back
  5. Hello, Liking this bike a ton! Has anyone swapped out their stem for something that has a little more rise and a lot less reach? Looks like ~50mm offset and 0 degrees of rise on the stock stem here... this has much less offset, and some rise too... ...enough rise to clear to the blue comp clicker ( I think ) What do you think? TIA
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