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  1. Evening Wayne. Loving the bike, iv put a 42 tooth on the rear and taken 2 links out of the chain. Hope to get it down to Bumpy some time this week to see how it feels
  2. As it stands at the moment the plastic of the tensioner is actually touching the underside of the swing arm. Or it was when on the stand. Will check tomorrow with wheels on the ground.
  3. Putting my bike back together and unsure how much slack to have in the chain. Any easy way to get it right? Also in the picture is the tensioner bolt, i took the picture before taking it all apart. That's when I noticed that the chain rubs the bolt. Should there be a gap? Cheers Richard
  4. Ye I bought the bike with that set up so decided to change it, iv kept the 9 on the front to see how much of a difference the 42 rear makes
  5. Ha no problem. I am one of those people who know nothing about bikes? Sprocket now on, managed to get 2 links out of chain and all back together. Not 100% sure how to get proper tension on chain ( how much slack required) but it will be coming apart again tomorrow as I need some grease for rear axel bolt........ I have some in the garage somewhere but I'm quite sure I will only find it when i get some more.
  6. The bike is a gas gas 200 2006. It has 9 tooth on the front. I am keeping the front and pcutting a 42 on the rear. With it sat in place it looks like 2 links need to come out. Hopefully with a gentle dremmel and then punch pin through.
  7. Cheers gasserguy, I thought as much . Time to start removing links
  8. Morning folks, Newbie question so please bear with me. My bike has a 48 tooth sprocket on the rear and I want to put it back to a 42. Question is do I have to alter the chain length? Ideally I would like to keep the chain as it is so I can always put the 48 back on if it alters it too much Cheers Richard
  9. Ha that's a point I need to add ratchet straps to the never ending shopping list Towbar, rack, ratchet straps, number plate board, ground anchor, another lock and chain ( have a decent one at present but not sure it's long enough for both bikes) bike stand......... oh and boots, trousers, jacket. Gulp ! And a bike.
  10. Thank you for all the replies in relation to tow bars, I have now got car booked in for one fitting next week. One area of concern though is securing the bike to rack, ok it will be strapped down so it won't move/fall off. But what about little scrotes at filling stations etc walking past with a knife and cutting straps and nicking the bike? Do you also lock/chain them on or am I being paranoid? Richard
  11. Ha ignored as I have nothing in my inbox
  12. Cheers fasdr, that's my only concern. Although at this stage I have no plans in entering trials it's more just learning the basics skills and enjoying being out and and having fun. So may be a smaller bike will be better ????????? Decisions decisions☺
  13. Afternoon Mark. Thank you for the reply, I have my car booked in for a tow ball fitting next week so if all goes well I will get the bike soon after that, hope to have it before the weather turns so I can play for a while and learning how not to fall off Daft as it sounds even looking forward to balance practice over winter months in the garage. Beats watching crap TV Richard
  14. I'm looking at getting my first trials bike, and having a good look around the forum, there appears to be a lot of conflicting info in relation to a first bike. I'm looking at a decent 2008 Beta rev3 270. And seriously thinking of getting it. A bit of background. I'm 47 years old 6 foot tall and 15 stone, had my bike licence 20 years and had a few bikes early on then kids came along so bikes went Last few years bikes are back and now have a BMW F800gs, I also use bikes during work CRF250's. Do you think the 270 will be a bit of a hand full to learn with? Cheers Richard
  15. Evening telecat, I messaged Dave Cooper and he stated I need a 2 bolt flange towbar with 7 pin electrics. Looking at the Witter towbars for my car they are around £450 (gulp) I have had a quote of £309 from indespension, fully fitted for a 2 bolt flange with electrics . Not gonna jump in yet as I am still looking for a first bike On another note if and when I get a bike i may see you down at Bumpy, it's 5 mins down the road from my house. Perfect
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