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  1. trials35

    315 Carb

    Hi Alan home from work read your mail I have sent you a reply.
  2. trials35

    315 Carb

    OK who ever wants it .you can contact me by email which is Steve.Irish@tiscali.co.UK we can then sore it from there.cheers.
  3. trials35

    315 Carb

    i have a carb off my 99 315, i now ride a 2004 315, it is sat in my garage in box ,surplus to me. £20 to you if you are interested.
  4. Hi.I. changed my clutch plates because of clutch drag.got replacement plates from bvm I think they were apico if I remember & I always use the elf oil also from bvm . no clutch drag or slip.
  5. The chap you spoke to would be Colin leese .you can contact him at tyoffroad .a very nice chap very helpful.
  6. hi bg1965 i dont know if you are interested but i have a complete spare front caliper off my first 315.i now ride a 2004 315 it is no use to me now .it is looking for a new home £ 30 its yours ,email me if you want it cheers.
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