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  1. ajock

    2014 evo 250 2st

    Bike cut out today at end of trial. No warning, was upto temp and working reasonably hard. Long push back to van. No spark, plug and lanyard checked loom inspected with nothing obvious, coil with resistance of 9.55 kohm. does anyone know which wires to test on stator plug and what resistance you should expect? Thanks in advance
  2. ajock

    Ty 250 forks

    Have done all of the above to mine, including yamaha-majesty alloy damper rods. wouldn't bother with preload adjusters 20mm spacer works well for me at 5'7 76kg. They more than match up to rockshocks on the rear.
  3. ajock

    2014 evo fork oil

    New to Beta, was just wondering what weight oil to use in forks. Owners manual suggests SHELL TELLUS S2 V32. whicjh i think is equivilant to 7.5. Pailoi on prevous bikes has always been 5wt? Thanks in advance.
  4. ajock

    Majesty 250 Carb

    Still running orginal mikuni, looking to replace it. have seen a few ty's with dellorto 26. any ideas. Thanks in advance.
  5. Does welding damage the internals?
  6. Just put new rockshocks on my 81 majesty, orginals where 340mm, but put 350mm on at rockshocks suggestion as it increases wheel travel. Sorry don't know much about other brands.
  7. Any thoughts, have seen quite few carbon efforts(don't know where to buy one) and a couple of alloy ones. thought about adapting original to suit? Cheers
  8. ajock

    Ty Wheels

    Renewing bearings on standard ty wheels, old ones had inner seal removed and grease packed from side to side. New bearings are fully sealed. Should i remove inner seal and grease or leave them sealed and assemble dry. p.s. fitting with new alloy spacer. Thanks in advance. A
  9. Does anyone know where i can get a straight 40t rear sprocket, have 41t dished one but it brings the chain to close the shock. I have also seen sammy miller have 39t any advice? Thanks in advance.
  10. pull shoes out and measure drum diameter, recon that will be 110mm. Just got some from ebc website get grooved sintered ones for best braking.
  11. Would anyone know if standard ty250 bushes fit majesty, if not where can i source some. thanks for your help.
  12. ajock

    315 Carb

    Thanks for the offer, allan crack on. Sherco has 34 pilot so will try bigger one thanks again.
  13. ajock

    315 Carb

    Anyone know where i might get direct replacement for 99 315. sandifords don't list one. Currently bike has phbl from 250 sherco. dispite playing around with jets needles etc bike will not run smoothly, also still running a bit rich? Any suggestions? thanks in advance.
  14. ajock

    Ty 250 Forks

    Yep, majesty 81, do you have any idea of oil volumes?
  15. ajock

    Ty 250 Forks

    To be honest have never stripped these and am ignorant of construction. Can you replace bushes, and where in uk might you get them? Also haven't found a good source of seals as yet? Wasn't planning to change damping as yet anyone have any recomendations as to which oil and what volumes. Many thanks in advance.
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