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  1. i think i found the answer .. any other suggests are welcome.. ? https://www.feked.com/triumph-tiger-cub-trials-top-tube-oil-tank-fits-under-fuel-tank.html
  2. Hi i have seen many tiger cub trials. not using external/standard oil tank, it safe bit space and no running oil pipe. do i need to use morgo oil pump or standard oil pump will be ok ? Any pro and cons . please advise Regards
  3. Thanks @teamferret and @majesty Looks like good product , going to try it in my next project.. actually i dont have tank. my friend offer me TL frame. i thought to slowly build bike .. i have wheels and forks .. and CG engine; Regards
  4. Hi Guys Where i can get Honda TL125 Rotten Tank to attempt to make copy of it. i own TL125 for short time. mostly parked in friend shed . since no shed of my own. i think it was not alloy tank.. light sheet metal.. Thanks .. Kind Regards
  5. i think royal enfield swingarm easier to get , you sometime need to wait on ebay for right affordable parts ? what is tyre you are planning to put 4.0 x 18 ?
  6. Thanks "Trials are fun" do you think they can build locally ? use the some spares from other forks links etc ?
  7. hi faussy. thanks good findings interesting i dont have relation with that gentleman i m high motivated average enthusiasts mr hitchcock have lot of bobs i just. finished 1955 Enfield trials i have crusader frame thought if can get engine and forks i can build prototype replica
  8. Hi Guys sorry bit going off topic. i am interested to know what are those forks.? i once own DOT .. but they are different , what are model of those and where i can get them ? Regards
  9. @carl ekblom if you dont mind sharing picture of royal enfield trials .. is it bullet .. ? sorry going bit off topic just build mine , not pre-65 i will share the picture you can find some info about my project in blog http://enfieldtrials.blogspot.com/2020/06/royal-enfield-trials-first-glance-and.html
  10. Thanks nhuskys this is good reference for me thanks Carl you make my day .. something more to think/dream about .. it look nice bike indeed. yes you are right .. this will might not qualify for Pre65 , i dont have good trials skill yet ? Thanks again guys.
  11. Hi guys i hope you are keeping well i have opportunity to get Bsa B25 engine are they any good for trials . pros and con for trials please i want to put in royal enfield crusader frame sinve it is very light . regards
  12. Hi Guys I have no shed at the moment. I have Honda TL125/Kawasaki F11 project. i have parked the bikes for winter in my friend half open storage. they started to rust badly. how to save/protect chrome forks leg/wheels your ideas and thoughts are welcome My ideas > Use some sort of temporary paint may be and that can be removed later , when i re-commission the bike ?? > Grease ? > WD40 ? what else can be done. your ideas and thoughts ? Regards
  13. @scifi I like WW2 bikes Norton 16H , M20/Ariel WNG/RE Model C etc i wish i can born in 1940s ?
  14. @Scifi I agreed . i have seen the some early videos . there is no doubt the Britain is the pioneers of this sport. vintage bikes all have bit of character, which i fell in love with. we are loosing that. i guess. in few years time we will be hopping on similar looking electric bikes only .. no sound no joy for me .. sorry thats my own opinion
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