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  1. Betor dampers

    If I want to soften the forks up do I remove the ring that covers half the bottom hole?
  2. Stiff forks

    The forks on my fantic 200 are betors with double pinch bolts. They are too stiff, I’ve gone down to 5 wt oil, 200ml. stripped forks down & put new x2 seals in each leg. Are there any mods I can do to damper rod to make them softer? Cheers varlo
  3. Betor dampers

    That’s ok, I’ve still got ty & just got a fantic to see what all the fuss is about lol 👍🏻
  4. Betor dampers

    Cheers 👍🏻
  5. Betor dampers

    Cheers for that, will do if I’m struggling. Do I need an acu license to midland classic?
  6. Betor dampers

    That’s the one, 👍🏻 Looks like I’ve got mine in right order. Cheers
  7. Betor dampers

    Will do, didn’t realise they were same as ty
  8. Betor dampers

    That’s good to know 👍🏻
  9. Betor dampers

    Can anyone tell me if I’ve got my damper rods in the right order? thanks carlCarl
  10. Fantic 200 betor fork seals

    Mine are betors, with double pinch bolts, I’ve taken them apart but the stanctions go tight in the right leg about 3 1/4 way down. Both stanctions ok in other leg !
  11. Fantic 200 betor fork seals

    Hi Graham, yes there 35mm, do you use spacers to replace the second seal? carl
  12. Fantic 200 betor fork seals

    Hi, I’m replacing fork seals on my fantic 200, what’s best? 2 seals in each leg or 1 seal & spacer
  13. Fantic 200 sticky front forks/front break/oil leak

    Hi did you get your forks working ok? iv got a similar problem.
  14. Fantic 200 rear wheel spacers

    My left 14.8mm & my right 35mm my front sprocket is fitted with the raised side to the engine
  15. Fantic 200 rear wheel spacers

    Thanks for info, I’ll check mine see how it measures up 👍🏻