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  1. Thanks Petert job done
  2. Hi Someone has fitted a badly bodged extended clutch arm on my 300 which I want to remove and replace with a standard one, how is the best way to remove the arm? Regards Andy
  3. Thanks guys the pop rivet trick worked a treat
  4. Hi has anyone on here repaired a broken breather pipe lug on the fuel cap, I seem to remember reading something somewhere but I can't find it thanks in advance Andy
  5. Yes only on the overun, should you use exhaust sealer where the front pipe meets the back box?
  6. Sorry should have said I have fitted a new plug
  7. Hi Guys My bike has started backfiring almost every time I give it more than a blip on the throttle, does anyone have any ideas where to look first? Regards Andy
  8. aldy13

    Beta 300 4T

    about 5 months or so, never had a 4 stroke bike before but its a lovely bike to ride even for my limited ability lol
  9. aldy13

    Beta 300 4T

    camchain tensioner was ok, decompressor spring ok, turns out loose camchain pulley bolts were the culprit. Now torqued back up with loctite and runs like a Swiss watch again
  10. aldy13

    Beta 300 4T

    Hi Was riding the bike today in a trial and it was running great all of a sudden it just started rattling really loudly from the top end no warning or anything. All levels ok and fan was cutting in and out as usual, any ideas? Cheers Andy
  11. Ok Guy thanks no luck my end just yet
  12. Hi Guy Near Cambridge mate
  13. Hi Has anyone got one of these kicking around, rear brake pivot arm thingy off a TY 250 Twinshock Regards Andy
  14. Thanks for the reply Feetupfun I have a Size 3 in the bike I ride but the other one has a 2.5 not sure if this makes a difference or not?
  15. Hi Everyone I'm rebuilding a TY 250 to go with my working TY 250 and have a carb to fit to it but it has a different slide in than my working bike, what is the correct slide number? both carbs have the main jet in the float bowl. Kind regards Andy
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