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  1. Yes correct. Found a pair if forgot I’d bought a while back when I realised spares would be a pain to get. Cheers guys. 🍻
  2. Got some play in mine, just spotted it, most parts places closed until into January… anyone know the spec/numbers for the bearings? Lots of places still open over here in Abu Dhabi, should be able to source them. Cheers. 🍻
  3. Good point, his videos are spot on. 🍻
  4. Signed off for a couple of days with sinusitis so more antibiotics and another weekend off riding… so thinking I’ll take this weekend to do the rainy day jobs on the trials bike. Main job is the crank seals plus got a new pair of piston rings to fit plus I’ll repack the silencer, grease everything whilst it’s apart, etc… anything to beware of when splitting the cases on these? Every other part of working on them is quirky so expecting something, don’t think there’s any consumable parts I’ve missed like lock tabs on the clutch basket or anything like that… just steady away and take lots of pics whilst disassembling… feedback welcome. Cheers.
  5. Settled on the 44/10 pair that I bought first 🤪 I found a review of all the boot fits on here and somewhere else that said the Forma boot fit on the heel was looser than others but was also dependant on the middle strap. Adjusted that, feels better. Also wore the 43/9 whilst watching WSBK Race 1, half an hour in them was enough as convince me. Ok length wise, little narrow, like most Italian boots. Sure with heavier socks and trousers on they’ll be ok once bedded in. Happy with the boots, look smart and well made. 👍
  6. miner

    Airoh TTR-S

    Long time no posts… I finally got round to buying a new lid, can’t find the old post I started but just wanted to share that I bought an Airoh TTR-S (convert red, white & blue 🇬🇧) and it is indeed very well vented. My first Airoh, tidy lid. Stacks up ok along side the Arai and 6D lids in the fleet. Cheers for the pointers.
  7. Anyone know what forma boots like at breaking in and stretching? Bought a 43 & 44 in the boulders and don’t know if I need to break one pair or wear thicker socks for the other… one’s a bit big and the other a bit tight round the instep, my feet appear to be half a size in between. 😐
  8. Still using a little gear oil but not smoking yesterday, bike felt good, throttle response was ok, good bark but probably a centre box/silencer full of sludge. Steamed out a couple of times without the fan coming on whilst rock crawling, after that it was fine, assume it was air locked. Mrs is woring tomorrow so will go for a hangover buster in the morning... splash of fuel, oil and coolant and should be good to go. On the plus side... felt much better yesterday, months of layoff coming good with reactivated muscle memory... cant bring myself to strip it yet... want to ride it.
  9. Manual says 50:1 but I just run the same 60:1 I mix up for the 300 EXC.
  10. Silencer re-packed not so long ago.. oil level going down, stinks, smoking heavy, oils coming out when revved hard to check it was revving clean, responded to a little more on the fuel screw, was smoking after it was stopped, deffo oil. When I stripped it there was black gloop in the cylinder head, put it down to re-using the o-rings as it wasn’t right afterwards. New o-rings, base gasket and water pump seal, now smoking... will give it a couple of rides and see how it goes but going to start ordering stuff in parallel.
  11. Forgot I’d started this thread... after a couple of rides the thing is smoking like buggery and getting some oil on the pipe... time to strip it. Asides front thinking like an enduro engine... what would you advise to do/replace whilst the cases were split? Bike is solid but for me if you are going in deep to do the crank seals on a 12yr old bike, its time to replace bearings and do the top end at the same time. Thoughts?
  12. Got round to fixing it eventually, holidays, work, riding the 300, its taken a back seat but my riding buddy broke his arm so back on the GG for a bit... swapped the head o-rings with the new ones once they arrived at same time as rebuilding... had to take the subframe and both sections of the exhaust off, to remove the radiator to do the o-rings again... wasn’t fun. ? Flushed the coolant channels, refilled with redline supercool, cleaned the carb, etc, etc... stuck it all together and took it for a quick test ride. Started second kick with stale fuel, sounded nice and crisp revving it, felt strong on a few laps round the block. Bike looking good, be a shame to get it dirty but cant wait to get out and play. It’s in one piece again.... :) Thanks for your help. ?
  13. miner

    Future of Gasgas

    KTM JV looks like a goer....
  14. Got it sorted.... had a little fettle about with it, ok now.
  15. Aye... not got that far, was giving it a dry turn by hand on the bench before I put it back on the bike. Thinking it can only be an axial clearance issue.... said to myself, don’t do that quickly before bed.... but did anyway. ?
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