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  1. Still using a little gear oil but not smoking yesterday, bike felt good, throttle response was ok, good bark but probably a centre box/silencer full of sludge. Steamed out a couple of times without the fan coming on whilst rock crawling, after that it was fine, assume it was air locked. Mrs is woring tomorrow so will go for a hangover buster in the morning... splash of fuel, oil and coolant and should be good to go. On the plus side... felt much better yesterday, months of layoff coming good with reactivated muscle memory... cant bring myself to strip it yet... want to ride it.
  2. Manual says 50:1 but I just run the same 60:1 I mix up for the 300 EXC.
  3. Silencer re-packed not so long ago.. oil level going down, stinks, smoking heavy, oils coming out when revved hard to check it was revving clean, responded to a little more on the fuel screw, was smoking after it was stopped, deffo oil. When I stripped it there was black gloop in the cylinder head, put it down to re-using the o-rings as it wasn’t right afterwards. New o-rings, base gasket and water pump seal, now smoking... will give it a couple of rides and see how it goes but going to start ordering stuff in parallel.
  4. Forgot I’d started this thread... after a couple of rides the thing is smoking like buggery and getting some oil on the pipe... time to strip it. Asides front thinking like an enduro engine... what would you advise to do/replace whilst the cases were split? Bike is solid but for me if you are going in deep to do the crank seals on a 12yr old bike, its time to replace bearings and do the top end at the same time. Thoughts?
  5. Got round to fixing it eventually, holidays, work, riding the 300, its taken a back seat but my riding buddy broke his arm so back on the GG for a bit... swapped the head o-rings with the new ones once they arrived at same time as rebuilding... had to take the subframe and both sections of the exhaust off, to remove the radiator to do the o-rings again... wasn’t fun. ? Flushed the coolant channels, refilled with redline supercool, cleaned the carb, etc, etc... stuck it all together and took it for a quick test ride. Started second kick with stale fuel, sounded nice and crisp revving it, felt strong on a few laps round the block. Bike looking good, be a shame to get it dirty but cant wait to get out and play. It’s in one piece again.... :) Thanks for your help. ?
  6. miner

    Future of Gasgas

    KTM JV looks like a goer....
  7. Got it sorted.... had a little fettle about with it, ok now.
  8. Aye... not got that far, was giving it a dry turn by hand on the bench before I put it back on the bike. Thinking it can only be an axial clearance issue.... said to myself, don’t do that quickly before bed.... but did anyway. ?
  9. Finally got time to get round to working on the gas gas.... rebuilt the water pump with a new OE repair kit... when tightening the outer plug / bushing once seated the impeller won’t turn... I tightened the impeller up as tight as I could by hand.... maybe not tight enough and it’s too far out? Shaft seal isn’t too far in, checked and was careful with that.... cant think of anything else?
  10. Thanks biff... had it apart to do the barrel base gasket... replaced the o-ring that came with the S3 kit but there were no other bits to replace... I will get a repair kit ordered for the water pump. ?
  11. Maybe... certain I changed it when I had the barrel off to do the base gasket... maybe another gasket the wrong size/spec? Couldn’t use the inner head gasket... had to get another. ?
  12. Probably best to start with the pic.... Gear Oil Sight Glass Looks like its emulsified... OK when its been off for a while, looks clear before you fire it... normal or some issue? Not losing water, maybe has a crank seal leak on clutch side... apart from that...?? Thanks.
  13. miner

    S3 cylinder head

    Not used one on the Gasser but got on my KTM 300 EXC... as above... different inserts for different compression ratios. Stock trials (my 07 250 TXT Pro) head looks like a higher CR than my KTM (15 300 EXC). More compression more punch up to a point, I. Tried the high-high insert in my KTM and it was too much, would cough stall like a 4T at low revs... ok for MX and just misbehaving but not general enduro cross country stuff. General anecdotal evidence.
  14. I don’t care if he hasn’t put a foot down all day... he’s riding round the course in a gimp suit! ???
  15. We’re all creeping out the woodwork....
  16. I run Motorex Synthetic Cross Power 2T a I’ve got stacks of it for my KTMs.... maybe the smoke is it not burning and not a crank seal.... ?
  17. Only joshing... sure its a nice wee bike!
  18. I’m telling the KTM boys you’re on here talking about four strokes.... ?
  19. miner

    Where are you?

    But probably still on forum/Tapatalk posting about jetting.... ? @pindie @shipdamite @dingle Off the top of my head I’ve seen them... sure there’s more of them kicking about on here. ?
  20. miner

    Where are you?

    A few of the other guys I’ve seen on here I know are into enduro are probably on the KTM forum talking about winter jetting... ?
  21. Another fair assessment... the MT43 looks as rugged and durable as the 1980’s Bultaco it was first seen on. ???????
  22. Fair summary... as expected. I know a standard car tyre is farked once it’s run flat as it destroys the sidewalls and leaves loads of if the inner surface inside the rim... was wondering if the trials tyres were more resilient given that they were more likely to get punctured but guess that’s partly why you’ve got rim locks. Will check it out / hope it holds pressure and keep an eye on it.
  23. Very helpful video... I’d didn’t realise how many parts mine was missing till I watched it.
  24. Practice, practice, practice.... I’m 1y in and still not great at static balancing, can stop briefly and go using the clutch to help, can’t balance and hop about... but can get about ok. Those WATC videos are great, like the guys said, set yourself little objectives each time. I’m going to practice static balancing more in the garden. I’ve loved it and it’s helped my riding so much (apart from riding on the track with one finger on either lever from also doing enduro :D), especially enduro/off-road, after I broke my hand it was the only bike I could ride for a while... still a bit away from jumping stuff like I did before then but getting there again. Was out today for an hour, second time in as many weeks after a month off waiting for parts (but been on track/off-road in between), and it was all coming back to me and I really enjoyed trying to go as slow and as tricky as I could. Find a club/other experienced riders to push you on once you have confidence in the basics.
  25. As above... how well do they hold up? Was a Pirelli MT43 if that helps... built like a run flat car tyre. Didn’t go too far or fast... was riding when it went down and noticed it before too long. 10-15mins and not hard pushed... trundling back to house through the street in 5th for 2-3mins probably the worst part. Turns out it was a dicky valve core... swapped out and all good. As bad as the Pirelli’s are on hard surfaces, they do ok in the loamy stuff at 4psi and would at least like to get my money’s worth out of them before skipping them. Thoughts? Old Michelin survived a similar issue... but did crack the rim so it all went in the bin and fitted new rubber.
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