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  1. And what about the volume? 400ml or 550ml?
  2. Hi! Got an old TXT some months ago in a bit ,,tired'' condition, but now it is almost perfect. Only one thing left - I noticed that clutch was slipping, when I was buying it. But the Owner said that Clutch disks were replaced recently. After measuring the clutch pack it gave me around 9.9mm. Clutch disks were looking good too. I cleaned everything and put together. My guess was that previous owner used bad motor oil. So according to 2007 GG manual I put 550Ml of a good motoroil ( in my case Motorex CrossPower 10-50W). Now the clutch goes better - it is light on the lever, but still slips on 4th gear.. But it feels a bit better than it was before. Recently I saw that 2014 GG manual says that you have to use 400ml of 75W oil?! But all parts are the same ( part numbers are identical for 2007 and 2014). Why is it so? Will it help, if I will use 400ml of 75W? Also noticed at some forum that there are 3 clutch plates and they have different thickness. One of the users mentioned that the thickest one should be placed first or the clutch will slip. What can you recommend to check additionally?
  3. Yes, I saw it on pictures, thank you. But maybe someone can comment - do they have this bush?
  4. Hello, I have just bought GG TXT pro 2007 with a cracked clutch case (kick starter issue - already done), and also checked the clutch. It appeared that it doesn't have clutch bush and screw. Those parts are holding the clutch unit on the axle and prevent axial movement. My local GG dealer said that they are not essential, because clutch is not moving, because the bearing holds it. And newer models doesn't have this part at all. And it is not possible to order those parts now... ( MT280232080, MT280232081). It all looks fine, but my old clutch cover has some scratches from clutch unit. (pictures below) So should I get those parts somehow? Or they are not needed?
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