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  1. Does anyone know if you can change the insert on these l love my 300 but it is a bit of a handful at times was thinking about going with the low comp version which should hopefully soften it off, already running a slow throttle and flywheel weight
  2. carol nash do an off road policy which covers it at home, in transit and at an event or if its road reg contact msm
  3. was riding the lancs county trial on good Friday and had Eric kichien and the chap from trials central pointing their lenses at me last section of the day dabbin donkey commence lol
  4. shercosi

    Scorpa Factory

    that's fair enough Andy
  5. shercosi

    Scorpa Factory

    that's why I went for last years factory over a new beta or sherco as when you look at a load of bikes parked at a section they all look the same got to say glad I didn't wait as I much prefer mine over the new model plus I saved a packet by not waiting the main reason for my post was us poor scorpa people don't get front page coverage over the blue counterpart
  6. shercosi

    Scorpa Factory

    I see that we haven't got any coverage on the front page
  7. Standard bars are approximately 5" any way I'm 6'3" and I fitted some 5.5" bars to mine and what a massive difference it made wished I'd done it a lot sooner instead of waiting 11 years lol
  8. ftp not found it too bad although I have put a slow throttle and flywheel weight on and its now just like my old 290 sherco in the way it delivers its power plus I am a big lad as well lol
  9. Thanks guys Carole Nash off road policy is what it says on the tin off road only no third party cover for the road it would appear that the main reason is that the twenty range hasn't been issued with an abi no. Yet so underwriters won't touch it
  10. hi all have just got myself a new 300 factory and am having a devils own job getting it insured as 99% of companys don't recognize the bike as its not on their system have tried MSM but as I had a claim last year the don't want to know can anyone suggest any others out there that can help
  11. have just got a 300 factory and have put slow throttle and jitsie flywheel weight and its now a big pussy cat very soft and controllable but will still go if you need it to
  12. Hi guys thinking of buying a second hand repsol 4rt what year did they drop the remapable throttle as standard fit
  13. I hope they do loved the original one
  14. am I missing something here but surely you shouldn't have to start spending money on jets and slides etc having just forked out 5k on a new bike my sherco is nearly 13 yrs old been mine from new and never been altered and is spot on
  15. nooooon *******s put a post on Bradford trials fb page with a photo etc then we can share the hell out of it
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