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  1. How much did he charge for the battery? im after one for my sons OSET 16
  2. I was thinking this as im barely good enough to even need the new tyres but i think it is finally time lol, current tyres have been on bike since new (2005)
  3. Need a pair of tyres preferably michelins Anyone know of any deals on for a pair? Cheers
  4. I have rebuilt one of these before but struggled getting the piston and rings back in..... also dont you have to double up the base gaskets or something?
  5. Yes seems alot of play up and down so it needs doing
  6. my exhaust was also full of watery oil (i submerged it last ride out ) i have left the exhaust hanging upside down in the garage dripping away, any other way of cleaning it out? Think it was a bit of both gear oil and build up of 2 stroke oil
  7. Stripped down seals are out and new ones on there way... main bearings feel like they have a lot of play in but my bike doesn't sound rough when running, If they need doing think thats a bit out of my depth, is there anyone around who will do a engine refresh if i posted them the engine?
  8. This is some serious oil that comes out, could probs fill a shot glass with it. But it does then calm down once warm. I have ordered some seals so will have a closer look at it before I strip it down
  9. My 250 when started from cold ( which is a pain) blows a lot of oil out of the exhaust pretty sure urge it's not from the mixture because of the quantity of it and the fact it won't start easily and I haven't changed mixture or oil. Thinking its its a gearbox seal is this easy to change and what's involved? James
  10. Yea same as I usually run. Although different oil had to buy it in a garage as I forgot my normal stuff
  11. 2001 Sherlock 250. All of a sudden got a lot of oil coming out of my Exhaust and bike was a pain to start
  12. Safety is the main thing when its your kid riding the bike lol, need to get some shame they dont come up second hand
  13. Anyone tried these on a oset? http://www.boost-bikes.co.uk/products/16-20-lite-36v-oset-battery-pack-and-smart-charger?variant=3135462019 Really tempted for my sons bike to improve ride times
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