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  1. For anyone having the same problem you need to loosen the swingarm off a lot, then do the same for the two bolts with the part number of 17. Then wiggle the dog bone back in.
  2. Hi can someone advise me on how to get the dog bone on the vertigo back between the two arms it has the part number 4
  3. Go green , had two sherco's biggest regret
  4. As new as possible is the safest bet
  5. Little bit of throttle and a good kick, 2 kicks cold, 1 kick when warm
  6. I bought the combat vertical 300cc very powerful, the fuel injection makes a big difference
  7. Well so far I haven't had any problems, when they first came onto the market they did have their issues. The fuel tank and airfilter box position works great, they are also easy to work at.
  8. Well the engine in it is amazing, runs so good. It seems well made and the electronics are by GET, which is a lot better than hidria. They have never had to replace an ecu in on one, I definitely cant say that about my TRS's and sherco.
  9. vertigo i have to admit is a great bike
  10. only image released of it
  11. I didnt find the 250 snappy, havent rode a 280 but was told they are snappier
  12. I had a 2018 TRS 300RR was an utter nightmare, it isn't very snappy more grunty, 280 would probably be better for you
  13. I have the 300 and its a beast
  14. dwb5151

    Vertigo suspension

    from what i gather it is very easy to do.
  15. dwb5151

    CDI failures

    my CDI went just a couple of weeks ago on my 2018 trs 300rr which is 1.5 years old, and I had to buy one, funny thing the CDI went on my 2016 trs one 300 at 1.5 years old and they replaced it but now they wont.
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