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  1. sherco haven't even released there 2020 standard bike yet either has trs
  2. I was told by a Beta dealer that there bike frames come with a life time warranty. I was told they replaced a frame that was very old. How old? i cant remember.
  3. No i didn't buy the csp sump plate, from what i gather its just thicker not wider. I haven't had any problems with the skid plates on the two TRS i have owned. Hope this helps.
  4. I'm on my second TRS, the first one i bought was 6 months old and i had it for a year and a half making it 2 years old. The only problem i had was the crankcase seal going in it. At the time i was getting a good deal on the 2018 TRS 300RR. So I decided to upgrade. Funny my old TRS was sold within a week of it getting fixed at the dealer. The new owner seems very happy with it. My 2018 TRS RR is now over a year old.
  5. Compare toni's bike to the repsol you and me can buy. Big difference
  6. this is the third seal to go on the water pump. The first two times it happened, it was under warranty and it was due to the clutch casing not being machined properly. Would it be worth investing in the CSP aftermarket kit?
  7. Hi my 2018 trs rr 300 is leaking coolant from this hole in the clutch casing, is there supposed to be a hole here. The casing was replaced under warrenty a few months ago with a 2019 part including the gasket. It only started doing this last night. Many thanks
  8. thanks for the reply
  9. My mixture screw is set at 1.5 turns out, but the bike doesn't feel very smooth. 3/4 turns out seems perfect, does this sound right?
  10. dwb5151

    Future of Gasgas

    I heard this as well, and apparently they aren't honouring their warranty. Causing a lot of people to change to a different bike.
  11. 250, i have the 300 and it has a lot of power
  12. dwb5151

    2019 RR Vs One

    The main issue i have had with TRS is how tight the bolts are on them. The air box does get a lot of mud in it i noticed this especially on my 2016 and the pilot jet in the carb would block a lot. On the 2018 they haven't improved this. You need to make sure you have a really good air filter oil and you grease the outer ring of it. You nearly need to clean the air filter every ride especially in the wet you will even need to take the airbox off and clean it out. From what i gather people grease the seal around the lid and and put tape over it. It helps a bit but the majority of the mud comes in through the rectangular breather in the airbox. I'm still waiting under warranty for my new trs to get bigger orings, as they cut the groves on the cylinder head to deep, so it is leaking coolant which i have to top up after every ride. The chain tension is terrible my bike hasn't even done a couple of weeks worth of riding and its as shaky as anything.
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