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  1. reverse bleed, forward bleed and do it again.. Went through this recently. Its a pain!
  2. Trade you a 250 top end for your 280 I'm looking to go a bit up in power...
  3. Wondering about a HC insert vs getting a 280 kit for my 250. Cost aside, would the insert be a significant bump in power?
  4. Ive used em too. Quick shipping to Canada on a bunch of gear for the kid. Good pricing.. No axe to grind just reporting my experience.
  5. What insert would be stock in an '18 rr? I was perusing the web and came across the s3 inserts in high and low compression. They offer "standard" as well...
  6. Had a buddy come out today, he rode my GG280 and I took my RR 250(2018). When I had the bikes side by side, the RR is quite about lower to the ground than the GG. No real static sag in the rear and about 10mm up front on the RR. The bike is new to me, so I never noticed until today! We rode a couple sections and I actually did tag the skid where I never have on the GG. Are the TRS just a smidge lower by design?
  7. So, update! Ive had a chance to take the 250 out. Like it so far, brakes are top notch. Front end is really light feeling, almost skating a bit but its probably my body position. Going to try some hardrocks instead of the curves, feel like it pitches me forward. Definitely going to bump it up to 280cc though.. The grunt isn't quite where I would like it. Possibly to 300? If anyone has experience with 280 vs 300 I would love to hear it! I know, that's another thread haha!
  8. Well, I bought a nice clean 250... Felt good on the short test run :) Maybe less jammy than the GG 280, but still nice and easy to make the front end levitate. Ive already requested pricing on the goodies to go up in displacement (Thinking 280) but we shall see! Maybe I will like it as is. No rides yet, but I will report back this week.?
  9. Is the 250 any snappier than the 300?
  10. Not to flog a dead horse here but..... I ride a 280 GG, just wondering which '18 TRS RR would be comparable? I like the snap the 280 has, fast throttle fitted. No deficiencies in the motor for me. Will I be underwhelmed by the 250? The 300 seemed really smooth, but I have yet to ride the 250. Anyone who has ridden both, I would like a quick review if possible Thanks!
  11. Quite the pain in the butt! All the fun of fishing a hose through the swing arm, and then of course the notorious bleeding! The replacement hose wasn't exactly like the original. The Original hose had a longer solid line section at the MC, with multiple small bends.. Anyone ever see that particular version of the hose? I did dig about online with no real luck. Good part is, I have a rear brake again!
  12. Does the black tube and white tube share the same housing? The nice fella I bought my bike from fitted the slow tube, and also gave me the fast tube with the bike. Id like to fit the fast, but wonder if I can just swap tubes and not the whole works. This is a Domino FWIW Thanks!
  13. Thanks Peter! Yep, the fan has been replaced and voila! No more grief.
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