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  1. Hi all, I recently had to get a new rear brake caliper for my 2017 Gasser. However, after hours of trying I can't get it to bleed to a sufficient level to actually work when riding. I also changed the disc at the same time as it was cracked It has enough bite to hold the wheel on the stand, but not when riding down a bank. I've replaced the seals in the master cylinder too, tried all the syringing methods, adjusted the position of the pumping arm on the brake lever bit nothing. I'm wondering if as I've got new pads and disc whether it just needs to bed in, or if the pads could be ruined as there was a lot of brake fluid getting spilt! Any thoughts would be appreciated Cheers
  2. rob77

    Front brake system

    Thanks for the reply Nige. Will this include piston seals as well as master cylinder seals?
  3. Morning all. Embarrassing confession on this one...for some reason I used mineral clutch fluid when I was bleeding my brake systems a couple of weeks ago. Life has since got in the way and I only got back in the garage yesterday to put dot4 through. However now there is absolutely no pressure in my front system. Do I just need to persist/get a syringe on it, or will the mineral fluid have damaged any of the components? Cheers Rob
  4. thanks all. If the spacer will move a bit I'll give that another go before buying anything. Cheers
  5. Hi all, Currently doing a bit of work on my 2017 250 gas gas I bought earlier in the year. I have done the rear wheel bearings and now onto the front, but struggling on how to drive the bearings out. There is no lip to get any purchase on I read on here the 1p trick for the rear bearings which worked a treat, but can't find anything in the front. Thanks for your help! Rob
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