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  1. delberto


    you know what before i used them i couldnt find much about them, just trying to help others who may be looking for new gear!
  2. delberto

    Brake plate id

    Does anybody recognise this rear brake plate, It's 133mm across shoes 12mm spindle numbers inside? Part number who knows. 340.16.002.03 montesa ktm husky?
  3. delberto


    I have just bought and received Alpinestar tech T boots from this company in 5 days, highly recommended and at a very good price as well! cheers derek
  4. delberto

    Wheel id please

    thanks for that, so am i correct in saying its not an M49 rear wheel then? It has got the ribs on it maybe not clear in picture. Where did you get the front mudguard stays from on your m80? cheers derek
  5. delberto

    Wheel id please

    I think it's sherpa pre 70 but not 100% any ideas? 140mm dia at brake drum I am looking for a brake plate if anybody has one Thanks
  6. yes all good points and is a wip. Woody i have the correct wheel i think, but am short of a brake plate i will start a new thread as don't want to hijack this thread and see if you can id it. thanks
  7. if there is a chance the wiring gets crushed under the bashplate i hope i am not on the bike at the time!
  8. My work in progress! Barrel is damaged but I have a spare waiting on a rebore after lockdown. Needs tidying but runs and starts well with mikuni. frame number B4900444 engine number is higher but closer to your frame number, is it true they weren't matching at the time because of tax reasons?
  9. looks like a decent bike, wheels look good and tank seat unit looks good apart from seat!
  10. delberto

    Bultaco tank id

    wow nice tank!
  11. Thanks for the reply mines the early version but going to get that one and make do! its not for a show pony. cheers derek
  12. Hi all I know its a longshot but does anybody have the side panel/airbox cover assembly for model 49 they no longer require and wish to sell, battered doesnt matter as i can repair or make up in fibreglass if reqd. In motion sell them but out of stock at the moment. There is one on ebay with a fuel tank but at £185. Thanks derek
  13. delberto

    Bultaco tank id

    hi christian, yes its a decent tank with a dodgy paintjob! i am going to go down the sealing route until another option comes along.
  14. delberto

    Bultaco tank id

    Yes they have been Cheers
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