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  1. delberto

    compression test

    i think he means hold throttle full open when kicking engine over to let max air in to cylinder.
  2. A friend of mine has fitted a Triumph Cub engine to an RTX frame he had going spare, ill post some pics up. cheers derek
  3. it was 75euro when i first looked and now its up to 91.50 when you go back in, probably because page has been visited.
  4. https://www.mrsltd.co.uk/Catalogue/Sherco-Trials-Enduro-Spares/R001-R499/SHERCO-FLYWHEEL-PULLER-4T-BR474 £117 wow!! https://trialshop.it/sherco/30259-estrattore-volano-sherco-4t/ 75 euro getting better
  5. maybe some info here, flywheel puller is 31 x 1 not as i said above.
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DAB-PRODUCTS-SHERCO-BETA-TRIALS-FLYWHEEL-PULLER-M30-X-1-5-RIGHT-HAND-THREAD/233743522030?epid=541755264&hash=item366c3318ee:g:I7UAAOSwBSxbIjmk possibly this one m30 x 1.5 right handed thread
  7. is this the same bike?
  8. yes if you leave it on too long it will, im only talking about rinsing with it. it evaporates quickly.
  9. i used acetone to rinse my sherpa fibreglass tank before coating and its still holding up well, its had fuel in it for 10 months and no sign of breaking down. i think it was flowliner i used. cheers
  10. I cant think of anybody offhand, most are down South. I think your best bet is either send it away or try and do it yourself, its not impossible but can be time consuming. I usually do my own now. cheers
  11. Trail bike trials bike as long as you get out there!
  12. I have a duplex clutch basket 38t etc same dimensions as you mentioned, its an alloy sprocket with steel basket attached i am unsure if it is what you are looking for but pm me and i can take some pics if you wish. cheers derek
  13. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NATIONAL-NBD776-BRAKE-DISC-SINGLE-/114368140725 spelling i think
  14. delberto


    you know what before i used them i couldnt find much about them, just trying to help others who may be looking for new gear!
  15. Does anybody recognise this rear brake plate, It's 133mm across shoes 12mm spindle numbers inside? Part number who knows. 340.16.002.03 montesa ktm husky?
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