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  1. AvK

    compression test

    I have ordered a new oversized piston, size C. Will take a while to arrive. so... to be continued. thanks for your support..
  2. AvK

    compression test

    Thanks... I will try.
  3. AvK

    compression test

    Its not a dumb question but a compresion test you do not do at full throttle bub when the motor is not running. Like the picure.. 🙂
  4. AvK

    compression test

    Hey, Does anyone have experience with a compression test? I understand there is no standard. It will be different per engine, but I am looking for an indication whether the piston/cylinder may be worn. I now measure 75PSI and according to an earlier topic that is too little. who can help give me some advice? The bike is an Gasgas TXT300. 🙂 Best regards.. Alex
  5. I did this morning, stable just below 75 psi after a few kicks. measured several times with the same result
  6. Hello Lineaway, I replaced the DCI unit, flywheel en voltage regulator compleet with the wiring. I chekt it and is looks oké. the strange thing is that, if it is not starting it still hase a spark. .
  7. Hai Collyolly, Yes thats an adapter mounted on my carburetor. Otherwise the air box does not fit. as il looks like this is an original part. what do you ment bij 'blackage in the carb?
  8. Hello Reggie, 1) I'll see fuel leeking when i put the bike on the richt site. Left is not leaking, richt is leeking. 2) Woodruff key is oké, in place. Why do you ask about the leaking?
  9. Thanks Reggie, 1) I will see this tonight. 2) The woodruff key is in place. Strange is that the engine sometimes (mostly not) starts after 1 kick. When this happends the second time i need al least 10/ 15 kicks. Alex
  10. Thanks for resoponding. I think he's getting plenty of gas. the spark plug is even wet.
  11. Hello, Let me introduce myself briefly. My name is Alex and I am an Gasgas enthusiast from Holland. I've been in the middle of hot fires, but now I'm clueless. Herr’s my problem, I hoop you can help me? Gasgas TXT 300 from 2004 does not want to start What have I already done: Kick starter gear replaced. Replace ignition coil. Replace CDI unit. Replace the voltage regulator. Carburetor ultrasonically cleaned. New spark plug. New piston and cylinder replaced. Strangely, he sometimes starts in 1 or 2 kicks but after stopping he starts very difficult (10 to 15 stairs) most of the time he doesn't start at all. The screw for mixture is from bottom 2,5 turns out. When it is not running after several kicks it seems the cylinder is full of mixture. I can see that through the sparkplug hole. It seems he is drowning in mixture I followed most of the topics on this forum but nothing seems to help (or I do something wrong) I’m clueless, please help me
  12. mine is 180ohm, is it faulty or is it within tolerance?
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