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  1. mjb

    Identify My Fantic

    Thanks for all your help! Having removed the head yesterday I can confirm it is a 175cc. It has a lining and the diameter of 64mm. The only problem I have now is that the carb jets have all corroded and I'm so not sure what the jetting is for a 175 as it currently has a Dellorto 24? Maybe Bill Pye is the best guy to speak to. Thanks again.
  2. mjb

    Identify My Fantic

    Could anyone help identify this Fantic. Its marked as a TX250/FM250 on the engine so I know its the 125cc but it has 175 markings on the tank and side panels. I know some people have fitted 200 (156cc) barrel to a 125 but not sure about a 175cc. Stickers show FM development (Fantic Motor development???) Its a rear kickstart with non-conical hubs so would I be right it saying its 1979 model? The other confusing thing is it has an alloy tank, never seem one on a fantic before so might not be original. Any help would be really appreciated.
  3. I'm currently doing up a 1977 TY250 twinshock. I'm really pleased with the engine and steering but I've been considering moving the rear shock in a more laid down position like the majesty (I don't see the point in modifying the frame to getting more clearance etc). Can anyone give some advice to how to do this? Dimensions etc? I have a nice pair of Rockshocks at 340mm (standard) at the moment, would repositioning it mean I would need a shorter shock? Any help would be really appreciated.
  4. mjb

    The Magicals?

    Jon v8, Do you have a number?
  5. mjb

    The Magicals?

    Ive been trying to order something from them for months but the website has been down. I even tried to email Craig the owner but got no reply so guess they've gone bust. From memory he was based abroad and had a few other businesses.
  6. Thanks for all your replies guys! I've heard of the epoxy trick. Might just give it a go in the meantime. Have any of you guys tried fitting new springs? Im realsistic I know Im never goint to get a modern fork feel on a 30+ year old bike unless I want to spent a lot of money. I heard Magicals do them but the website is down and Graig is not returning my email so guess he doesnt do them anymore. France Trial Classic have them on their website too.
  7. Hi, I've been restoring a 1977 Yam Ty250. The forks are in really good condition apart from one which has 3 spots (quite deep) and the threads are about to give up on the legs where you bolt on the mudguard bracket. Fitted new seals and clips before riding it at the weekend and the seal has gone! My questions are although I can have them re-chromed are the forks off a mono (36mm) any better? Any advice? Im assuming I will also need to have the wheel, brakes and clamps to match? do these fit directly to an twinshock Yam. One thing I notice is that the spindle is not centrally located as on the twinshock, will this make a difference? Cheers
  8. Does it run ok apart from the starting problem?
  9. I had the same problem with my 05 300 Pro. More than likely its the same problem the stator. It will start fine but when the motor heats up the wires break down. I tried so many things before i got to that conclusion, ht coil, pick up jetting etc I would advise speaking to Steve at Motoplat. I sent him my stator in the post and he re-wired it and sorted the problem. Steve is an english guy but now lives in spain so just be aware if you phone him. http://www.uk-motoplat.com/home.html I sent it orignally to West Country windings but they made a couple of hashed attempt at re-wiring. I guess if you want to be sure its the stator if you've got a mate with the same bike maybe do a swap and see..... fairly sure it is though....
  10. Check the hose isn't trapped or damaged. Also make sure your using the correct oil Dextron II. other oils have been known to damage the rubber seal in the clutch.
  11. As far as I am aware all pro air filters are the same. Owned an 03, 05 and 06 and they were all the same.
  12. I'm not a beta man but i've heard of a few people having problems with the key snapping if the flywheel nut is not done up really tight. First thing I would do is have the flywjheel off and check the stator. If there is any prblems with the stator I wouild suggest Motoplat to get it rewound.
  13. You can check its the same by checking the CDI under the tank/steering head. If they are both Ducati or Kocusan you could do a swap. Cheers
  14. I feel for you gizgrey. I had a 05 Pro 300 and had exactly the same problem. What really pee'd me off was that it ran beautifully but could I start the bugger when it was warm...... no chance. I was also told stories of changing the float height in the carb because of fuel evaporating , I also tried a bigger choke jet but still no luck. Once I had eliminated every thing fuel related I started looking at the electrics starting at the plug, plug lead, pickup sensor on the stator even eventually trying a new CDI and voltage regulator. But still no better. I ended up getting the stator rewound, as new it would cost over
  15. mjb

    No Spark?

    I had a problem with my stator on my gasser. Steve Hardaker at Motoplat is your man. What ever you do don't bother with West Country windings, they had several goes at doing mine with no success and eventually I got a refund.
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