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  1. Hi all, does any one no where the best place/cheapest to get the large clear tank for a gas gas pro? im also told these need modifying to fit the 17 model, any one any more info? many thanks in advance
  2. nice video Justin! ill bring mine up next time and get some different angles!
  3. if you nuke it please post a video
  4. Morning All, Due to my age being 23 when I took my test, and after January 2013 I could do my full bike test but only have a a2 licence meaning I am restricted to 47bhp and no more than a 0.2kw/kg power to weight ratio. so im wondering if any body out there actually noes the BHP of a 2015 sherco 300? its the power to weight im worried about. sherco state it weighs 68kg and 0.2kw equates to 0.268bhp, there for the bike would have to be 18bhp to be legal? could any one in the no please shed some light Many Thanks
  5. I've had my 4rt for 2 years now, used ATF from the get go. no problems, no dragging not even when cold!
  6. many thanks for the replys,
  7. Hi all, Does any one no the skf parts numbers for both top and bottom head stock bearings for a 2012 4rt? Thanks
  8. Christ you boys no how to pack a van cheers for the help
  9. I no this has been asked before but I just want to clarify, how does a trials bike sit in a caddy van, approx. 09. I have a lwb transit which is great but after a little runner to go to my local practise area etc. I see a picture on here of a beta in one and you could have easily got a second in it but unsure if that was just a standard caddy or maxi. oh and I have a 4rt don't no if they are any difference in length? cheers guys
  10. Hi, has any one built their own bike trailer and have plans/ drawings? Many thanks
  11. York survey supplies, I paid £10 for 100 flags!
  12. I thought surely someone commenting on the most reliable trials bike out there saying its a weighty beast and yanks you into corners surely cant be on an ossa???? do you make it to the corners?
  13. put the leaver in a saucepan and fill with boiling water from the kettle, leave to stand and you can bend them back easily enough
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