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  1. gregr

    Clutch Squeak

    I presume this is either 2 clutch springs so long as there are opposite ? and what effect does it achieve ... ? cheers Greg
  2. Thanks for that guys , will start with Honda Uk and go from there !
  3. Hi As my 4rt is not registered for the road {i know its now a very long process} I need to contact "someone" for a Year of Manufacture certificate .... so guys whos that person ? Bike is a 2008 ... cheers Greg
  4. Superb , I think I may have done this by mistake and she fired-up !
  5. Vapourblasting is too passive a process for power coat and even my local dry blaster now wont touch it !
  6. Possibly , but a few companies are now "offering" powdercoated spokes ... personally not my thing ... hence the thread .
  7. Yes would agree ... its a competition bike after all !
  8. Hi Lee , sorry not looking to sell as it would cost me a fortune to buy new wheels to replace these , thanks Greg
  9. as these have gottttttttt to go , way to much orange for me and more than my five-a-day ... if anyones interested would do a swop for original plain ali rims ...other than that I'll be stripping the spokes out at least .... grrrrr hate 'em ! Cheers Greg
  10. Oh what the heck , you all prob' need a laugh today ... here's the wheels
  11. My 4rt powder coated wheels for swop standard NON painted ones !
  12. Thanks guys , after a good nites sleep have just been looking over the bike and yes there are the usual suspects that will need replacing , so all points taken onboard thanks very much , was a bit of a pig to start from cold but maybe thats just me !.... one thing that HAS to go are the wheels , the guy was into a bit of "bling" and had the wheels powder coated the Repsol Orange , not just the rim and the hub , the wholeeeee thing ... sorry but thats way too much orange for me {more than my 5 a day} and wondering if there's anyone that wants to do a swop ???? ... before I start stripping them out ! ... can post pics for a topic ,,, cheers Greg
  13. Cheers , nope not an HRC / Repsol ... just the back framed 4rt ... been going through the check-list and all is looking good for parts !
  14. Hi Guys Just treated myself to a used 2008 4rt and will be going through it before riding it ... so where should I start ... are there any "must do's" with older Montesa's and whos the people to get the parts from . I've no manual but managed to download one for a 2005 ... ok ... yes/no ? Oils , whats best and how much ... Plus , one thing I never understand it has the black frame which is worn in several area's and overall makes the bike look a bit tatty ... I run a vapourblasting business and am considering getting rid of the black to leave a satin finished Ali' ... whats you're thoughts ! ANY information you can throw at me is appreciated and thanks in advance ... Cheers Greg Oh , last but no least IF I was to consider registering it for the road , who can provide proof of date {I guess the Uk importer at the time}
  15. Thanks for that Ross , reliability & a fun bike to ride are key here , cheers Greg
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