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  1.  Hi. Pscharauber. I own several bultaco sherpa because I am a great fan, not only about the brand, but about the technical of the Bultaco sherpas. I appreciate your high expertise in this model. 

    Now, I am writing you about a post you wrote some time ago, regarding the middle exahust of the Bultaco Sherpa. May be, you remember it. In this topic, you talked about "There are some very good articles that where published in the German Trialsport magazine in the begining 80's about these exhaust systems, how they work and how to set them up if you are interested PM, (warning contains a lot of formulars). I personal have got through them too, but decided the effort would not be worth my riding skills. :rolleyes:" I am really interested in these articles. Could you send me some information about them?

    Thank you in advance.



    1. pschrauber



      the information is not the newest one but a good hint what to archive, also not sufficient in aspects but a good starting point and explain the basics.

      The calculation of the intake and the (very important) exhaust calculator by former Herculles is a good tool anyway, I need a your personal and valid e-mail to provide further information.



    2. Hydra


      Hi, Patrick: Thank you in advance

      best regards


  2. What about a countersunk rivett? No heat, no glue. Just a pair of thin metal sheets, one outside, embedded in the concave hole, one inside for fixing the rivett.
  3. Yes. You are right. I will not start any try if I am not absolutely sure. In fact, I have bought a new pistón, but I own several sherpas and, may be, I could test a repair.
  4. Ok. Now I understand your idea, and It sounds fine!
  5. Mmmm. This sounds interesting. But I dont understand "drill and pin" or "drill and screw". I understand the words, but I dont visualize the idea. Could you attach a drawing? Thanks before hand
  6. This central window must be closed because if drilled, the gas goes back to the carburetor. All depend of the transfer diagram. This piston (with central window) would work on a Bultaco pursang, but not on a sherpa
  7. Hi all. I would like to know if is possible to repair this piston. The central window port is a mistake, and I need to close it. How could I save this piston? Welding? Glueing with metal adhesive? Any other idea? Thanks in avance.
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