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  1. SWM Modifications

    As B40RT posted, try to get everything really sound, from engine, to exhaust, also airbox and air filter as these tend to be restrictive, A rebuild of the middel and end silencer is a good idea improve engine Response a lot and quite expensive if you can't do it by yourself. If the engines does rattle a bit and got a bit tired, a new conrod a rebore with a custom made next size piston is also an improvement for riding in general and an investment which emty the wallet easy. Too smooth running cables with teflon inliner, good brake pads with soft paddings, good rear shocks that suits your weight. Fork stanchions are they really straight or a bit off, if a bit off for better action you can let them straightened and rechromed and Special polished improves Action and you will have less stiction too, then you might too mount HFS air cartridges to the Forks to improve dampning and Rebound. Last not least an electronic ignition.
  2. Piuma green frame colour

    Opel Signalgrün is matching that the original Italjet color very well. I that color for repairs to my JT50 and two 350 Piumas I had back in the day: rattle can 2K color: https://www.123lack.de/2k-spruehdose-opel-signalgruen-308-autolack-glaenzend rattle can standard 1K color: http://www.safonov-autolack.com/spray/autolack/dupli-color/dupli_opel_308_signalgruen_1973-1977_spray_400_ml_7-0260_i192_25383_0.htm or complete cans: https://www.123lack.de/2k-autolack-opel-code-signalgruen-308 OPEL was part of GM back then so therefore the
  3. Rotax Head DeCompressor Thread Size.

    I like to have the decompressor it makes starting much easier and does not stress the kick start mechanism so much. I think about putting one to my TXR too. The Rotax type decompression unit works very smooth much better then the Montesa type for example.
  4. Magical fork spring orientation

    Just fork springs, to shock springs I wan't the thighter coil part of the spring being mounted as much up as possible so that debris can't build up between rear shock spring and rear shock body.
  5. Betor forks of Bultacos

    Rally black with satin dull finish from rattle cans is what you want to put to the fork legs if you want to keep it original. IMHO that matches best, just a thinner coat, no prep, no base coat, … that is the original Bultaco paint jop to all metal pieces painted black, and to blue not better either, the orihinal blue paint did chip off like hell.
  6. Depending the bike and year of first registration I guess, as the corpo forestale was pleased when I met them last time in the mountains in 2016, The corpo forestale is a police belonging to the Carabinieri and responsible for forest, mountains and other nature area … http://www.corpoforestale.it/
  7. As I know in Spain it is like in Italy so: - number plate in Italy can be a small one or the number directly attached painted to the rear fender, - lights front and rear, - a horn, - a mirror, a folding unit is sufficient! In Gemany add: - brake light rear and to modern bikes from 1990 at the front too, - lights with high, low, and parking lights! - standard number plate, - flashlights aka turning signals (if the bike is not made before 1962).
  8. Chain

    DID 520 ERT2 is what I use has tensile strength of 3680 kg which is good, very good but a bit heavier are DID 520 MX with 4060 kg. Standard Regina Gold has around 2000kg the best Regina Gold RX3 has 3400 kg of tensile strength, as stronger they are as less wear you have.
  9. Zundapp Trials.

    They where all works bikes and custom made so non of them where similar in build, the early Franke owned where 200cc models, later they had 250cc. Not only Franke rode them also Felix Krahnstöver from Celle. (Felix was 11 times German trials Champion, wrote a very good book about trials riding and was founder and editor of Trialsport now the oldes Trials related Magazine). Anyway here some pics, the first is a 200cc I thin which is very much likewise the Franke bike photo taken from beginning July in Lüneburg: Another one, from Brockhöfe in March 2015 or 2014: Also very interesting a Hercules with Sachs engine, they are kept in much original shape here A good article is in Trialsport #501 where a complete portrait of Gustav Franke and his Zündapp is reported in Trialsport Magazine as he turned 80 on 4.12.2017, The Zündapps where very modern in their days, the engine had very improved porting, carb was with Bing with accelerator pump, (Bella scooter) the fork had already hydraulic components with progressive dampning, then the super long swing arm and steep fork angle surplus the light weight.
  10. Electronic Ignition

    Good to know! How does the engine run with the new ignition and how are the differences between the both set up's compared to the original point ignition? Did you mount it to the SWM Rotax engine or the TXR engine?
  11. TY Fork Stanchions

    You might look up ebay worldwide especially US, UK and France for forks. Also Craiglist in US, Gumtree in Britain and Leboncoin in France. I like to work with what I have and when the stanchions are too shiny!, pitted with rust and also just a little bit bent (a few mm) or not straight. They get a new chrome finish and get straightened. There are companies in the UK that do that. O sent mine to a company in Germany: Wissing Hartchrom in Vellmar They are professionalists in hardchrome stuff from propellershafts for vessels to hydraulic shafts for digging maschines. Costs are not higher then a pair of NOS ones.
  12. Electronic Ignition

    Not, working the battery solution is already used for the flashes for the techical TÜV test every two years. To any other riding with roadwork, the task is light's, stop light and horn in use, this can be easely looked up and tested by every police or forrestale as light's have to be switched on on the continent during the day!
  13. Electronic Ignition

    Yes very nice, I have already asked about an enhanced version with additional coil for providing electricity for lights, a rear stop light and a horn at least, (minimum requirement for riding street legal on the continent)
  14. Clutch FACTS - TL320

    Nice that is the old style clutch engagement lever with 7mm balls and steel lever arm. Do you have the more modern set up with 13mm balls and aluminum lever arm too?
  15. Foam air filter spray?

    I never trusted spray on filter oil it might be applied to little or too much which can cause clogging up Foamfilter with good filteroil is my personal choice, I also think it is much more frugal too.