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  1. pschrauber

    Sherpa Fork Springs

    I would prefer in your dilemma to check out static and dynamic sag anf then start from there looking up the right spring. To me most standard sprungs are to hard as I weight 70kg. Thus I have to replace even standard good springs. I made good experience with HFS springs and too with their additional air cartridges which allowed you to adjust the fork very good. But you get too just different spring packages to your weight needs.
  2. pschrauber

    Wow! 9.3K for a 74TY250

    I think that was a rare incident where someone was rushed into high bidding during an auction. Anyway a very complete bike and in very well technical status with bike registering and history will get good prices. And when you look a bit closer now bikes in original status even with patina are going straight up because restaurations are easy made but original paint and plastic can't be restored just right preserved and that the complete bike live time thus here the highest prices will be archived.
  3. pschrauber

    Montesa 242 tank

    Yes mine have the little excentric bolt too and this is a problem since the bike was designed the upper "Eyes" of the shock do rub to your legs.
  4. pschrauber

    Budget friendly shocks

    Scandinavian rigid I would guess?
  5. pschrauber

    Trial bike in winter

    Yep would get a antifreeze tester and test to how low temp. the coolant can go. The other method would be to get the bike from one warm place to the other to put some moving blankets around it, as a two hours route will not cool it down too much in a closed trailer. When it is an open trailer I would definetly mix the coolant to be valid for these low temperatures.
  6. pschrauber

    A Nice Find

    Indeed and a very very early one too just no. 31!
  7. pschrauber

    Securing a trials bike

    To stickers I would suggest instead of any motorcycle brand to put also non or some big ones with the sentence "Pipe Cleaning Service" on the sides, that should keep off easy
  8. pschrauber

    Securing a trials bike

    Guns ... that is not the best solution ... can get you in trouble. Best solution is a road registered bike and an electric driven rolling gate or door because: easy to close and open just by key or transponder, in holidays you can even shut down the electric supply, very difficult to open if closed without electricity, if you try it it will get noisy. I never heard of burglars trying to open electric rolling gates section gates and.doors of course also standard garage gates, but rolling gates ... my advice in this department beside good insurance.
  9. pschrauber

    Dubai Event.

    Cool but how do we get any trials bike to that event, (may be by flight ??? but $$$) and when the bike is there is that old tatty bike really of interest there, there is so little bling attched to them …
  10. pschrauber

    Montesa 304 Carb

    Alternative could be a Dell'Orto PHBH 26 BS, the a bit more modern one with air screw and idle jet nozzle. At leat works great to my 242, another carb but expensive would be a 25mm SmartCarb* but that is costly. I would not use an AMAL again unless the slide issue is not solved, (the AMAL used the same material for carb bod and slide which causes super much friction and leads very fast to rattling slides so worn slides and carb bodies!) The silde should be made out of the softer material the Body should be made of the harder material, so the slide wears and not the carb Body, thus the plated and hardened slides are not such a good idea because in the end you will have a proper working slide but a worn out carb Body ... *SmartCarb has no jets which is super nice in handling and if you ride in very different climate and hight situations.
  11. pschrauber

    Zundapp Trials.

    That is a MZ with a custom made cylinder, anyway looks good too.
  12. Yes and bonus is you can use the bike for trailriding where you want too.
  13. Easy peasy… Get them insured and then you know, trials bikes can get road legal then a standard Vehicle insurance and you are save, stolen registered vehicles especially motorcycles are of much more interest to the Police then leisure vehicles. If you insure several bikes you get a discount too, thus I have to pay around 20 - 40 € for one bike in insurance, the tax for each bike is higher... A standard insurance for non road registered bikes like MX, trials is around 180€ a year for one, if you get a discount for several I don't know. Oldtimers (over 30 years old) can also be insured without road registration which is also 180€ a year (The bike was made: 1980, has 22HP, worth is evaluated with 7.500 € of replacement value in a total loss).
  14. pschrauber

    Baffleless TY

    The bike should perform.better with an end muffler and would be quiter too. I recommemd the aluminium WES replacement muffler these are lighter, makes the bike even less noisy and are repack able.
  15. pschrauber

    Drying your boots!

    It takes so long to get them dry? We have also very much rain (beside this year) and soaky ground, anyway I dry them in three to four days using this method: - I take out the inner sole, there is one that is sometimes tricky to get out, but to take them out while drying that is very important, (it can be too replaced by a new one too. if the odor isn't good anymore), - Then I let them stand and keep the upper part wide open so maximum air can reach inside, and I start to do so immidiatly and store them in the Trailer that's all I do and so far it has worked very well.