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  1. I would use shocks that can be fitted with the right springs upon your weight in combination with the weight of the bike. That is most importand, if you have the right static and dynamic sag most rear shocks will perform right, everything else is less important and less costly in set up. In my experience to find the right spring is the clue.
  2. A very good page about SWM is the Belgian Tobec (Montebecane) site from Michael Debucquoy : http://www.motobecane-trialclub.be/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&id=25&Itemid=125 Very well sortet and tons of information.
  3. pschrauber

    Tyre Pressures

    Well my highest concerns are punches you might get in combination with stones or edges on artifical obstacles of which we have many, in cases of good grip and sharp stones and long courses I use: 10,15 PSI or 0,7 bar at the front and 7,25 PSI front 0,5 bar at the rear, In muddy cicumstanced I lower to 7, 25 PSI at the front and 5,8 PSI or 0,4 to the rear, that has worked so far very well.
  4. I buy them where they show up and are of interest to me as all of them are classic bikes, I bought some of them in Italy, in the very south of Germany, in the middle of Germany, I also got them partly from France but too from the neighborhood. I don't care so much where they come from as long as (1) the bike has a good history, (2) has all legal papers and (3) is in good shape and (4) original. For the first bike I bought in Italy I really drove down over the Alpes 1.500 km! I have not done that again, now I only would in combination with sight seeing. (1) to (3) is very important you save a lot if all is in good shape, (4) depends on how it is probably changed if the bike is really modified to the better in terms of tuning and contemporary, then it would be an option, but only had that chance to get a real good one once.
  5. It will take still time to find out every wrong doing Obama did. But it is already clear that he had some agendas in his mind that did harm. He made a good job depending the finance crises probably because he was not experienced he did little which helped much. He has brought political framing and a new type of information in politics and to people which is very propagandic and let people believe they need the distributed decisions. That is what he did very well. It all came from a book he read, he then put the autor of that book and made him the main goverment information minister, (or head of I don't know his title right now) You can self read it up which is easier to believe.
  6. Yes but Pennies we have lost now we use Cent. Anyway Trials is a great way to ride a motorcycle and that it is about weater it is in competition or training or hiking in the mountain area.
  7. pschrauber


    For anything related to Bultaco, spokes and nipples Orlando Calonder in Switzerland is the man that can help you: He produces spokes especialy for Bultaco, he was the Butaco main Importer for Europe (mainland) and Switzerland: https://www.orlandocalondersa.com/product-Speichen und Felgen I have orderes spokes for my 199b from him and too custom made spokes and nipples for a pre65 bike. He speaks German, French, Italian and Spanish, English is not so much his language, best communcation via phone.
  8. I have two explanations for the shift in questions and answers in my personal opinion: 1. Modern trials riding has got more and more acrobatic, so less people can follow the sport. 2. Still People like trials riding and thus classic trials has grown, as there is not so much acrobatic involved. We have more classic trials events and classic trials rider then modern ones and I' am Talking about North Germany which is not the area where you can ride trials so easy due to the lack of ground modulation and stones. With more people riding old machinery there are more questions and answers how to repair and maintain this and that to old old machinery wehre maintaince books, prts, bla bla bla got lost. I personal like that, it's interesting, while instead for me looking expecial at X-Trails this is cool but getting to my personal taste ridiculous difficult and also dangerous, that was not trials when I startet trials riding, backthen it was just difficult and challangeing but no so dangerous… that has changed. Just my 2 Pence ...
  9. Then the carb is different in set up the TR 34 MK i had the predecessor of the PHBH 26DS and not an idle nozzle instad an idle jet, Other differeneces: - different reeds (dual stage!) from 1988 on, - clutch was changed, and worked a bit better from 1988 on, - the frame rear was fromerly made out of steel, the MK II had Aluminium, - the MK I had three exhaust pieces mounted, the later MK II a bigger and quiter aluminium piece also a sidecover at that side, - the MK I had no disc protections mounted,, - the MK II had enhanced linkage levers made out of Aluminium, the MK I still had steel, - the MK had not fancy aluminium and titanium screws mounted and painted lower front Forks. I had the MK I too back in the days, that wsthe reason I bought the MK II later, here my MK I from 1987:
  10. As I thought already much too little of gear oil, the manual for the Beta TR34 states 1 Liter (1000ml) of gear oil. Look up the carb specs, a Dell'Orto PHBH 26 SD, with 26mm in diameter with an air screw, an an idle jet nozzle. I recommend to replace all of the named items below, the silde is expensive but out of soft material, and it is very important to have the right cut away, also that the slide is not ratteling around as then he will destroy the needle and the needle valve.: - slide No.: 60, - needle: X 46, in 2nd position, - choke jet: 75, - idle nozzle: 55, - needle jet/nozzle: 266 AV, - main jet: 100, - float: 9,5 gramm, - gasoline valve: 200.
  11. Yes but be aware, the new fuel blend is not as good as the old one was, the two stroke oil should be useable for that blend too. Back in the days there was Optima oil form Munich in Gernany and Bultaco sold it as Bultaco Two-Stroke Oil for 1:100 mixture btw. for ALL Bultacos and it worked very well. Now still only some products meet the requirement / can be used for that lean mixture. I personal run 1:66,7 = 75ml of oil to 5L = 5000ml of gasoline wich worked so far very good, Beta recommended 1:50 for the TR 34 with standard two stroke oil but super gasoline.
  12. Yep new fuel is a good idea and I woukd drain the carb too. Also I would take a first look up how much gear oil there is still inside, may be too little. To gear oil: ATF is good too also standard gear oil like SAE 10W/30, I use just HTX 740 to all bikes because it works well and gives the clutch in experience a good feeling. The cylinder is coated pistons are a problem as con-rods thus a top job not cheap.
  13. It seems I am stupid, I have deleted the hole topic by mistake...
    But I am very sorry, your tensioner is for newer models (yellow) from 1980. For Guanaco I need other, attached on the sprocket guard.

    1. pschrauber



      a friend of mine has a SWM like mine and it us a red Guanaco, mine is the first yellow Guanaco TL. NW and these both share the same szeel swing arm and chain tensioner. You see tge tebsioner too in the parts book for theguanaco. It is not uncommrn that fasteners to old bikes where changed  a bit to fit parts that where made for other brands and models. 

  14. pschrauber

    SWM Exhaust

    I buy all that stuff for exhausts here they are specialized one hardware to exhausts, depending the diameter you want from 20 to 100mm they can deliver what you need. I believe it was 38mm, that fittet well for welding ... but I can now mix it up with other bikes... https://www.hild-tuning.de/auspuff-siebrohr/
  15. Kned metal with the same purpose as aluminium and good for temperatures above 300° celsius to smaller cracks works also fine, did that to some other cracked cases, the casing of my SWM had a dent which I filled with that stuff in 2013 and it is still there. But I don't know if you can get it where you live, in case of difficulties I can sent you some.
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