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  1. pschrauber

    1978 frame colour

    The frame color shiukd be RAL 3020,. To the forj the very early SWM had 34mm stanchions not 35mm. You might measure the triple clamps / yokes which diameter they supply. The sign is the Marzocchi logo so it is a Marzocchi triple clamp or yoke and such a fork you need too if you want to stay original. The Betor fork do fit with the Marzocchi fork yoke / triple clamp too, if both are made for 35mm on diameter. I have switched to a Betor fork with Marzocchi triple xlamp aka yokes which lowers the front a bit and deliver a bit more overrun which is good for turning in my personal opinion.
  2. pschrauber

    Panda TC 220

    Panda TC 220, an Italian bike build in smaller numbers for the German and Italian market. engine: Franco Morini, 174cc, gears: 5 weight: 76 kg, with only little gas,
  3. pschrauber

    Ardie BD 176 1953

    Photos of my Ardie from 1953, was road registered from 1954 - 1962. After rebuild and sonme enhancements since 2020 road registered again. Engine: 176cc, double port outlet, Gears: 4, Weight: 77kg with all fluids and gas,
  4. That is not true to all respects, because of this reasons: 1st: It has shown that older or more grown up people are more easy to convince to really new ideas in political matter then younger as they have not so much time left over to live with the consequences! 2nd: What might set older persons off is their experiences of lifetime, thus younger people are mostly more erratic, more dogmatic, more ideologic and more fearsome against new and especially other ideas because they think they have to live with the consequences. Thus younger people can stick easily to new ideas without thinking too much about the consequences, while people with more experience might get more reserved because they can see a different outcome too. 3rd: That is the reason while high rank's or position in politics are bound to a degree of experience in grown years, look up the age limits to minister, prime minister, president, Just kings and queens can get that position quite early and as we have seen in the British case with good consequences. That is not my personal opinion instead part of the "Spieltheorie" a theory that handles about interactions and decisions depending economic and is part of economic science and looks up by using math why we buy what and when under which conditions which is a likewise process as to get along with meanings and political directions. The Spieltheorie got the Nobel prize in 1995, was invented by Reinhard Selten. This year the theory was used to set up a better way to do auctions in future and again won Nobel prize in 2020. I strongly believe that this theory might be the better solution for antique Socialism and Communisms and to bone hard Capitalism. Electric power is nice but still cant be applied to all kind of vehicles instead to try to promote either energy from to what it can't do we should have a dualism of energy as long as other forms or better forms of energy storage has been created. Electric storage nowadays is not the best way and sadly produces so much waste the customer doesn't see we should be careful where we apply it. Instead fuels which do not harm the environment so much should be developed and do exist already. To the election in the US it isn't an election of my country so I wait, watch and will respect the final outcome which should be a result of a fair ongoing.
  5.  Hi. Pscharauber. I own several bultaco sherpa because I am a great fan, not only about the brand, but about the technical of the Bultaco sherpas. I appreciate your high expertise in this model. 

    Now, I am writing you about a post you wrote some time ago, regarding the middle exahust of the Bultaco Sherpa. May be, you remember it. In this topic, you talked about "There are some very good articles that where published in the German Trialsport magazine in the begining 80's about these exhaust systems, how they work and how to set them up if you are interested PM, (warning contains a lot of formulars). I personal have got through them too, but decided the effort would not be worth my riding skills. :rolleyes:" I am really interested in these articles. Could you send me some information about them?

    Thank you in advance.



    1. pschrauber



      the information is not the newest one but a good hint what to archive, also not sufficient in aspects but a good starting point and explain the basics.

      The calculation of the intake and the (very important) exhaust calculator by former Herculles is a good tool anyway, I need a your personal and valid e-mail to provide further information.



    2. Hydra


      Hi, Patrick: Thank you in advance

      best regards


  6. Yes that id right, Motoplat uses transistors and these do fail, sorry for my late reply but I wanted to make that sure as I have come to likewise problems to other ignitions.
  7. No but I would suggest you let them be fabricated out of PA6 plastic which is fairly high resistant and too very slippery. That is what my workshop did to rebuild the forks of my bikes, Marzocchi, Betor and WhitePower.
  8. I had 4 Italjets the second one was a Piuma and had Betors front and rear whitch worked fairly well. My Scott had Marzocchis but I gave them literary away because they where not any good, I bought White Power instead The next and last Italjet a Piuma MK Il had too Marzocchis front and rear and I wasn't pleased either with the rear shocks and tried to get them adjusted but had been told it was not possible even back then, so switched to something else. Australia might have got something different or there are substitutes possible.
  9. Not possible, get French Fournals that were mounted to Philippe Berlatiers works Piuma if you want a period look, they still sell them but be aware about the price!
  10. Schrader valves are not stock, may be you have a different set of fork caps mounted, maybe a different fork? A photo of the air valves and the fork assembly as a hole would be nice to determine what is mounted to the bike. With these high altitude I recommend a SmartCarb I have ridden the SWM in altitude from Zero up to 3200m (appr. 10,700 feet) above sea level and the stanard jetting is "only" good for the first 1500m, above that the engine runs rich above 2000m very rich and you have to change jets or a blue smoke cloud will follow together with very lame responsibility. The Dell'Orto PHBH if jetted right and using the right needle and slide! works perfect with rotary valve engine but only in limited hights, i don't think an OKO VM or Keihin would work better beside flat slide versions, here a Dell'Orto VHST is in 26mm also available and you can use the same jets! There is a clutch fix with bigger balls 13mm instead of 7mm and a longer internal clutch lever, I think Dagaracing in Italy is still selling them.
  11. Hi BRT650, your avatar isn't moving anymore!
  12. Mmmh having some "simple" points ignitions I highly recommend that at first you set the distance gap between the points at 0,4mm! My way to set the timing to my point ignition bikes: I use a Multimeter or a Motoplat beep tool and install an OT gauge, then sat the gauge to zero and mount the beeper, then measure the ignition according to the beep is according and note the measured distance before OT. Now I take the rotor off without changing the position or in case the position has changed I readjust the crank to the measurement I made and noted before and mark the position of the plate with a pencil, (I' am marking now the wrong or off position!) Now I place a degree scale to the crank shaft and mount a pointer and turn the crank until I have the right timing, now I have the degree in which direction I have to move the ignition plate, loosen it and move it the specified degree, fasten it again and remount the rotor and check the ignition timing again. This way you will get the most accurate timing a Bultaco sadly need, if timing is too much off the engine likes to run backwards or has a silly behavior in my experience, that can even accor if the gap of the points are not correct set up. Tools:
  13. pschrauber


    Had the honor, a photo of your set up would be nice.
  14. pschrauber


    Hi Yves, I made bushings out of PA6 plastic on booth sides as the flanges of the Dell'Orto are smaller. Now the specs: main jet: 110 idle jet: 45 needle: X2 clip: 3rd groove from top needle jet: AV 266 slide: No. 40 choke jet: 70 gas valve: 200 I live near sea level took 3rd groove to the needle so high up therefore small idle jet, that worked well for me.
  15. Sounds good a photo would be nice, with the older clutch cover you need a clutch assembly with an mount to the case with an o-ring fitted. You get the cable from venhill or Mr. SWM.
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