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  1. its the green 280, probably early 90s or late 80s, left hand kick start
  2. Friend of mine recently bought an Aprilia Climber in rough condition, any idea of parts availability in the US or value of the bike?
  3. going to try ford engine blue, I dont need perfection..
  4. slowrider

    Foot pegs

    Disapointed to hear you think they wont just bolt on, seem someone should make a set that does that. Do you have a link for the S3 pegs?
  5. slowrider

    Foot pegs

    Has anyone tried these, and are they a bolt on or weld on? http://www.frankiemountain.com/en/compra/footpegs-bultaco-sherpa-bultaco-alpina-footrest-foot-pegs-bultaco-2084
  6. Was not all that impressed with the quality of the reproduction fiberglass airbox and wanted to use the factory one, but it was badly cracked. Decided I had nothing to lose and heated up the end of a chisel and tried welding up the box with surprising results. not pretty, but solid and since its out out site it worked quit well!
  7. having a hard time find a thumbs up ignition cover in good or NOS shape, if anyone runs across one
  8. Bought a few items from Hughes, just took forever, actually got stuff quicker from Motion
  9. Well its officially a roller
  10. Was thinking the frame may flex in as well? we will see
  11. Another dumb question, the swing arm bolt has very few threads engaged, is this normal or did I get to short a bolt? had to destroy the old one getting it out and pretty sure it went all the way through the nut on the old one.
  12. just found another post that says this may be normal for late model bikes. Progress so far...
  13. The more I work on this bike the more puzzled I get, the depth of cavity for the fork seal is only enough for one seal and there is no groove for a circlip to hold it in...hmmm
  14. Is the speedo drive needed to space out the rear wheel correctly ?
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