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  1. slowrider

    Sad story

    Fortunately the CHP realized I was the victim and not a suspect, they actually know who stole the bike, but refuse to do anything because they did not witness the theft...
  2. slowrider

    Sad story

    Well after spending 2 years of my free time and spending several thousand $ my bultaco is gone forever ! I had just finished fixing the last leak and decided its time to get it registered. Went to the DMV and filled out the paperwork, the next thing I know the CHP is giving me a long talk about where I got the bike and loading it up in a tow truck. as you might have guessed it had been stolen. My advice is be very careful when buying on Facebook marketplace! All the new parts on the bike should stay with me, but I had no choice. At least my daughter had a chance to ride it...
  3. Got some from motion, many thanks for all the ideas
  4. Good to know, many thanks!
  5. Having a hard time finding lever assemblies with the small Amal style adjusters. There are many for sale online, but the all seem to have the larger cable adjusters. anyone out there know where I can get some? Inmotion is out BTW.
  6. I meant woodruff key, sorry I was not clear, InMotion says they can refurbish the ignition, which should do the trick i hope.
  7. Lemur, many thanks for the info That's what I have, the lighting coil is what was damaged, was thinking I could isolate it but from what you say that's probably not possible. Just got word from InMotion that it can be refurbished which is probably the route to take as they are very expensive. Thought about going with another system, but this one was working fine before my woodruff key failed. Quick question: do I even need to use the key with this system? Would still like to run a light off this since I bought the lighting coil version, any idea of how to wire it up? It has a wire for light power, and assume just going to the light and then ground, if it is regulated.
  8. Getting a little confused, the only damaged coil is the one for the lights, the ignition coil seems OK, are they linked somehow? this is the kit from InMotion BTW. can I cut the wire between them? not sure why it gets no spark if the coil is undamaged? Unfortunately the kit has not schematic, nor does it say how many watts it puts out. Want to hook up a small led light eventually. It also says nothing about need a regulator or rectifier, just go to a distribution panel
  9. Just a few scratches, but I will start with a new key and silicone it in before assembly
  10. Thanks for the reply I will contact the company
  11. Well the 199B was running great then the woodruff key which I had thought was in all the way had been pushed out the other side and eventually found its way to the ignition coils on my brand new electronic ignition! crying alligator tears at the thought of buying another one, is it possible to replace those coils? or repair them?
  12. slowrider

    199b clutch

    take out the one ball, should not be 2
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