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  1. Talked to Hugh's bultaco and he recommended a brake hone till it fit right, thinking that is a great idea.
  2. Was thinking the same thing, gave it a quick feel for damage and found nothing, thinking its time to see if I can get a micrometer in there and find out what the actual ID should be?
  3. Well this is disappointing, since the old bearing and pin have the same clearance issue as the new one it must be the rod that is the wrong size. can it be reamed or time to buy another rod?
  4. Would normally agree with that but that is not the case with this one? on the jap bikes it works that way, maybe bultacos are different? the bearing pushes in by hand till the pin is put in then it needs to be pressed in.
  5. Took it apart and it was not the spacers that was the binding issue, it was the bearing in the rod. did not realize the bearing was a press fit as well as the pin into the piston, keep thinking it should work like the Japanese bikes but it is different. checked the old bearing and pin and it was press in also. Seems tight but it is a new bearing piston and pin. going to put it back together and cross fingers it works ok. So what's with chamfering the holes, is it an issue?
  6. Did not know about any kind of clearance spec, pain to take apart but want it to last. Not sure on piston hole chamfer will have to check that. many thanks for the ideas!
  7. Installing a new piston in my 199B and it feels like there is some friction with the top end bearing, all new parts, maybe it needs to break in ? feels like it is rubbing on the spacer on the ends of the bearing?
  8. its the green 280, probably early 90s or late 80s, left hand kick start
  9. Friend of mine recently bought an Aprilia Climber in rough condition, any idea of parts availability in the US or value of the bike?
  10. going to try ford engine blue, I dont need perfection..
  11. slowrider

    Foot pegs

    Disapointed to hear you think they wont just bolt on, seem someone should make a set that does that. Do you have a link for the S3 pegs?
  12. slowrider

    Foot pegs

    Has anyone tried these, and are they a bolt on or weld on? http://www.frankiemountain.com/en/compra/footpegs-bultaco-sherpa-bultaco-alpina-footrest-foot-pegs-bultaco-2084
  13. Was not all that impressed with the quality of the reproduction fiberglass airbox and wanted to use the factory one, but it was badly cracked. Decided I had nothing to lose and heated up the end of a chisel and tried welding up the box with surprising results. not pretty, but solid and since its out out site it worked quit well!
  14. having a hard time find a thumbs up ignition cover in good or NOS shape, if anyone runs across one
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