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  1. Hi I drew a complete blank. The DVLA want to see something that Honda never did on the RTL which is a stamped VIN number. They only fitted the riveted VIN plate. I gave up. Let me know if you manage to register one or a similar model. Cheers,
  2. Thanks as I suspected. Classic Dating services will not budge even though Honda UK must have registered at least two for the SSDT back in the day. I seem to have hit a wall on this one. Cheers
  3. I recently px'd a TLR 250 for an RTL. Went to Honda Classic Dating to get an age confirmation based on the VIN tag (fitted to the headstock with tamper proof rivets). The DVLA wanted a photo of the "stamped VIN number". Has anyone found such a number or could advise me where to look? The VIN on the plate is not acceptable Any help much appreciated. Thanks Andy. PS I have had a look but nothing obvious.
  4. Riding in the Devon snow 02/03/2018. Coincidentally my trials riding buddy is up in Murmansk now - he said it was snowy.
  5. If you have a ratchet load strap that you can run round the outside of the tyre you can tighten it to "spread" the tyre. The bead should pop as you inflate. Soapy water or WD helps. Cheers
  6. Should be renamed Enduro perhaps. I haven't watched it but have always wondered how an allowed stop is allowed. Sure the obstacles have become mighty and the level of bike control epic. Call me old school but a stop is a stop.
  7. I hear a Repsol version with another colour choice. Dealer chat was the source.
  8. In the classifieds on this site https://www.trialscentral.com/forums/classifieds/item/1295-ossa-tr280i-2013/ Cheers Andy
  9. AndyA

    TLR200 Ex Ian Baker?

    Many thanks Ian. I have stuck an advert on Wobblies for a set of forks, hub etc. The engine is very smooth. Is this white one the bike? If so do you recall the reg number at all? Cheers, Andy
  10. AndyA

    TLR200 Ex Ian Baker?

    Thanks MIckyT do you recall if the front disc set up was on it back then? Cheers, Andy
  11. Hi I wonder if anyone can help ID this machine. It arrived with me yesterday via a friend who suggested it is reputed to be an ex Baker machine. It certainly has the big (ugly) silencer, OKO carb, front disc which I suspect belongs with the forks. It has a correct TLR engine number MD09 etc. It was suggested it may have been white but I can see no evidence of this where the frame has rubbed. Although I guess a good strip and repaint would not show. Head stock angle changed and foot pegs moved. If anyone recognises it I'd be obliged. Many thanks, Andy.
  12. https://jbanyeres.com/en/ Although the delivery service has slipped since brexit
  13. AndyA

    dating a bike

    The Francis Barnet Owners club did mine in 2016. No idea why another owner did it. John Harding 1 Flock Cottage, Hope Mansell, Ross On Wye. HR9 5TL
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