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  1. thank you for the replies will be able to get it sorted
  2. deputy dawg

    dating a bike

    hi where could i get a year of manufacture for a ossa mar so i can get it road registered. many thanks
  3. yes wire wool was around the perforated pipe and fibre around the outer part
  4. hi feetupfun basically my thoughts were that it is packed for a reason and burning wouldn't remove the wire wool that is in there so you would end up cutting it anyway, plus it would be pretty smokey. cutting it was a lot cleaner.
  5. thank you for the replies much appreciated, well i bit the bullet and took the pipe off and cut it open to clean it out, the packing was smouldering quite a bit by the time i had finished so i was glad i decided to do it. i cleaned it all out and repacked it and welded it back up, and so will have to wait until next weekend for a test run.Im very glad i didn't burn it out
  6. well I've just been out on it and when its up to running temp it smokes excessively, with the engine stopped it smoke for quite a while afterwards, I've taken the plug out and its a nice biscuit colour would a crank seal not foul the plug if it was gone
  7. thank you for the replies, i,ll take it for a run over the weekend and see if it will clear and go from there
  8. deputy dawg

    smokey mar

    Hi all i have a 250 mar that I've restored, i had the engine rebuilt, new carb it fires up easily but it smokes quite badly, running 50.1 fuel, anyone any ideas as where to start?
  9. before i order chain and sprockets, what combination do you guys use 13-64 ? it has the road going gearbox and 18-52 clutch.many thanks
  10. thank you for the replies, much appreciated
  11. Hi all, is there much of a difference between the pvl and electric world ignitions, is one better at plonking down to nothing without stalling etc. many thanks
  12. thank you for the replies, it was the burton clutch i was thinking about so thats answered my question perfectly.
  13. Hi I am going to replace the clutch on my c15, not sure what with either a alloy one, or maybe a belt driven one. has anyone any experience with the belt drive is it worth the extra £££
  14. Sorry for another daft question,but I've nearly finished the rebuild i wish i hadn't started. have just received a new countershaft sprocket which i ordered specifically for it, it has a shoulder on it.( talon TG375 ) The one i have just taken off hasn't so theres not a lot of threads left for the nut soo frustating, can anyone confirm the talon sprocket is correct, and do i need to get another sprocket spacer.
  15. Thank you for the replies much clearer now think i also need to tighten the nuts a little more looking at the picture mine aren't through very far.
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