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  1. Hi all, I've had a bit of nosing around and can't find anywhere with a good choice of graphics for the 4rt, I have the old 2010 shape, but possibly changing to the face-lift 2014 rear fender, does anyone know where is a good place to get them? Or get some custom made, I tried danger uk but they don't have the template, thanks!
  2. Ah good point, cheers for the advice guys
  3. Hi all, I have a 2010 4rt repsol, I am looking to change the rear mudguard to the 2015 shape to get rid of the old rounded style plastic, also I have the old style higher tank, would i need to swap the tank for the 2015 slimmer tank to allow the mudguard to fit? Or does anyone know where I can get hold of a 2015 style rear face-lift mudguard that will fit to the old higher tank? Thanks all
  4. Hi guys, I have just bought a new oset 24r, the standard Sram brakes on my bike are shockingly poor, I appreciate they are brand new discs and pads and will need to bed in, just wondering how long you guys took to get any power in them to pull a stoppie or to generally lock the brakes on? Or if anyone has the same problem or some tips?
  5. Hi guys, has anyone removed their swing arm? Do I need an extractor to remove the anodised red semi axis?
  6. a7bas

    Loose sag

    Hi guys I’ve recently had a 2017 ice hell, I was just wondering what the sag is like on your bike guys? bike on paddock stand rear wheel off the deck I can lift the rear wheel a few inches but the motion feels very loose like a bolt has snapped or the sleeves in the linkage by rear shock have worn, anyone else noticed this?
  7. a7bas

    4RT 260 bhp?????

    Thanks for the help !
  8. a7bas

    4RT 260 bhp?????

    Does anyone know the bhp output on the 2014 260 4rt? my bike is road registered and I am trying to figure out what licence I will need to take in order to ride her on the roads. I am 32 years old, cheers team!
  9. Defo looks the part, struggling to find videos of the beta on youtube, plenty of the oset, the Chris northover embassy video was what sold the oset for me!
  10. Hi I'm after an electric trials bike I was hooked on the 20 oset, but now I have seen beta have made the same kind of thing. What you all thinking? Cheers!
  11. Does anyone know when its going to be available to buy and what kind of money are they?
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