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  1. MIckyT

    Beta evo 2023

    Usually October
  2. MIckyT

    Best Evo levers?

    The S3 levers are very good quality feel nice and very Strong
  3. Araldite the magnet in and put the lanyard on throttle side you wont need both
  4. yes they will fit fine save them
  5. Standard version Beta rear shock absorber are made by SACHS
  6. Front sprocket hooked a little causes this
  7. I think longer (factory 2017 0nwards) shock is aprox 285mm standard is 275mm but linkage is different lengths with the longer shock
  8. the 2017 factory onwards has a longer shock and different length linkage to acount for the longer shock 2018 factory shock onwards changed to an Olle R16v shock Ohlins make both length shocks
  9. MIckyT

    Evo 4t chain

    if a previous owner has altered gearing by + or -1 tooth it might not need half link
  10. MIckyT

    Evo 4t chain

    probably 101 links to start when new your chain could have been shortened after it stretched
  11. MIckyT

    Evo 4t chain

    yes its not a special chain but is a special length you need a half link fitting to get the correct length Your Beta importer should have this chain ready to go on the shelf OEM regina very good quality last ages
  12. strong circlip pliers will undo the cap
  13. MIckyT

    Exhaust packing

    The silencer would definitely benefit from being repacked i would say makes a big diference to performance to , easy job with some good quality packing do it in 30 mins perhaps
  14. Yes it was ex Ian Baker used to be white the one he rode Normondales on
  15. 14 factory had a white frame, magnesium engine casings, black anodised billet yokes, and some red anodised bits the new type ignition and alloy casing not plastic black cylinder head Its not a 14 factory all evos say factory on clutch case
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