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  1. MIckyT

    TLR200 Ex Ian Baker?

    Yes it was ex Ian Baker used to be white the one he rode Normondales on
  2. 14 factory had a white frame, magnesium engine casings, black anodised billet yokes, and some red anodised bits the new type ignition and alloy casing not plastic black cylinder head Its not a 14 factory all evos say factory on clutch case
  3. MIckyT

    Tech forks

    (following) I think there should be a spacer inbetween the brake calliper and fork leg too What thickness is the wheel spacer ?
  4. 2000 Rev 3 had upside down forks
  5. MIckyT

    Base gasket

    Trials and Tribulation ltd have 250 evo piston kit in stock size c
  6. MIckyT

    Base gasket

    yes depending on how you want it to run 1 X 0.5mm base gasket if you want bike to run crisp and sweet off the bottom bit more lively but can go up to 1.5mm i think which is standard (but stand to be corrected) mind you they are docile like that and pretty slow reving (standard) Base gasket thickness makes a big difference on to performance on the EVO
  7. MIckyT

    Fuel Mixture ?

    I use Castrol 1 Racing Fully Synthetic @ 75/1 in my Beta evo and it will smoke when you have to give it some especially after periods of low revs type sections I think this oil is almost to good for low revving engines
  8. alpinestars are the least waterproof boots in my experiance let water straight in and straight out making them cooler for your feet
  9. MIckyT

    300 SS

    250 or even 200 Beta for best results unless you riding some expert sections
  10. 2020 factory 250 improvements over factory 2019 front forks seem better and have a more plush action engine / exhaust bike runs smoother cleaner more torqey and quieter especially off the bottom end which is a big improvement in my opinion not as poppy and easier to ride whilst still having plenty of power I think some of this might be down to improved CDI unit / ignition improvements over the standard Evo which is a very good bike but main ones are improved front forks and diferent better rear shock, more power, Gold anodised wheels along with other anodised parts / bling improved clutch and braketech master cylinders, colours, X light tyres magnesium engine casings saving approx1.5kg weight lovely gold adjustable factory yokes and a very light Titanium exhaust oh yes and more powerful brakes hope this helps
  11. Yes 2009 Evo wheel will fit straight into 2011 Evo and vice versa
  12. Ohlins rear shock are readily available less money and very good , Second hand ones on ebay also.
  13. ELF HTX works fantastic in Betas a bit more expensive but also last a lot longer.
  14. MIckyT

    Oil levels

    If the bike is brand new then Bikes come with the correct amount of oil filled at the factory So the dealer would not not need to alter this but if a S/H bike yes could be an issue
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