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  1. Oregon? what part ? 2nd house i flipped was south of Pendleton. Pilot Rock, Or. totally safe there. Never took the keys out of the cars-trucks- never locked the house-basement- gone for days dirt biking- kayaking, Told the neibors, you guys are welcome to the tool boxes in basement- but clean the wrenches up before you put them back in the roll aways, and- The 1/2 inch torque werench is NOT a breaker bar !! leave in the box. !! Pilot Rock is a sawmill town-- good jobs there too- but i moved to central wa. Ephrata, wa. big house- 5 br, jacuzzi, showers soaking tubs--- bout 3 k sq ft-- life is good-- lol. kinda miss oregon though-- dave.
  2. There were quite a few versions of this 2 liter engine. most had timing belts- the engine in my truck is- G52B. japan industrial engine. counter balanced with timing chain. used in many fork lifts in japan years ago. America emissions required this to be a jet valve motor.. This mickey mouse idea was removed out of the head, replaced with bolts. 4 of them. - Got rid of the mikuni carb- put a weber 2 barrel on.- gas has been spendy forever in europe, weber knows how to build a carb correctly. -- it runs on 1 barrel 99% of the time, the secondary barrel used a counter weight to open it-- it stays closed unless the motor is really wound up. The carb has no power valve enrichment like nearly all usa carbs have-- holley - barry grant-- ect ect. I take off slowly-- do not lug or rev it-- sorta short shift it. on long up hills go into the truckers lane- go to 3 rd gear. There is one like mine down the street, old man has it-- told him, you ever sell it-- i am right down the street if it runs decently-- clear title- i have cash dollars. what happened to the good ol rigs-- several years ago- price of metal skyrocketed-- everything got crushed- sent over seas.darned shame. Oh, i only run non ethanol gas in everything i have- this is a big help for milage.
  3. In full agreement with you Tiewrap !! Sumners never doped, even drank. Doctors tested him, they said his heart-lungs- entire body was better than any athlete ever tested in america. Meat &spuds type eater.
  4. Yes, this photo is off topic, been saving it. This is Scott Sumners. usa gncc champion for several years in the 1980-s. Note the lack of strain on his face-- this is a xr 600 Honda !! The 80-s they were magic. I wonder, what the He#% happpened to the world----
  5. I have never had to shut down a air cooled dirt bike from overheating. I had to shut down because i was overheated. Yes, liquid bikes will make more power. I would very much like to see brand new trail & trials bikes have option of air or liquid engines. dream on magnapoxy-----dream on---
  6. Here is a new to me Bike. Asked Business owner to install slow throttle. glad he did ! The white truck - It has a header & a blown out muffler, Weber 2 barrel carb.. The Scorpa has a new spark arrestor fresh muffler packing. I like my truck.gets approx 45 mpg. Gasoline here in washington, non ethanol is nearly $4.50 per gallon.
  7. The head is wasted. So is the main bearings-seals-upper & lower rod bearings on crank shaft. Bet there is a 1/4 tea spoon of metal in the bottom end floating around. Time for a total overhaul. I wonder if something entered tru the air filter side- or the screw-s that hold the reeds came loose. sad to see this. some of the marks on piston crown look like broken piston rings. 3 of the marks on head look like some other metal part that came apart.
  8. agree. its a good looking mount you have. overhaul it. new everything- there are shops in western usa that will do this. yes its costly. bike looks like a keeper to me-- agan, i stress the importance of running non ethanol gasoline, the photo of the cylinder & piston sorta looks like phase seperated ethanol gasoline hammered it.--- just a wild guess-- pardon spelling mistake-- D.B.
  9. magnapoxy

    2022 Evos

    No, I bought a 2020 scorpa factory 300 few weeks ago. More affordable for me. Graphics ? Motocross Action mag usually calls them Bold new graphics. I prefer "Stickers " lol. I have theones that come in the boxes of parts i buy stuck on the fridge in the kitchen-- As you can guess- i am a single man-- There could be a woman that would find my fridge door nice looking---- I will keep looking and sticking more stickers--
  10. magnapoxy

    Leaking fork seals

    No. but i should be, looking at all the tools & parts i paid too much money for !!
  11. magnapoxy

    Leaking fork seals

    Fork alignment. In my opinion, the only way to correctly to do this -- is to buy this and use it. Motion pro Fork Tru Fork Alignment Tool. www.MotionPro.com. This is for Aligning front forks to ensure that they are parallel from top to bottom. Bouncing on loose fork legs- grabbing front break then tightening fork axle is useless. any of these methods are. - The fork tool will greatly add to the life of fork bearings, forks will have less drag.
  12. magnapoxy

    Leaking fork seals

    If your upper fork legs are smooth with no wear or blemishes you are lucky. Do NOT use the fork bushings when any of the black friction coating is worn down to the metal. it will destroy your upper forks in short order. As for fork seals & wipers, If you use old stock -they can harden with age and be prone to leakage. If the fork bushings that contact -rub on inner part of lower fork legs are worn down to metal-- usually copper-- it will be grinding away on much softer aluminum. not good.
  13. The push button designs kill switches. I prefer Suzuki RM style. Sano dependable design. Try Motosport outlet in america. The genuine Suzuki button. Not some China clone, knock off.
  14. jimstone.is - world class investgative reporting. pardon the spelling mistake.--
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