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  1. Is this company just pulling anyone off the streets thats still vertical to assemble ? ? Folks please look at the Covid shot bottles serial numbers before being injected. never let them inject when the last numbers are 1 or 2. ask for a bottle that the shot code ends in zero. thats just a saline solution. -- just saying------------------------------------------------------------------------------- no bull sh#t.
  2. I tried this boost bottle on 5th scale r-c buggies. zero improvement at any rpm range. Check this web site out. www.thunder products. its in usa. They make a device that fits inside the carbs bore down stream from the carbs slide. Its called quad flow torque wing. sorta hard for me to describe that it looks like here in words. Its effect is dramatic off idle, low rpm-s. much stronger power. The carb has to be leaned out- pilot jet only. Yes its spendy. but worth every penny once its installed, rejetted- pilot jet only and used. I use one on a r-m 144 build, installed on a Kehin 36 mm air striker short body carb. Uncertan if this company makes the quad flow torque wing for the smaller carbs we have on our trials bikes. agan-- www.thunderproducts,co. have a good day everyone.
  3. The hose- it is a vent hose for the kehin. yes it will allow fuel to drain if bike is tipped over. I use tygon fuel line there, it is yellow color, can be found at places that repair chain saws, i use smaller hose. can be pulled tighter to not contact exhaust, my hose goes under kehin,end of hose it wedged in front of clutch slave cylender on left side of engine, secured with a dab of glue. pardon my spelling mistake-s - It is best to remove carb unassemble and clean with electronic cleaner in spray can. do NOT use carb cleaner it melts rubber parts.
  4. Those are nice little sheds on www. Its a good thing to have good people that live next door also. You keep a close eye on each others property. Thats what we do here in my area. America has too much crud running free.just saying---
  5. I have a mint condition Beta Techno 250. I installed a High volume water pump impeller kit. I use a coolant called engine ice and added approx 1 oz redline water wetter. I have a sticker on the engines jug that shows the engines temp. The fan comes rarely comes on now. When it does, the sticker shows 158 F - 70 C. This is a wonderful bike. The front end is quite a bit more heavy than the 2020 scorpa 300. The old Beta feelsreally "planted" on tight rough goat trails. Its a keeper bike.
  6. I just use my trials bikes for breaking trails up in the mountians. Many times i have encountered tough areas with broken vertical rocks about 2 feet tall, the ridge top was about 4 foot wide, very steep incline also, fellow in front of me floundered out, stopped. I went around him in 3rd gear, i was getting over heated-winded. If i would have taken my foot off foot peg to down shift i would have lost balance and floundered also. so- left the scorpa 300 in 3rd , slipped the clutch to pass tru the rough area. I wear size 8 boots. I may buy another shifter and shorten it up - install it and see how it goes .
  7. I weigh 145 lbs. 63 years old. Rode all types of dirt bikes from age 6, All trail riding off road. I have a Scorpa 300, 2020. Older beta techno 250. mint condition For me, using a slow throttle tube was a big help. very much so on the scorpa 300. The 300 is easy to ride, better suspension, lighter front end. this is riding where there are deer trails, ridge tops, ect-ect. i have adjusted the clutch lever to be comfortable with pointer finger on the lever as i ride. use it to smooth out the engines power when required.
  8. On a lighter note. I had a Roadrunner that would come into the house. I tossed little balls of hamburger to it. always caught them mid air ! A roadrunners skin is black. it gets cold in desert in winter nights, before sunset, Roadrunner would set on hood of warm truck- engine heat you know- before sunset, the stream lined chicken - lol, would open its feathers up and let the solar warm up its skin. When content, Roadrunner would purr sorta like a house cat does. ! it was a kick in the ass to have this desert bird hanging around! kept the scorpions & snakes down too.. - agan, its no longer safe in extreme southern az, The parks- organ pipe- south of Ajo & all the way to tuscon have warning signs posted on the paved highway warning about people & drug smugglers everywhere. Beware from someone who has heard and seen horrable things that happen there. that is me. pardon spelling mistakes------- Magnapoxy.
  9. I had a home for winters only south of Phoenix. Close to the border. The town is called Ajo. I worked there approx october to april. You need to know- border areas are not safe to go riding alone there. As for the riding around Ajo, it was ok, everything that grows there has thorns, pulled out many of these -gloves-pants- ect. these will cause flat tires real quick. I was on a fast type dirt bike-- had couple days off over christmas- hammered out 2 good days of riding- fast stuff. got a phone call sunday evening- it was my boss- he asked, you been riding a green dirt bike- i answered yes- he asked -whats that on your back- i said- its a camel back h2o supply. boss said- you have every border agent in the yuma sector after you, there are under ground pressure decectors out there in desert, you were triggering them off so fast they thought you were some sorta military & cartel smugglers. many people. they thought. well hell i thought, The head agent for yuma sector lived across the street from me-- He was home. I rode over there on the bike with my full gear on, knoked on his door, he answered-- i said i am your dope smuggler you folks are after, you know me, i live across the street- I have been building apartments all winter for border patrol to live in. we both smiled at each other and it was settled. he did say-- damm you haul ass on that bike- i said i will hang it out in 5-6th gear sometimes- keeps the bike up on top of the gravel-& sand washes. I sold it -the home the next winter. Might be better for you around Phoenix- north of it, less danger.
  10. About 15 years ago, i wintered in Ajo, Az. Was working with a woman we hired to mud drywall.. She was from down under, here voice proved it. drank lots of fosters lauger beer. She claimed the ac-dc song highway to hell was wrote this way- she claimed to be hich hiking to a under ground mining town in the out back- the town was and is called Hell. her parents lived there. A car pulled over and picked her up and they all went to hell together she said. The song- it aint easy it aint free shes a nigger on a one way ride-- riding nigger means riding in the back seat. She said she was handing ac-dc beers & bowls up to them in front seat on the way to hell- I really think she was telling me the truth--- but who knows really. She was a good looking woman that could mud dry wall fast and drink those big fosters beers and never show any sign of getting buzzed either-------
  11. On ewe- oops you tube - there was a small electric car with the same size generator strapped to the roof of the car running. looked sorta top heavy. Also on you tube i saw a hen chicken do something i could not do-- go to you tube and type in - chicken plays panio -pardon spelling- Americas got talent. - and NO the panio keys are not color coded or they do not light up as some have suggested either. i wonder- can this hen chicken spell better than i can ????
  12. Massive torque from zero rpm. All electric bikes, cars-weed eaters lawn mowers chain saws-ect-ect say carbon netural. well gee whiz, where does the electricity come from that makes these things function come from. with the exception of hydro electric- i.e dams on rivers and necular -however its spelled- and solar --- wind. well if a person hooked up a generator to a stationary bicycle and charges it that way-----lol. I do hope the best for Yamaha, perhaps this brand will not have the issues other brands have had that were posted here on this wonderful forum in the past-- getting shocked- junk motors & gearboxes-
  13. Here it is -- Yamaha site says weight is over 70 kg 70 is approx 150 pounds.
  14. You in america or europe ? Here in usa petrol-gas- Non ethanol gas is 92 octane. $ 5.09 per gallon. Octane is measured diffrently in europe than in usa. I would try super unleaded listen to the engine for knocking noise - when motor is up to running temp, give it a big hand full of throttle on a slight uphill grade with the transmission one gear too high and listen for knock- pinging. Uncertan if this applies to trials bikes- nearly all new fast types of dirt bikes are whats called global spec motors-- this means a person should be able to run gas from automobile gas stations with no issues. -- My 2020 scorpa manual sez 96 octane. I mix 50% sunoco 110 standard- 50% 92 octane non ethanol gas with on issues. pardon spelling mistakes---- dave in washington state.
  15. When i putt around in my back yard on the Beta, Old buzzard next doors dog comes to the fence and barks. In dog talk the poor dog is saying - I hate this old hag, first time she leaves the gate open i am leaving ! No bs.
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