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  1. Thats a pisser hoseclamp !! Your forks could be bent also. Try this-- Trials super store. Inland north west trials. There are many other smaller trials shops all over north america and canada. search them out - forget google, its junk. use start page instead to search.
  2. I have a showroom condition 1992 Wr 200 Yamaha. These were only imported to usa for one year.. 95 octane engine, has a counterbalance in engine !! powder coated frame- sprung & valved for my height- the list goes on & on. The bike came with a Mikuni TM 30mm ss power jet carb. Rare indeed. The slides coating was worn in several areas. Not able to find an oem slide. So- surfed E-Bay. Found a lawn mower dealer back east in usa. He had this China copy. $50.00 usd. Bought it. parcel arrived. The carb body castings were top shelf quality. The supplied fuel & vent hoses were not so good. The slide was PERFECT !! measured it. The slides cut away was same as factory ! I am one lucky dog ! This bike is worth 3-to 3.5 k.in usa. I only used the slide, installed it on the oem carb. This is one sweet mount for putt & explore mode riding. Yamaha should sell them agan. This 200 will walk the dog on a kdx 200-220. And hang dead even with a 2021 beta 200 in a drag race. bit of trivia-- yamaha invented the power valve. this wr was a first.
  3. I am 62-- going on 18 !!! Birthday? I was a spring baby. I saved all my old dirt bike gear, All the chips on the bell moto 4 helmet have a story to tell. same with the dents on the pairs of hi point pro gp -- also known as mad max boots. stainless steel part dents- and the dents on my lower legs shins. -- The trials gear looks pretty darned good.-- mostly just sudden gusts of gravity on gnarly switch back trails. or from what i call floundering out in the over grown off the map trails-.
  4. same plastic on my 20 scorpa. my time is coming too. Find a dirt bike shop show them the carb replace the screw with a metal one, unshure where you are in canada-- if you have time to look on the www, go here www.pjmotorsports.com they are in oregon. bought from them many times over the years.
  5. There are 2 types of fuel filters that I know about. The screened type. The sintered bronze type- sintered could be spelled incorrectly. I prefer the sintered bronze type, It can filter smaller junk out better. in my humble opinion--
  6. yea and gasoline that has doubled in price, plus a shopping cart full of real food thats 200 bucks + -- even finding real food is getting harder each time i shop @ 5am to avoid people . there is my rant & whine-- lol.
  7. Wow. thats odd indeed. i see no hits from rocks on the knuckle, my uneducated guess ? bad metal. or-perhaps the bolts were over tightened ?
  8. might as well give it a try !! For Motocross & Enduro bikes I wonder about having a button some where near the handlebar grip that would allow a rider to shift gears. Thats what formula 1 race cars have, on the steering wheel.
  9. here is a good site about the weights & viscosity indexes of assorted brands of suspension fluids. www.peterverdone.com.. myself, in forks its motorex. in showa shocks, its Silkoline Pro RSF 2.5 wt. I change these fluids often.
  10. that plug color - if that color was at lower rpms, its too lean. pull the carb, remove the pilot jet and blow it out - do not run wire tru it to clean it. I have no background about your bike.- so- this is a wild guess from me. Trials bikes are most times are running low rpms. bigger hand fulls of throttle every now and then. The muffler- the bigger part of it close to the header connector could have been loaded up with wet black exhaust goop. as lean as that plug looked, if you were hill climbing or just running the bike hard, the smoke perhaps is the mentioned exhaust goop burning off. -- this happend to me on low hour 2020 scorpa factory 300. I cleaned carb- air filter- checked plug color on the ally behind house- paper bag color,-- took it for its 1st trail ride - rode 1st- usually 2nd on ocassion. for approx 3 hours- taking breaks - cutting trail with saw & loppers.- came back to truck- ate food- gassed bike up- hit the good stuff- at least 45 degree hill climb on a old trials bike hill climb. it was epic ! about 2,800 feet constant- no break- the scorpa was smoking badly - real badly- i have tempeture stickers on raditor & engine jug. 159 degrees. perfect--- I simply cooked all the wet goop out of the lower exhaust area-- the packing was brand new- cleaned -replaced before the ride-- That bike sucks the gas compaired to the beta techno 250. the scorpa hit reserve about 1/2 mile from the truck on the way back-- i was not reving the bike either-- about 1/4 throttle in 2nd & 3rd. on the hill climb.-- It does not smoke any more after its 1st good pull for about 3/4 hour.--- i bet your bike is the same way- needs the same treatment that my bike needed. pardon my spelling--- db. my spelling-- god o mighty-- lol,
  11. I always have goggles and use a quick strap device. I can take them on and off with a flick of my left hand while in motion. This is of paramount importance for me.
  12. me agan-- There is one type of Alcohol that absorbs H2O, isopropyl alcohol. and not seperate. in america, there is a brand used in cars for water in gasoline, its called heet. there is a yellow colored bottle- never use this. only use heet in the red bottle. its 100% isopropyl alcohol. pardon the spelling mistakes.
  13. Ethanol all form of achalol -pardon spelling are hydroscopic. this means it absorbs moisture. it absorbs moisture right out of the air. In america, fuels move tru pipe lines all over the country. the same pipe lines transport gasoline, jet fuel, deseil crude oil and other fuels & chemicals. this is done by having a liquid buffer that seperates these assorted fuels. alchaol can not be transported tru these lines, rusts the pipes, dissolves the buffer that seperates the fuels. it has to be transported by truck. and- the ethanol is made from plants- this is a crock of **** because - well just look at the price of food. - more money every time i go to the store-- meats - beef prices have skyrocketed here because of the weather- no rain, extreme heat. the food should not be used to make this ethanol. period. -- oh-- break fluid dot 3-4 - 5.1 is hydroscopic also. it absorbs H2O right tru the rubber brake lines.- seals. - off topic here-- loggers shoot every porky pine they see at logging sites-- why ? because the like the smell &taste of brake fluid. at night they chew holes in brake lines. Brakes are a good thing to have on steep mountian roads !! as for ethanol wrecking seals-- it depends what type of seals-- buna rubber- viton- there are many many types made. hope you all can read this with my lousy spelling-----
  14. Here in the states, there was talk about having E15. The companies that build cars said if you run this stuff your new car warranty is null & void. This speaks volumes about ethanol.
  15. Here in usa, a person can go to a marina and buy petrol- gasoline that is non ethanol. It could be the same in your folks part of the world ?
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