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  1. Just bought my first trials bike, 2022 gasgas with 43 hours. I noticed a couple small drops of fuel in the back of my truck when unloading it after I bought it (petcock off). I worked on some balance in the garage, rode it about an hour, didn't notice any fuel dripping. While working on balance and hopping again in the garage recently (petcock off), I noticed a few more drops of fuel on the ground. Is this something I should address or is it the nature of the beast? I come from a motocross/enduro background. If I ever had a carb leaking fuel it was continuous and it was the float sticking 99% of the time. But it was many years since I owned a carb. Fuel injection and all.. I got back on a 250 2 stroke mx bike again this summer, and before I put a smart carb on it, the mikuni would occasionally leak just a few drops in transit, as well.. Anyway, if this isn't normal for a trials bike, what's the move? Thanks!
  2. Analysis paralysis.. I've read so much the past few weeks, my mind is numb. Does anyone have real world experience with gasgas trials bikes, as in owning multiple model years and especially the current generation bike? I've read they are the most reliable tank of a bike, I've read they're build quality is garbage, and everything in between.. I am brand new to the community. I am currently making the switch from 450/350 4s and 300 2s mx/enduro bikes. I see a handful of 2020+ txt 300s (super low hours, all under 15) for sale somewhat locally and I am really considering one of them. I like their look and the fact they are supported by ktm nowadays. However, some things I've read about their mechanical issues worry me. Sherco seems to be my second most available choice locally and tied for first in the looks department in my opinion (gasgas and sherco being my 2 top picks). I rode with a local pro recently and he suggested I get a 300 for my mx/enduro ability and my size (6'3" 205lb). Gasgas? Sherco? Neither? Any real world experience is appreciated. Thank you.
  3. I agree to the enduro bike debate. I had a 300 sherco factory 2s and it was so pleasant and easy to ride (motor was total **** on an mx track, but perfect for offroad). Never once did I feel like it excessively wore me out or got me into trouble. However, I'm not educated on trials motors! Lol
  4. I appreciate the reply! I plan to do a fair bit of everything and anything I can get ahold of. I have about 60 acres of farmland with ditches, down trees, some hills, and neighboring land with massive hills and cliffs. I plan to make a small obstacle course of some kind that gets harder as I progress, but realistically spend most of my time on natural terrain.
  5. Thanks for the words. I've read about some bikes, like the current gas gas, being far more aggressive than others. I haven't found an all inclusive article yet.. seems to be all individual tests and no shoot out like tests. I'd like a 300 that's more manageable, in a perfect world.
  6. Thanks for the input! I was told that the 280s are being phased out and parts will be difficult to come by soon. Again, I have no idea how true that is being I have so little experience with trials.
  7. Good day all! New to the page and new to trials. I have kept up with it and watched, along with many forms of two wheeled racing, since I was about 10, as I am a total motorcycle enthusiasts! However I know nothing about bike selection, settings, what to look for, certain techniques, etc. So, I'm looking for some helpful direction. Some of my background: 32, 210lb, 6'3", have ridden offroad (US gncc/enduro) and motocross for 23 years. I have owned and ridden 250 and 300cc two strokes, as well as 450s and now a 350cc four stroke. I am by no means a pro or A level, but I am confident and competent enough to handle all obstacles (in my way 🎵) locally and get my money back in the B class here and there. But, as I've read, trials is no comparison! I recently rode a 125 and 300 trials bike (trs) that a national pro was kind enough to let me take for a spin, although just around his yard. The 125, I'm out.. lol but the 300 felt very controllable and even more fun. Everything I read says a 300 is too much and bad news for a beginner trials rider. However, the professional told me I should get a 300, and as long as I focus on technique it won't be too much for me. Should I go 300? I read fantastic things about the 250 motor. Should I go 250? Analysis paralysis... All info is welcome! Thanks 💪🏼
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