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  1. The shift, the gearbox work good !! 🥳🥳🥳 Thank you so much !
  2. I found spring shift "almost" broken and i change it , i put a new drum , i control the shift lever (APICO). Now i hope and i check the bike with the engine on and use the old sherco lever! Next step is open the gearbox
  3. Hi ! I have a problem with my Sherco ST 2013 shift , i can't put the 3rd gear other times the 4/5th . The shift can't run fine every time. I put off the clutch for check all the springs shift and the drum . - Maybe the spring shift doesn't work fine ( Sherco code:M110) Pedal does not return to position well - Luckily i have the new spring - I turn the drum with my Allen key and i can't put all the gear , 1&2 are ok but 3/4/5 sometimes they go in but sometimes they don't go out anymore (like pic) , i need move the wheel. Is very hard change gear. Same problem when the engine is on. I hope i don't must split the motor Thank you! Sorry for my english
  4. Split link ! Nice idea !! Thanks I will use temporarily the braktec 2020( I bought it yesterday) and rebuild the Formula
  5. I think brake master cylinder is AJP , check on the top of the brake fluid container
  6. Thank you !! I check the bolt and i buy the new caliper !
  7. My Sherco ST290 2013 has a Formula front brake, one piston of the calliper is bloked . I have two option , rebuild the calliper (i need a Forumula tool for open the calliper) or buy a newer maybe better . The front brake master cylinder is AJP. What caliper can i buy & fit? Braktec ?? Thanks
  8. Chris from Splat shop help me and send a smaller bearing spacers ! It's a fantastic shop
  9. Tomorrow i will call splatshop
  10. 25mm , i found the 24 mm on the shop website but i need remove 2mm of material . My other shock is very small
  11. I bought a ohlins mono last week, now i try put on my bike sherco 13 st290. But doesn't fit like the other ammo . The top and the bottom are too big, doesn't enter . 3mm too big. What Can i do?
  12. "This off-set flywheel timing key allows you to advance your ignition timing without modifying your stator or cases" It change the ignition timing maybe of 2 degree. If you tell me "use the old position" i use the old position , thank you ! Old pic:
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