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  1. Welcome to the sport, I rode trials years ago and always wanted to buy another bike, myself and my mate and my son went to Bumpy trials for the day. 3 weeks later I bought a bike, I was out on it this week and had a brilliant time. I should have never stopped trialling, it is so much fun, good luck with your new hobby.
  2. Hello, I believe there is somewhere in Wales where you can hire a bike for the day, I have copied the link below. https://www.nonstoptrials.co.uk/bike-hire
  3. That is great that you enjoyed yourself at the trial with a good score. I bought a lightly used 2021 beta 250, cant wait to go out on it. I am waiting for my tow bar to be installed to my car, so hopefully i can use it soon.
  4. Hi All I have bought a bike now and cant wait to start enjoy riding again.
  5. Hi All Many thanks for your replies, I had a trials day at Bumpy trials last weekend and we had a great time and I cant wait to get back into the sport, I am going to buy a newer bike maybe a 2019/20. Thanks
  6. Hi All I am new to trials after not riding for 25 years, I am looking at buying a bike and people I have spoken to are saying bikes are overpriced at the moment due to Covid. What are your thoughts? Should I wait to buy a bike and are the prices higher than usual? Many thanks.
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