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  1. Ah that explains it
  2. I watched some footage British trials championship From watching it almost everyone fived every section Stopping Stopping feet down Going backwards 😑
  3. It's a new spring wound up
  4. Have a 191 ,started it for the first time in 8 years The kick start sounded it was still engaging after it was running and like it was running dry Any advice Thank you
  5. midlife

    Fuel Mixture ?

    Years of oil build up in exhaust Only way to get it out take pipe off blow torch it out Do it in sections. keep at it till flames stop coming out
  6. sounds like you already know the answer Just in case you don't I had a 300 Sherco 2016 never once let me down
  7. Can you get a ride on another Gasgas to see if there is any difference . 4th/5th is horible
  8. midlife

    trs v sherco v beta

    Had a 2016 300 sherco had it up until March All that was changed Chain and spockets Brake pads Wheel bearings Oils
  9. midlife

    trs v sherco v beta

    Have had Gasgas in past must have worst gear box the jump from 4th/5th. Honda gear leaver shaft, glass would be stronger .Friend had a new 300r honda I rode one section on broke gear shaft both of us could not believe it happened because there was no noticeable impact. Also soft prop stands .sump shields .and casings
  10. midlife

    trs v sherco v beta

    All I want to know are TRS trials bikes more or less reliable than Sherco and Beta
  11. midlife

    Beta 4t carb

    Was thinking about buying 300 4t . Somone told me the carb is a b####d to get off and on, if this is the case a might have second thoughts. I usually clean the carb before each event.
  12. What are the trials bike makers going to do. I would think there will still be a lot of 2020 models unsold out there ,will they bring out a 2021 model (new stickers) or not.
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