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  1. How far are you allowed to mod a twin shock before it is classed as a special . Has anyone be banned, and what with. PS not talking pre 65 its just bonkers.
  2. midlife

    Front brake arm

    Oh I take it by the change of subject I have came up with the answer why the lever points to the rear. Next topic FARMING
  3. midlife

    Front brake arm

    Thanks folks So if there is a benefit to having the arm in the forwards position it is marginal BUT there is less or no chance of the arm getting damaged by a rock or any anything else we might find or our merry way round if pointing to the rear.
  4. midlife

    Front brake arm

    If both shoes have the same contact area what shoe it makes no difference what shoe is the lead shoe because they are not directional
  5. We all love the sport but we have to remember it is a minority sport. How many bikes do the manufactures make each year and how much money do they make. It will be frightening how much it will cost to do the World Championship.
  6. midlife

    Front brake arm

    Was at a trial yesterday and a very kind person gave me a tip. He said that if I turned the front brake arm so that it was pointing forwards that it would work better. He then tried to explain that if the top shoe grips before the bottom shoe the brake works better. All I want to know is he talking p***
  7. bore 69mm ,overall hieght 75mm, center pin to crown32mm, pin dia 18mm There is also letter stamped on crowm A to G
  8. I would leave it where it is. Just looks like a money pit. Buy a runner
  9. MX trousers come with better protection from heat and falling off and last longer. Last years stock cheaper as well
  10. What type of oil would you use
  11. Think of a number x2+10-40x/y=the number you want. I took measurements off of my Sherco rear spindle to footrest take a size off of your Montesa
  12. What you going in the Fantic forum ,you dislike (HATE) them.
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