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  1. midlife

    Petrol tanks

    Why do some petrol tank change colour I have 2 ty monos and one of them has changed from white to a faint rust colour . I have noticed it is not only Yamahas that do this. is there something that can be done to prevent this.
  2. midlife

    Hiro engine


    • WANTED
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    Looking for a Hiro engine from a Armstrong or similar trials bike using same engine. A bottom end would do.

    1,234.00 GBP

  3. midlife

    TX300 oil ratio

    what have you done.
  4. midlife

    240 head mod

    I was going to powder coat the frame on my 240 and have moved the footrests and thought I might steepen the fork rake how much do you steepen the forks or is it not worth it. I there any one with pics to show where to cut.
  5. midlife

    My first Fantic!

    still wrong there is only one way left and its the right way
  6. midlife

    240 coil

    Anyone out there using the blue coil on their 240 is the wiring from the front black green red.
  7. midlife

    My first Fantic!

    wrong way round
  8. midlife

    Honda tlr , atv head barrel

    As title says what are the benefits of putting a ATV head and barrel on a TLR 200 ? What ATV is the donor ? What is the going rate for the parts ?
  9. midlife

    2019 4RT

    Why would you make a new model when you can still sell a new 2005 model as a 2019.
  10. midlife

    Whats gone wrong with Trials.

    You are right
  11. midlife

    New gas gas vs new Sherco, what should I buy?

    Blue jacket Had both still got Sherco A piece of string is 2x 1/2 its length. That's any piece of string
  12. midlife


    Is there any chain out there that is as good as a Renthal R1 chain.
  13. midlife


    As I thought
  14. midlife


    Will fitting a larger airbox make much if any difference to my 240
  15. midlife

    Sherco 39 mm fork seals

    Don't buy cheap seal unless you want to do it again. Splash out and buy SKF Green seal kit which also has dust cover. I tried the cheap ones they did work for a bit