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  1. bore 69mm ,overall hieght 75mm, center pin to crown32mm, pin dia 18mm There is also letter stamped on crowm A to G
  2. I would leave it where it is. Just looks like a money pit. Buy a runner
  3. MX trousers come with better protection from heat and falling off and last longer. Last years stock cheaper as well
  4. What type of oil would you use
  5. Think of a number x2+10-40x/y=the number you want. I took measurements off of my Sherco rear spindle to footrest take a size off of your Montesa
  6. What you going in the Fantic forum ,you dislike (HATE) them.
  7. b40rt remember Fork oil in the forks ATF or gearbox oil in the gearbox
  8. No change Why go to all the expense of changing all the tooling needed to make a trials bike when you can still sell a new 15 year old bike. They will prob be making more money now per year than when it first came out.
  9. Is there something wrong with that.
  10. Years ago I raced Mx and had YZF 400 Yamaha .If it sat for a week I was difficult to start but if I drained the fuel and put fresh fuel in started no probs. Someone told me about the fuel loosing its kick in a plastic can so i put an alloy tank on the bike solved all the problems.
  11. Are these 5-6L cans plastic or metal .Because petrol starts to loose its kick if kept in a plastic can for more than a week ,but in a metal can it stays fresh.
  12. I only put 15L in my 20L can. What do u think of that.
  13. Why do some petrol tank change colour I have 2 ty monos and one of them has changed from white to a faint rust colour . I have noticed it is not only Yamahas that do this. is there something that can be done to prevent this.
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