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  1. I want to thank everyone again for their input. I did get the bike back from the dealer a few days ago and took it on an easy trail ride for about an hour to put some time on the engine and gearbox. I spent most of the time being very careful how I made each shift especially the 4th to 5th shift. The noise is still there but I am warming up to idea that that the noise is normal. Thanks mbeers6 for the video. I listened to the audio using headphones and the sound that your bike made during the 4th to 5th gear shift is similar to what my bike is doing. It does seem like the sound that my bike is making is louder. I would not describe the sound as a clunking sound. There is a definite buzzing of gear teeth trying to engage at the start of the gear change. In a few days I will try to make a video like mbeers6 did. If the audio accurately captures what I am hearing I will post it. If nothing else this thread might help someone else if they have the same concerns that I had. Before I asked all of you for help I spent a few hours searching the internet, YouTube, and motorcycle forums for some information on this issue. I did not find anyone that mentioned a difficult shift from 4th to 5th gears on these bikes. That made me think that there was a problem with my bike.
  2. 5th to 4th is fine. All of the other shifts are fine.Thanks for everyone's input on the problem. I'm going to the dealer today to get the bike and make sure that the issue is documented. Maybe the noise is "normal". If it was just a hard shift with a clunking sound/feel I would be inclined to believe it. But the buzzing/grinding of gear teeth just doesn't seem good or right.
  3. Hi Arnoux, the sound is like the teeth of two cogs/gears are spinning in opposite directions and grinding against each other briefly before engaging
  4. Thanks everyone for the responses. Unfortunately I don't have the bike right now. It is at the dealer that is over 200 miles away. I'll probably get it in a few days. It is looking like the dealer is confident that the grinding noise is normal and that there is not a problem with the bike. I have two KTM enduro bikes. I would say that I am a strong intermediate rider. I use clutch a lot to fine tune the power coming from the engine. Especially in technical terrain. With the Gas Gas the clutch and shifting seems really nice with the exception of the hideous grinding noise when shifting (using the clutch) from 4th to 5th. If one of my other bikes started making a noise like that I would stop riding it immediately. I will make a video of the problem and post it if it turns out ok. I'm going to try to find someone at KTM/Gas Gas that I can email the video to so that I can document that the issue was present during the 30 day warranty period. Which ends on July 25.
  5. Hi Lineaway, I don't know if the bike has that adjustment. The shifting feels really good with the exception of going from 4th to 5th.
  6. Hi Nigel, thank you for replying to my post. The bike is new. Less than two hours on the bike. I only did two short easy rides on it before I decided that the grinding noise could not be normal or a good thing. After the first ride I did change the gear oil with the specified gear oil. The gear changes did seem smoother on the 2nd ride but the grinding noise remained the same. I spent most of the 2nd ride carefully shifting through the gears from 1st to 6th then back down to 1st. All of the gear changes seemed fine with the exception of going from 4th to 5th. The grinding noise happened every time unless I was shifting at unusually low rpms. I returned the bike to the dealer after the 2nd ride. At first they said that there was a problem so they kept the bike. The dealer called me the following day to say that the noise is normal according to Gas Gas technical support. I suppose that I could live with the issue if it is "normal " but it seems like it will lead to a catastrophic failure of the gear box.
  7. I got my first trials bike. It is a 2020 Gas Gas TXT250. The bike seems great except when shifting from 4th gear to 5th gear. There is a bad gear grinding noise every time I shift from 4th to 5th unless the RPM's are extremely low. Like 25% of normal. I know gears 1-4 are low ratio and gears 4-5 are high ratio so the jump between 4th and 5th is a big step. It seems that you would want to be able to shift out of 4th at a higher (or mid) RPM to make the jump to 5th easier. I need to be lugging down in 4th to be able to shift into 5th without getting the grinding noise. Is this normal? The dealer is telling me that it is normal. Thanks, Steve
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