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  1. Thanks Woody, I don't remember seeing the shim or washer last time the clutch cover was off. I`ll check out Gary once i know whats needed. Always good to get another source for Ossa bits.
  2. HI Woody, I have about 2-3mm movment on the gear sharft, and when pulled out fully you canot select gears, So this looks like it could be the issue. Does anybody know someone who could fix this, as i said before splitting the crankcase is way above my paygrade. I suppose the issue will be if the required parts would be available even on Ebay. Rick
  3. Hi Guy`s Thanks for the response, I`m sure the clutch is Okay as it disengages the drive when i put into 1st gear and there is no drag and once in gear it operates as expected, just cannot then get the bike into 2nd and up the box. I will check the gear shaft float as that looks a good place to start and make sense this could be where the problem is, unfortunately i've pulled the engine out of the bike so will not be able to test under load. Thanks Rick
  4. Hi Guys, I have an issue with my TR77 350 clutch is working okay select 1st gear ok pull away but while moving can not go up the gearbox, the same when I stop moving and the bike is running. when the bike is not running I can click it up the gears by hand. ??? anyone had this before or know what the issue could be, im unable to split the crankcase as do have the know-how leave that to the pro`s. Any suggestions of good engine builder who could have a look, im based in Hemel hempstead. Many thanks Rick
  5. Hi Guys, I'm using castrol power 1 racing 2t so should not be an issue, OK so i'm in the ball park the engine has been rebuilt so can discount seals, maybe a bit of old oil in exhaust. It just seems a bit more smokey than i remember. Thanks for the info. Cheers Rick
  6. rick_watts

    Fuel Mixture ?

    Hi guys, After soom advise on what fuel mixture to run in my TR77 350, been a long time in coming but final got out on my bike this weekend after 30 years in boxes. i'm running it at 40:1 mixture and leaving clouds of blue smoke in my wake. Thanks Rick .
  7. Thanks Woody for your in put and knowledge, its nice to know there are people out there that still have a passion for OSSA.
  8. Ok, so is that a good thing or bad?
  9. I think the frame may not be original as it is Nickel plated under the powder coating I had done. There is also an chain Oiler in the swingarm.
  10. Thanks Woody, I have looked at the headstock and there is no sign of any stamped numbers. I know I am the second owner of the bike as I got it from Windsor comp shop back in 1979 but have lost the registration document. The engine is the original unit and has not been changed, do you know of any way of confirming the year so I can apply to re-register. Thanks Rick
  11. Hi guys, I have owned a TR 77 for ages, just looked at the engine number and its M-640810 and there is no number on the frame. on all the reference tables the engine numbers start with a "B" can anyone help to confirm my engines identity ? many thanks Rick
  12. Thanks Zulu, I will give him a try
  13. Hi Everyone, My name is Rick and I'm a new user of this forum. i have a Ossa 350Tr Verdi that i have has for 30 years but for the last 20 it has been in boxes in my garage. i'm looking at restoring, i have had the engine out and the protective covering of the crankcase has bubbled up and staring to flake off. I know it will need a complete engine strip down but this is above me. Can anyone advise me of who or where i can get this replaced? thanks Rick
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