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  1. Thank you for the help everyone
  2. Pictures of the gear box
  3. I am still a bit confused with where people are talking about work the 4.5mm hole for the bush. I believe I understand the 6 dimples on the end of the shaft where it sits into the bearing to reduce end float. I understood the spiral groove but I don't think this is something that I am able to do at home
  4. Does anyone have any pictures of where PeterB is referring to? I figured since my gearbox is out to be repaired I may as will do the mods to help increase the life of the bike. Thank you
  5. Wheelin

    I need K-scan !!!

    Yeah that's ok mate. I have a friend that is an electrician system technician so if I'm having to many problems I will just talk him into doing it for me lol
  6. Wheelin

    I need K-scan !!!

    Yeah I'm trying to locate without much luck so far. If I can't find one I will make one as per the guide so I can at least fault find and reset the TPS
  7. Wheelin

    I need K-scan !!!

    Hey boys and girls, I have just picked up a tr280i as a non runner over in Australia. I have been going over all of the post and doing a fair bit of reading up on them. Do any one have K scan and is it possible to get a copy of it please. My Email is Keegan.smith955@gmail.com Thanks everyone
  8. Wheelin


    Post up a picture mate and someone may be able to help you
  9. I have been speaking with Don Murray who was the Australian import. He thinks he may have a few old gearbox and clutch tucked away in storage that he is going to dig out for me in the next week or so. I have also confirmed that number 20 spring is undamaged however the shift returns spring number 18 has snapped both legs.
  10. From what I have been told they are slightly different. I think they have to same OD but the ID is different
  11. I have recently picked up a non running Tr280i that has been hand balled though a number of people of the last year or so. I was told it may have a clutch issue. After inspected it I found the clutch was completely missing. The only parts there was the hub and basket. I can buy the plates, fingers and a local shop is conforming the availability of the pressure plate and support plate. However I'm having an issue trying to find the clutch spring (number 12 in the part diagram #2420020212) does anyone happen to know where I maybe able to find one or does anyone have a bike they are parting out? I also believe my gear selector spring (number 20 in the parts diagram #8130020211) is damaged. Is anyone able to confirm this? As it just doesn't look right and I'm not able to tell from the parts Manual. I really appreciate the help guys and girls.
  12. Hey mate, I'm hoping you get a Email notification from this message. Fingers crossed I believe I have just purchased your old Ossa tr280i as a non runner with a few things pulled apart and a clutch issue. I'm hoping to try and find out a bit of history on the bike. I'm also in Brisbane and have recently just started trials with SQTA. Thanks mate Keegan
  13. Wheelin


    No i didn't see it untill just now. It could be a bit to hard.... I went to one of the local trials group web pages as they have a lot of YouTube videos on learning techniques for trials and they also had a section on how to set up your suspension for Trials. I also thought it was about 1/3 sag both front and rear which i can get close to as i get just over 1/3 sag on the front. But in their set up guide it say 1/6 for the front. Here is a copy of it. There is more information they this i just cut the part about sag out. Here is a link for the full guide http://wdtc.org.au/training-tutorials/suspension-setup/ SAG SETUP ON TRIALS BIKES Setting up the sag on a trials bike is similar to that of a dirt bike, at least on the rear. As a rule of thumb, you want to use about one third of your rear suspension when you are in your normal riding position wearing your gear. The front is a bit different – you only want to use about one sixth of the fork travel. Most modern trials bikes have around six inches front travel and four inches rear travel but check with your manufacturer to confirm. For the front, simply place a zip tie around one of the fork legs to get a position when you are standing on the bike. Then suspend the front wheel in the air and measure the difference. If your bike has six inches of front suspension travel, you should have about one inch of sag. If you need less sag, use washers or spacers on top of the fork springs to suit. If you need more, then you need to buy softer fork springs. On the rear, measure from your rear axle to the rear fender while the rear is in the air. Get a friend to measure the distance once you are standing on the bike. You can spin the lower collar of the rear shock to adjust the sag as required. There is a tool you can buy to do this easily – some tap away with a hammer and punch but it does mess with the notches in the collar.
  14. Wheelin


    I was told mine was a 2001 but i check the frame number and it is 2000. It is interesting that there is 2 bikes that look very similar of that age in QLD. Mine has the headlight but no wiring and the front guard has no decals on it. I only bought it about 2 months ago. The guy before be only had it for a few years for what i was told and they guy he got it off was a bike mechanic..... but everyone says that lol I apparent mechanic rebuild the motor and i have checked the compression and piston and it looks to be true. But i think the bike has had a hard life at some point. I found a that the frame/tank has had a big hit and cracked one of the welds that had been repaired.
  15. Wheelin


    Yeah i have been told that. I cracked one of the fork protecters the other day so im going to make a set out of aluminium.
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