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  1. Thanks Woody. The other cranks I have are a lot bigger & off MAR 76 Mk2 ? But i did have cases &, gears for 72 Pioneer so could from that.
  2. Can anyone help to identify this crank which was in a box of Ossa MAR bits. Seems different and a lot smaller to the MAR & TR I've got. Any info appreciated.
  3. CC69

    Ossa MAR engine hole ???

    That makes sense now. Thanks feetupfun👍
  4. Another Ossa MAR basket case project and daft question's but I'm guessing that hole is not meant to be there??? If so why drill a hole? Does it need to be welded or can I bung it ?? I've got 2 engine's 1 with broken con rod and this one which is almost there but with a hole in the crank case. Just my luck. Your thoughts appreciated 😀
  5. Thanks Woody👍. My first post & definitely not going to be my last, I'm sure.
  6. Currently working on an Ossa MAR basket case & TR77 basket case (punishment I know) but not sure if this exhaust is off either....Can anyone help identify please?
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