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  1. No bought a new 2020 TRS Raga Racing 250cc instead. Did a test ride on a Vertigo, GasGas & TRS at Nonstop, Vertigo did not suit my style (position on the bike & balance). TRS & GasGas i felt better on.
  2. No, but want to try them. But i can not find them on the internet, someone recommended them on this forum. That is why i am asking for more information who sells them / which brands make them.
  3. Does anyone know who sells / which brands sell bar risers for a 2020 TRS 250RR?
  4. Hello Graham, which bar raisers did you use? Planning on buying some for my new 250RR.
  5. Since yesterday i am a proud owner of a new 2020 TRS RR 250 (coming from a 2017 Montesa 300RR). Which mods do you advice or tips do you have for this bike? Thnx in advance
  6. I also considering a Vertigo as my next trials bike, but the noisy fan is a big deal breaker for me. why does the fan make more noise than the engine itself?
  7. The Pierer Mobilty group is the owner of GasGas (they also own KTM and Husqvarna). Problem with GasGas in the recent past was on the financial side of business. Now with Pierer (via KTM) money they do not have to worry about this. The GasGas bikes are still GasGas design and build. Two mates of me have a 2020 GG racing and a 2020 GP. Both are very happy with those bikes.
  8. Yes the one at Nonstop could be an option for a next trials bike.
  9. My local Vertigo dealer has a 2019 Vertigo DL12 Dougie Replica 300cc for sale. Half year old, very little time on it. So basically it is like new. Is it that much better than a standard Vertigo or just a marketing thing (limited edition - 50 made worldwide / other color decals / titanium silencer)? I currently ride a 2017 Montesa 300RR, i might consider the Vertigo. Any help is appreciated. Greetz Erik
  10. Hello gazza7975, I am planning on giving a 2003 315R a 4rt Repsol make over. Powdercoating the frame, swingarm hubs black and the rims orange. Also using 4rt plastics and Repsol racing decals. For the orange rims i found out that the color should be RAL2003, what did you use for the black? Should this be matt or glossy? Is there a certain 4rt Repsol model year of which the decals fit the best on a 315? Any other things i should take into account when updating the 315? Thanks in advance.
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