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  1. Hello Cota 349 aficionados, Anybody know the correct order of alignment of the cutches steel plates? There is a slot cut into only one tab on the inside. Not sure what the tab’s slot is for. thanks.
  2. motosolex

    Cota 49

    Here is the small shaft with O-rings. Unfortunately this configuration does not fit into passage. Perhaps a squared shaped O-ring would work if they exist
  3. motosolex

    Cota 49

    Hi fellows. Still haven’t got around to addressing this issue. We did hear from a Montesa fan in Spain that actually drilled out the passage’s diameter to allow the O-ringed mini shaft to fit in. The passage is a hair above 5mm and not too sure if there is a way to ream the passage and maintain a smooth round surface so O-rings will glide as mini shaft moves laterally. Any ideas? thank you.
  4. motosolex

    Cota 49

    Our Cota49 leaks oil from the clutch actuating pin’s passage on the left side of engine. There seems to be 2 slots on one of the pins that looks as if there ought to be 2 Orings. Any idea on what we can do to stop the oil leak? Not sure if Orings are specified. Thank you.
  5. As a huge TY fan, every place needs a FeetUpFun and his expertise in my book.
  6. Remember all TY fans. The French website www.yamahaty.com is an excellent source for all things TY. Mostly in French but excellent resources too. Vive la déférence.
  7. Thank you fellows. Thinking I’ll remove the head and go at it that way. Of course a new head gasket too. I am not sure how to use a strobe light vis a vis points.
  8. That looks like the perfect tool. But......n/a to ship USA. I’ll look though. What is it’s brand name? thank you.
  9. I saw recently on a BMW shop’s web page a special oil to lube the wiper.
  10. Hi FeetUpFun. When timing my TY250, my dial indicator is too large and won’t function due to bikes’s frame with tank off. I am thinking I’ll need to remove the head and make a gizmo-bracket to mount dial indicator (as in bike’s shop manual) Any ideas on this? Or do you know of a smaller dial indicator that will work without removing the head? thanks
  11. Using a Buzz Box to identify points to open at XXmm BTDC, Is it necessary to disconnect the black wire on top of points, and then connect one of the Buzz Box leads at this point?
  12. Where on air box did you fellows put additional air holes for intake? I got the RD intake and new reeds. So far so good!
  13. Keep us posted. Could be pilot jet issues. Mine starts runs ok. As I ride it at near full throttle the engine skips out. I think it is a main jet prob. Any suggestions?.
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