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  1. ty80 forks, again-

    That's universal. There's a few hold outs that buck the system and some willing clients that support the local shops. At least in Portland OR.
  2. ty80 forks, again-

    True the investment of a good impact hammer makes the difference. After a few good whacks the damper rod screw came undone. Next step is either new stanchion rods or have these rather pitted ones redone. Also new hardware and copper gaskets. Haven't seen the correct copper gaskets at the local hardware store. Any sources? Thank you
  3. Ty80 Fork Dismantling

    Perfect. I’ll give this a try. What are good replacement washers? Since these are no longer available from Yamaha.
  4. Ty80 Fork Dismantling

    Any pointers on safely removing the bottom Phillips head screw which secures the inside damper? Worried about damaging its head and then needing to extract the remains. Also, any device to put into the tube to secure so as to be able unscrew and later tighten a new bolt? thank you.
  5. ty80 forks, again-

    Hi Fellows. Began to rejuvenate my TY80A front forks. I was surprised to see a Philips screw at the bottom securing the damper. I am being super cautious and hesitant to begin undoing the Philips head with a Philips screwdriver. I am wondering if I need to invest in a hammer impact driver to undo the screw or an impact wrench? Also any device I can use to secure the inside as I undo the screw and later tighten up the new bolt? I will surely want to replace the screw with an Allen Hex bolt like on my TY175C, and new washer. What would be a good washer material to use, copper, fibre. Thanks.
  6. Montesa Cota 247

    Ok. I have to ask what manual is that in the picture? It actually looks helpful compared to the exploded parts diagrams we have. Thanks.
  7. Montesa Cota 247

    Here’s a note from a rare guide on assembly of the 349 engine. Can anyone out there please paraphrase step no.11?
  8. Montesa Cota 247

    Greetings Oldaz. Here is the 349 set up. Maybe this will help. Keep us posted on what you do to arm the spring. We will need to do the same soon we hope Perhaps posting a picture will help solve the issue.
  9. Montesa Cota 247

    Superb. Nice to have a lathe. I need to look through the bin of parts to see how our pushers etc. are. Did you happen to get some PCs? Thanks for the info.
  10. Montesa Cota 247

    What sort of refurbish work on pushers did you do? thanks.
  11. Montesa Cota 247

    Nice work. Keep us posted.
  12. Montesa Cota 247

    Thank you fellows. Will keep looking into the matter and play around more with it in a few days. If in the meanwhile you happen to come across and info please pass it along.
  13. Montesa Cota 247

    Thank you. The spring and flat washer are for sure for the left side of the hub. Look forward to your response.
  14. Montesa Cota 247

    Here’s what we have in the picture. Not sure of the fitment order since bike arrived in parts. We believe we may be missing something. In the photo the speedo tangs’ plate is backwards. The spacer in question we are unsure of its proper location.
  15. Montesa 349 mh front wheel hub help!

    Our bike is 1980 51M.