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  1. Delaytrial.com website shows in stock.
  2. Seeking a bit of help from someone who speaks French, to help me communicate with a company concerning an order for Trials parts. Please PM me if you are able to help, would just be a phone call. Thanks
  3. rxmx

    240 Clutch Springs?

    Thanks for replies, I found some lighter clutch springs that work, and they decreased my clutch pull probably 15%. Unfortunately, I don't know exactly what they are from...they were in a box in a buddies shop with a twinshock TY250 clutch pack, so possibly 1977 TY250. They are about 3mm shorter and slightly smaller diameter, bolted right up (I have the one piece clutch spring retainer/stop), and as a bonus, are easier to install, less preload. No slip.
  4. rxmx

    240 Clutch Springs?

    Anyone know of a lighter clutch spring that will work in a 240? I wonder if Fantic 200 springs might work (diameter / length)? I have a short extender on my clutch arm, just wearing my hand out during a long trial... thanks
  5. Have had to crack the banjo bolt on the rear caliper to get rid of air that no other method fixed...good luck with it.
  6. Bob at B&J Racing can do it also.
  7. I like 11 / 41, and use first gear 90% of the time, 2nd gear for big / long hill climbs.
  8. Hey You're welcome to come ride with us, the ITSA (twin-shock assoc) Southeast is mainly a vintage trials club, but we put on a great trial and welcome modern bikes too. Our next event is Jun 11/12 near Dickson TN, most of us camp and have a big time. Ck out twinshock.org.
  9. The 2016 ITSA schedules for the Southeast, Midwest, Mountain west, and Southwest Regions are posted on Twinshock.org, make plans to come out and ride . For any vintage riders looking to improve, Bob and Dustin from B&J Racing are going to be instructing at TTC during Trials Training Days 2-3 Apr...they've helped me get better, so they must be good
  10. Yep, I think I may end up at 11/40, just seemed like a large change from where I was, so 11/41 feels better for now . I previously tried to shift to 2nd gear in some sections, but I have clutch drag (even after doing the "beta" clutch fix) and shifting is hit or miss going slow. Need to figure out what's causing the clutch drag...
  11. Glenn, what your gearing setup is on the 240?..Mine has been 10/40 up until now, which is too low for the big ups on the A line in first gear (for me). I changed to 11/41, better for the bigger stuff, but still may be lower than what's on yours. My clutch isn't too bad (~ 1/2" arm extend), but does get more grabby when hot. I bet you'll like the 300 motor
  12. Hey Glenn, good times, once again failed to get the Fantic family picture ....and yea, your 240 felt like a MX motor compared to mine . Barry, let's ride, I need some lessons
  13. Nice; check out twinshock.org if you haven't already, our next ITSA event is near Dickson in Sept. Bob at B&J Racing can help you fix up the TL if it needs anything, and his place has primo riding / sections.
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